Theresa Ivancik

Theresa Ivancik – IFBB PRO – Spotlight

Theresa Ivancik is an IFBB PRO, bodybuilding and fitness model. What inspires her training? Quick stats Age: 33 Height: 5'6 Weight: Off season 183 / On season 155-160 How...
Charlene Harvey

Charlene Harvey – UKBFF Women’s Physique Midland champion – Spotlight

Charlene Harvey is the current UKBFF Women's Physique Midland champion, as well as the winner of the Female Muscle Model crown at the Pure...
Caroline Lucy Hardie

Caroline Lucy Hardie – Miss Yorkshire Trained Physique 2016 – Spotlight

Caroline Lucy Hardie is the overall winner of the Miss York athletic 2016 and Miss Yorkshire Trained Physique 2016 titles. Discover her training methods and...
Noelia Segura

Noelia Segura – IFBB Figure/Bodyfitness Athlete – Spotlight

Noelia Segura is an IFBB Figure and Bodyfitness Athlete, read on to discover her diet and training methods as well as what inspires her...
Max Fox

Max Fox – IFBB Mens Physique Muscular Athlete – Spotlight

Max Fox is an IFBB Mens Physique competitor, read on to discover what inspires him, as well as both his diet and training methods. Quick...
Ryan McCoy

Ryan McCoy – Competitive Bodybuilder & Muscle Model – Spotlight

Ryan McCoy is a competitive bodybuilder and muscle model, lets look at what his motivation is. Quick stats I'm currently 26 years old, 6 ft tall...
Jennifer Laura Teuwen

Jennifer Laura Teuwen NAC Miss Body Competitor – Spotlight

Jennifer Laura Teuwen is a sports nutritionist and NAC Miss Body competitor. In 2016 she competed at the NAC International World Championship (Ms.Physique category), finishing...

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