Weight Training Accessories

8 Best Weight Training Accessories to Boost Your Gains

If you are trying to build muscle then no doubt you are hitting the gym regularly, eating loads and getting your fair share of...
Bodybuilding and Mental Health

Bodybuilding and Mental Health: Benefits and Negatives

Nowadays there seems to be more men and women making time to exercise, whether it is hitting the treadmill or lifting weights. While there are...
Jujimufu Steroids

Does Jujimufu use Steroids? What do we think?

Jujimufu is a 32-year-old fitness personality from North Carolina who goes by the handle the Anabolic Acrobat. He rose to fame in 2016 when he...
Which Celebrities Use HGH?

Which Celebrities Use HGH?

HGH or Human Growth Hormone has been around for years, with many people finding themselves experiencing numerous benefits from its use. Lately, though there has...
Barbells vs Dumbbells

Barbells vs Dumbbells: Which is Best for Muscle & Strength Gains

It has been shown time and again that resistance training, particularly with free weights, is one of the most effective ways to build both...
Beer Belly

Beer Belly FAQs – Causes & Solutions

Have you noticed that as you have got older your once proud six-pack has morphed into a beer belly? Well, whether you call it a...
New Year’s Resolutions for Bodybuilders

New Year’s Resolutions for Bodybuilders – Tips for Success

The new year brings fresh hope for a new beginning. Yet unfortunately, despite their best efforts, most people will fail to achieve their New...

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