Is MMA Muscle Pro a scam? – Trial offer review

MMA Muscle Pro

Often when you try to build muscle you will have to eat enormous amounts of food, which unfortunately can lead to you gaining a few excess pounds of fat.

Obviously, when your muscles are covered in fat you are not going to see all the hard work you have done in gym. Therefore products such as MMA Muscle Pro were created to help burn off this excess fat while ensuring no muscle mass is lost in the process.

Unfortunately, as MMA Muscle Pro is available as a trial there are an increasing number of reports and online reviews claiming that it is a scam, but what is the truth?

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of MMA Muscle Pro

The following benefits have been claimed on the MMA Muscle Pro website:

  • Get ripped now
  • Reduce body fat
  • Build lean muscle
  • Boost energy levels

These benefits seem reasonable, however before we can verify how accurate they are we would first need to look at the ingredients found in its formula.

Ingredients found in MMA Muscle Pro

Although there are claims that it is made using no toxic ingredients and that these ingredients are 100% safe and effective there is no mention of what these ingredients are, or their dosages.

In all honesty would you want to try a product that does not disclose such important information?

Price of MMA Muscle Pro

Although MMA Muscle Pro is available as a trial it is certainly not free. To start you will be charged a postage fee of £2.99 for the privilege of trialling the product, or $5.99 if you are based in the US or Canada.

Once the 14 day trial has elapsed you will then be charged the full purchase price of £89.99 ($99.99), with further monthly packages along with the hefty charge to be expected.

This will continue until you cancel your membership to this auto ship scheme, which if you do not check your bank statements regularly could result in considerable monetary losses.

Is MMA Muscle Pro a scam?

MMA Muscle Pro have covered their payment terms in their T&Cs, however if you have signed up for this trial offer you are likely to feel as though you have been scammed.

It is impossible to recommend this product due to the lack of ingredient information and the high cost of the supplement.

In my opinion trial offers such as this should be avoided as they almost always will cost more than you think.

Contact details for MMA Muscle Pro

To contact MMA Muscle Pro or to cancel your membership then I suggest you use the following information, which again was hidden in the terms and conditions.

Phone: +31 202410228

If you have signed up for this offer then please leave a comment below as we would love to hear about your experiences.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

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  1. I am emailing you to say that I ordered this product for £2.99 and have never received it. I also cancelled on the same day and you have taken out of my bank account £190 to which is fraud as I cancelled it. The police are getting involved and the bank are getting my money back your company is a SCAM. It is disgusting that you have taken this out as I am disabled, I have spoken to CAB anld you can get charged for fraud. I need my money put back into my account and you better make sure it is closed.

    • Hello Terry.

      Sorry to hear that you have had your money taken, unfortunately you will need to contact the company you originally ordered from. This is an independent review website and the above review only serves to highlight the payment terms of this product.


  2. I have fallen into the same trap earlier today. Luckily I have realised it is a scam within the day and called my bank. They put a pre-debt cancelation on the 2.99 shipping fee that you pay so when Any further money is taken by MMA you call your bank back and they guarantee to get your money back

  3. Hi guys, yup, sad to say I also had the same experience with MMA muscle pro – i.e.: payed for a ‘Free Trial’, never received the product and subsequently had 190 euro taken from my account. I have called my bank to cancel any further transactions. Strongly doubt theres any chance of getting the 190 euro back, but a word of warning to everyone out there to AVOID this company and product as it appears to be a total scam.

  4. These people have sent no free trial products and I now found out today they have taken £90.00 out of my account 26/07/14 you leave me no choice refund or police

    • Hello Paul.

      Please contact MMA Muscle Pro using the above details. I am in no way associated with this product so cannot help you get a refund.

      • Thank you for providing me the information to cancel. I cannot believe how hard it is to contact these people. I also went to the bank to stop payments on this. I was also surprised that they don’t send you an invoice with shipment with any details of anything. How are they still allowed to hold a business licence its crazy!!

  5. Guys, this is a massive scam.

    1 – You get a free 14 day trial. When you purchase it states you will receive the pills within 5 days – they don’t send them.

    2 – 14 days later now your ‘trial’ has finished you are charged £89.99 and they then, and only then, will send you the pills…. How you are suppose to trial a product with out having it is beyond me.

    3 – Cancel immediately – hopefully you realise before 14 days! There is no point phoning the above number, it’s a ridiculous answer machine message you’ll struggle to understand. Send them an email saying you want out. They won’t respond and will most probably charge you anyway – they did with me. But this is only a paper trial to prove to your bank.

    4 – Phone your bank – Tell them what has gone on, as long as you have cancelled before the 14 day trial has ended you are entitled to a refund.

    5 – If you are phoning after the 14 days, depending on the bank, you will need to wait 10 working days from the £89.99 deduction to allow the product to arrive. 10 working days later, phone your bank & tell them you have received nothing (if they do turn up they are not tracked so no one can prove you have received them).

    6 – MMA are still attempting to charge me £89.99 every 14 days, my bank (I shall name no names but there logo features a horse) are pretty inept so I have to keep phoning them but I always get an immediate refund.

    7 – I think the easiest thing you can do is cancel your card (say you lost it) and get a new one, then there will definitely be no more transactions from MMA.

    Good luck, these guys have pushed me over the edge, at least now I have my money & free pills, no doubt they will probably give me a heart attack, bunch of scumbags.

    • Cheers Bud, I just cancelled my card so them pr*cks get no money from me. I am disappointed though as its back to sit ups for me. I hope they have not given u that heart attack you were on about..

