4 Great Tips to Improve Your Deadlift

Improve your deadlift

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Deadlifts are an essential part of your bodybuilding regime and making them part of your training will significantly boost your physique.

There’s nothing quite as rewarding as being able to lift that heavy barbell and feeling it work in all the right place.

Bottom line – if you are looking to pack on lean muscle mass as effectively as possible, deadlifts are the answer.

Deadlifts are very effective as they work almost all the muscles in your body, including your back and hamstrings, which is also what is required to improve your body posture. You’ll notice that the more you add deadlifts to your training regime, the more muscle you will pack on – this in turn will ensure your long-term bodybuilding success, especially if your goal is to build lean muscle mass.

But once you’ve passed the beginner level, it might become harder to see the progress you have become used to, so here are four great tips to help you make the most out of your deadlift training.

Train More Frequently

If you feel that you’ve hit a plateau, simply increase your training frequency. Weightlifting requires technique, as with any sport, so increase the amount of lifts you do to see results.

Keep in mind that when you do deadlifts, it’s all about the technique and form. Increasing your training frequency will also increase your technique and this will also help to boost your results.

Focus on Weaker Areas

Analyze your current form and try to assess where your weakness lies. You can also get a training partner or a personal trainer to help assess your physique and form, so that you can focus on the weaker areas and improve your training techniques.

If you struggle to pull the weight from the floor, consider incorporating deficit deadlifts. These work wonders to improve your range of motion and it will help you to become stronger too. You can also choose to train at a different angle by doing some rack deadlifts for variation.

If you feel that you get stuck with the weight around the height of your knee, use rack deadlifts to help you perfect your form and overload the specific top lift portion as well.

Consider Adding Accessory Movements

Keep in mind that deadlifts work a wide variety of muscles in your body, so make sure that you incorporate accessory movements as well, so that you can train more than just your hamstrings and your back.

The reason why accessory movements work so well is because they help you to not have any weak areas. They work other smaller muscles that complement your main muscles that are worked during a deadlift, so that you get an overall workout.

Examples of accessory movements include calve raises, squats, pull-ups and bent-over barbell rows.

Strengthen Your Grip

The forearms are among the most overlooked aspects of deadlift training. You might hold yourself back if your forearms are not strong enough, since they are responsible for you being able to hold on to the weight.

Make time during your training to strengthen your grip in order to improve your results. You can do this by using straps while you deadlift. You can also use a double overhand technique, or use a hook grip. Be sure to use your straps only a few times per session and not for all your movements.

You need to constantly progress with your training if you want to see lasting results, so you should make the effort to bust through your plateaus and develop your overall physique as best you possibly can.

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