Max Fox – IFBB Mens Physique Muscular Athlete – Spotlight

Max Fox

Max Fox is an IFBB Mens Physique competitor, read on to discover what inspires him, as well as both his diet and training methods.

Quick stats

Age: 24 years (08 / April / 1992)
Height: 180 cm
Weight: On: 90 kg / Off: 95 kg)

How did you get started with bodybuilding?

I discovered bodybuilding through the firefighters I was part of at the beginning of my career.

Max Fox

Where does your motivation come from?

My motivation comes from my determination to succeed in things that I am passionate about and that I undertake. This is part of my very character.

Max Fox

What workout routine has worked best for you?

My training week is composed as follows:

  • Monday: Pecs | Biceps | Shoulders | Calves | Abs
  • Tuesday: Back | Triceps | Trapezius | Abs
  • Wednesday: Thighs | Glutes | Calves
  • Thursday: Pecs | Biceps | Shoulders | Abs
  • Friday: Back | Triceps | Trapezius | Calves | Abs

I work all the muscle groups twice a week. Aside from the legs that are done a big time only. To the point where I need a good week to recover.

Pecs: Developed Lying: (4x10rep) • Developed Inclined 30 *: (4x10rep) • Pulleys with screw at the end of the week (4x10rep) • Pull-Over: (4x10rep) Biceps: • EZ bar: (3x10rep) • With Dumbbells Arms per arm (3x10rep)

Shoulder: Dumbbells (4x10rep) • Other shoulder movements of your choice (if you have a shoulder machine) • Rear shoulder (small birds) The machine or on a bench inclined to 30 degrees by facing the bench

Abs: 30 crunch • 30 right oblique • 30 left oblique • 20 raised knees to the Roman chair or 30 raised basin if no Roman chair only!

Back: Horizontal Draw (4x10rep) • Draws or pulling machine • Vertical Draw or Rowing with Dumbbells • Wide Draw for Neck Draw • Tight Draw for Neck Drawing

Triceps | Trapesius in SuperSet: • Rope (3x10rep) • Trapeze Guided or with dumbbells (9x10rep) in parallel triceps or 9 times. • Developer lying tight (3x10rep) or Front bar at EZ bar • Triceps facing the pulley (3x10rep) Abs: /

Thighs: Squat to the parallel (4x10rep) • Slot forward to the guided (4x10rep) • Buttock machine (4x10rep) & First series of calf in SuperSet (4x10rep)

The rest of the program is a course made up of 3 different machines for a SuperSet:

Leg Extension (4x10rep) • Ischio Jambier Machine (4x10rep) • Abductor Machine (4x10rep)

Then finish with the calves: At press or calf machine 6 sets of at least 15-20 repetitions with maximum load until burn!

Max Fox

What is your diet like?

Breakfast (around 9 am):

20 g of whey isolate when waking up directly!


5 egg white (= about 20 g of protein) + 80 g oat flakes + 1 raw yellow (which will be put after cooking on the cake)

Lunch (around 12 pm):

200 g of lean meat or fish + 50 g of carbohydrate (200 g of rice)
Or 50 g of casein + 1 large fruit (No banana)

Snack #1 (around 3 pm):

200 g of lean meat or fish + 35 g of carbohydrate (150 g of rice) + 50 g of Fibre

Snack #2 (around 6 pm):

200 g of lean meat or fish + 50 g of carbohydrate (200 g of rice)
Or 50 g of casein + 50 g of oatmeal + 1 large fruit (No banana)


2 hours of muscle + (30 minutes of cardio (3-4 times / Week)) (Abs every day)

200 g apple sauce lightened in sugar + a Shaker (40 g Protein powder with 200 ml water) just at the end of training and cardio.

Dinner (around 8 pm):

200 g of lean meat or fish + 200 g of Fibre + 5-6 Fines (No carbohydrates!)

Sleeping (around 11 pm):

250 g of white cheese Zero% + 20 g of Casein

Max Fox

How does your training and diet evolve as you get closer to a competition?

With the approach of the competitions, I always make 1 month of adjustments. In order to achieve a gradual transition.

That is to say that I still eat as many carbohydrates but I do not make any gaps anymore.

No more sugar or fat.

The beginning of the diet to start! We must therefore begin to be serious!

Max Fox

What’s the one food you couldn’t live without and how do you handle food cravings?

There is no food that I like more than other than perhaps the KINDER SCHOKOBON (LOL).

As for cravings, there is nothing else to do but be strong of mind! My experience has taught me that the more years pass the more the diets becomes easy. With time and experience, you end up doing it and it almost becomes a game!

If I could give advice to the new one, it is only necessary to avoid as much as possible to cogitate. Do not ask yourself questions! Keep your routine and go back to your activities. As if you were programming for it. If you start thinking you're screwed!

Max Fox

What supplements do you use?

  • Biotech USA
  • Iso Zero
  • Fusion Casein
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • Joint & Cartilage
  • Black Blood
  • GH Hormone
  • L-Tyrosine
  • ZMA
  • Arginine
  • L-Carnitine
  • Vitamin C & D
  • One A Day
  • Omega 3
  • Zero bars 😉

Favourite quote?

Strength & Honour / Courage & Devotion


Instagram: @maxfox__
FaceBook: MaxFox


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Max Fox - IFBB Mens Physique Muscular Athlete - Spotlight
Max Fox is an IFBB Mens Physique competitor, read on to discover what inspires him, as well as both his diet and training methods.
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