      • Make sure you put a visa / MasterCard dispute in through you bank…. As canceling your card is not enough.. They can call visa/master and have the charge put on to the next card they issue you…. The bank told me this.. Thought it was wrong so contacted visa..they confirmed it…

        Also contact the company with which the payment went through… Think they put mine through Worldpay… Complained to them… It now seems to go through another company…

        They have not responded to any emails or calls…

        This is one drunken mistake that is causing me a Looong hangover

  6. I ordered this product on June 17th 2014 in a hope that this would be a trial product and if this would work then I would order it again but I got this product after one month on July 17th 2014 shipped from Beijing China. Also, I charged of $99 for full amount and other delivery charges of international transaction by my bank. This is totally rubbish. I didn’t use this product for a single day. Now, I sent email on their given cancellation email and tell them to return my money bank for this trial scam. If I won’t receive my money back i surely going to file a case against this company under US consumer law.

  7. Again I stupidly ordered the £2.99 “free” trial and then something didn’t feel right. I read the Ts and Cs and within 7 DAYS, so within the 14 days cancellation limit I emailed cancellations@ asking for it to be cancelled. I never received an email back, even after the 3RD time of asking to confirm my cancellation I still did not get a response. And guess what happened today, despite the fact that the product has still not arrived…..£61 has come out of the account! If I don’t get a response and my money back, Legal action wil be taken.

  8. I am emailing you to say that I ordered this product for £2.99 and have never received it. I also cancelled on the same day and you have taken out of my bank account £190 to which is fraud as I cancelled , i have been sending many Emails to them since 1 and half month ago cancelling or stoping this game and they still are taking money out from my bank the bank gave me (89.99)1 time my money back but i stiil am waiting for the 2 time (89.99) your company is a SCAM. It is disgusting that you have taken this out . I do not know whatelse to do to stop this game.

  9. thanks folks, I contacted as this was the only contact i had. I cancelled within 14 days as far as i was concerned but kept an eye anyway. so far I;ve had €356 stolen from me. Each transaction is different on the statement. I’ve contacted Bank and they may give me a refund within a month and a half but thats a few more chances for mma to screw me over.

    I’m an eegit and I fell for testinate 250 at the same time. everytime they deduct it maxes out my cc and i get hit with over limit charges. I’ve also contacted Conor Pope hopefully he can advise people on a wide scale.

  10. What an absolute dunce. lost £190 yesterday and am bricking it thinking im gonna loose more. cancellation email sent phone call made and card cancelled. hopefully this will do enough to stop this absolute sharad.

  11. Absolute scam! Stay away from them. Signed up for the trial like a stupid idiot and received nothing until 25 days. Was on holidays and realised after I came back that they charged £180. Within another day they charged another £180. I had cancelled when I had not received the package in 5 days as they had promised. No reply to the mail at all!!


  12. Your all chumps looking for quick fixes and then crying like babies when don’t get your magic beans

    Before you buy anything do your research, and for the love of Zeus’s beard this is a review of the product, it clearly says that has no affiliation to the company. So stop going wild with your fat poking sticks on the keyboard and read the previous comments on here as your pathetic crying and threats will result in the same response- contact the supplier.

    If you are “lucky enough” to get your magic beans, I’d strongly suggest you don’t take them unless of course you are feeling lucky. Well do yah, fatty?

  13. Had 2 x £89.99 taken from my account too. Rang the bank this morning, mentioned MMA and fraud and the first thing she said was ‘ok, dont worry, did you a gree to a £2.99 trial?!’. That filled me with confidence as its obvioulsy happened to numerous people. Monies refunded and i’ve had a replacement card ordered so no future payments can be taken. In heinsight it was a stupid mistake to make but the fact that ‘MensHealth’ (which i usually have no interest in!) endorsed it via a advert on Facebook, made me think it was genuine! Lesson learnt!

  14. Ordered the trial for £2.99 which I didn’t receive. 14 days later £89.99 went out of my bank so after a good 2-3 hours of looking through their website I found a cancellation email address which stated “a no questions asked” to why you have cancelled! I also phoned the number provided which turns out they don’t speak English (French language only). Today I have just had another card transaction of £89.99. I will be going to my bank later to cancel my card. It is a scam and something needs to be done!!!!

  15. Just to let people know that I received my orders but with no receipt or information on the company!
    The packaging looks really well done but since ordering and seeing peoples comments I am reluctant to use them. I have e-mailed the company via every contact I can find to cancel the contract and as of yet they have only taken for the delivery costs.

  16. Hi , I ordered this item 4 weeks ago and after hearing all the negative emails I canceled my card at the bank, but today I just received the product not sure if I should take it ? Is it safer ? It’s been posted from china

  17. Thanks to my Mrs I realised it was a trick with the free trial on mma muscle pro website I ordered it and realised they charged you £89 per product after 14 days I couldn’t find the email at all or a number to ring to cancel them so I had to cancel the items in my bank I got 1 item after about 13 days and the other 2 items 4 weeks later it’s woke me up about buying things from sites like that I’m gonna stick with Amazon or shops from now on

  18. hi all, well i got caught a treat, i ordered my £ 2.99 free offer only to find out in 2 months they had taken £366:00 from my account it sure is a scam and im having trouble stopping the payments so be warned also the product doesn’t work

  19. its a money scam they offer a trial amount the hit your credit card manys times taking funds then claim you agreed to this I reported them to mastercard


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