Boosting Testosterone Levels Naturally

Natural Testosterone Boosters: The Ultimate Guide

What is testosterone and what benefits does this hormone offer? If your testosterone levels are low then you will struggle to build muscle, and will...
Bodybuilding Competitions

Judging Criteria for Bodybuilding Competitions

If you're planning on competing in any fitness event (Bodybuilding, Physique, Bikini) it is important that you understand exactly what they are looking for...

Reasons to add Dips to your Workout

Dips are a truly underrated exercise in gyms, well proper dips are anyway! There are a lot of people who go around with weighted dip...
Common Gym Injuries

3 Common Gym Injuries & How To Avoid Them

If you are trying to gain muscle and strength then no doubt you have joined your local gym. However, if you want to see those...
Resistance Bands

Should You Be Using Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are essentially giant elastic bands that people use as a form of resistance. They are used in strength training, sometimes as a...
Too Much Cardio

The Effects of Cardio on Muscle Gains

If you ask around in your local gym whether cardio is good for muscle building or not, you’ll get two answers. Either you’ll be told...
Never Skip Leg Day

13 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Leg Day

You have no doubt seen them at your local gym, or at the beach when the sun is shining. Guys with developed upper bodies, but...
Which Celebrities Use HGH?

Which Celebrities Use HGH?

HGH or Human Growth Hormone has been around for years, with many people finding themselves experiencing numerous benefits from its use. Lately, though there has...

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