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So you have worked hard in the gym and seen some huge gains, unfortunately while gaining muscle mass you have also gained a few pounds of fat too.

Now, you want to burn off this extra layer of fat without losing your hard earned muscle, but how can you do it?

Maybe a product such as Metaburn Sports will be the answer?

Lets look at this thermogenic fat burner in more detail to see if it could help burn fat without any muscle loss.

Benefits of Metaburn Sports

  • Burns fat
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Aids appetite suppression
  • Approved by the Vegetarian Society

How does Metaburn Sports work?

In simple terms the ingredients found in Metaburn Sports can boost your metabolic rate through a process called thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis is a process whereby your internal body temperature will increase along with your metabolism, which in turn will enable you to burn excess calories and stored body fat.

This process can also boost energy levels that will allow you to work out that much harder in the gym.

Ingredients of Metaburn Sports

Metaburn Sports contains the following ingredients:

Green Tea extract, Green Coffee Bean extract, Chromium, Raspberry Ketones, L-Tyrosine, Sinetrol, L-Threonine, L-Carnitine, Capsicum, NutraActive, Vitamin B1 CLA and Biotin.

Will Metaburn Sports cause any side effects?

Although Metaburn Sports is made using 100% pure and pharmaceutical grade ingredients that help make this fat burner as safe as possible you need to remember that this supplement contains stimulants.

Many of these stimulants contain caffeine that can cause issues. These can include headaches, a raised heart rate and the jitters.

Is Metaburn Sports recommended?

The reviews from users of Metaburn Sports listed on the Pharmamuscle website are certainly positive and make me believe that this supplement could indeed help burn off excess body fat.

It is a little disappointing however that the dosages of the ingredients have not been listed, it would be nice to know this information so that we can see how much of each ingredient there is.

These ingredients though, have been proven to burn fat with some showing extremely positive results.

Finally, the price of this fat burner is a little high, although it is said that this is to reflect the quality of ingredients used.

Where to buy Metaburn Sports?

Unfortunately Metaburn Sports is no longer available to buy. We would recommend Clenbutrol as an alternative.

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