Meal Prep for Beginners

Meal Prep for Beginners

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When it comes to your muscle building goals you may think that the only thing that is important is the work you put in at the gym.

While this is important, your nutrition is just as important. This is why it is important not to be negligent with the food you eat.

With our busy lifestyles though this can sometimes be difficult, which is why preparing your meals in advance is a good idea.

Read our meal prep for beginners guide to discover the benefits of meal prepping. As well as a few tips to ensure you prepare properly.

Benefits of meal preps

There are a few benefits of meal preps, one important benefit is that it can help with your cravings.

For example, if you know what you have prepared for dinner your mind can switch off from those other temptations that could ruin your gym efforts.

Meal preps can also:

  • Help get you into a routine
  • Help save you valuable time cooking after work

If this sounds like something that would interest you then read on to discover some tips to ensure you are able to meal prep effectively.

Tip #1: Cook in advance

To ensure you save time when you prepare your meals you should cook enough for a few days not just the one.

Doing so will ensure that you do not have to worry about cooking for a few days.

When preparing in advance you should make use of your freezer. Freeze the food and defrost the day before you have to eat it.

It is advisable that you pick a day or 2 that you will use specifically for meal prepping. For example a Sunday and a Thursday, and try to stick to this routine.

Tip #2: Plan your meals around your job

Of course prepping numerous meals that you can defrost and eat is easy, but it can be a little boring eating the same cold meals every day.

To mix things up a bit you can prepare your warm meals in advance too. You don’t have to cook them immediately, but if all the prep work has been done then you can cook the meal quickly as soon as you get in.

SpicesTip #3: Use spices

Healthy eating can sometimes be boring, especially if you are preparing the same meals every day.

To add a little more interest you should make use of the various spices available.

For example you could add:

  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Paprika
  • Chilli powder
  • Pepper

Just try to avoid those creamy or sweet sauces as they will be full of added salt and sugar.

My final bit of advice for meal prep is to experiment with the meals. If you want to stick to these meals then they cannot be boring.

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