Build Muscle like the Rock

Build Muscle like the Rock

Duane “The Rock” Johnson is one of those guys who’s great at everything they do, this should make them incredibly annoying to be around....
Bulking Tips

Top 10 Bulking Tips for Muscle & Strength Gains

If you are trying to build muscle you may think that you only need to eat more and train more, unfortunately it is a...
Essential Tips for Cutting

Essential Tips for Cutting

Cutting is a crucial part of bodybuilding which a lot of lifters get wrong. They might get the results that they were looking for...
Bodybuilding myths

Top 5 bodybuilding myths debunked

Starting a muscle building journey can sometimes be an intimidating and arduous affair; especially if you haven’t undertaken any prior research. If you rely on...
Naturally Increase Human Growth Hormone

Naturally Increase Human Growth Hormone

People are now seeking ways to naturally increase human growth hormone (HGH) levels by means of a proper diet and exercise regimen. Previously, the use...
Boost your Bench Press

14 Tips to Boost Your Bench Press by 50lbs

Depending on where you are with your current bench press ability, increasing your one rep max by 50lb could be a very straight forward...
Gym Membership Scams

Gym Membership Scams – How to avoid getting ripped off

On December 31st the last thing that anyone is thinking about is their training, but the moment that clock hits midnight and the New...

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