Hydro Muscle Max trial offer review – Is this offer a scam?

Hydro Muscle Max

Hydro Muscle Max is yet another muscle building supplement that makes some pretty incredible claims, but can it back them up?

We have reviewed countless trial offers in the past and few live up to their own billing.

Unfortunately the majority have turned out to be a waste of time, with some leaving those who have signed up considerably out of pocket.

This is because often these trial offers turn out to be expensive auto-ship programs.

In the following review we will look at this offer in more detail and will reveal to you whether this is the case, or whether we would indeed recommend this offer.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Hydro Muscle Max

Users of Hydro Muscle Max are claimed to experience the following benefits:

  • Build lean muscle
  • Gain insane strength
  • Boost endurance and power
  • Maximise muscle pumps
  • Enhance your libido

To be honest I can see why people would be enticed by this offer, it sounds like a miracle product.

Unfortunately we have read similar claims in the past, and you must always remember that these claims have been designed to get you to sign up for the offer in as quick a time as possible.

What I would suggest to you would be to wait until you have thoroughly researched the product before you sign up. At the very least you should look to see what ingredients it contains.

Knowing the ingredients used will make it easier to verify how accurate the claims really are.

Ingredients found in Hydro Muscle Max

When we looked at the website there was no label present or any mention of any dosages of its ingredients.

There is a brief blurb about L-Arginine, but this is extremely brief and does not show the amounts used.

This is disappointing and makes verifying the claimed benefits impossible.

L-Arginine has been shown to be of benefit, but how much is present? Is there enough present in the formula to be effective? What about other ingredients, are there any that could reduce the effectiveness or potentially be dangerous?

These are important questions to ask yourself, and do you really want to take a product that you know very little about?

Price of Hydro Muscle Max

When you first look at the Hydro Muscle Max you may find that the pricing is not immediately clear.

As this is available for trial you may even think that there is nothing to be paid, but this is not the case.

When you read the terms and conditions of the offer the cost will soon be revealed to you.

First there is a postage and packaging charge of £6.95 to pay when you first sign up, then just 14 days later you will be charged again. This time an amount totalling £68.99.

These T&Cs also reveal that Hydro Muscle Max operates an auto-ship program, which will send you another package each month. That is unless you contact them to cancel the subscription.

Is Hydro Muscle Max a scam?

With a lack of ingredient information and the use of auto-shipping there is very little to recommend about this offer.

While the monthly cost is lower than some trials, the fact remains that there is very little proof to back up their claims on the website.

You maybe better off looking for an alternative.

Contact details for Hydro Muscle Max

The contact details for Hydro Muscle Max are as follows:

Phone: 0800 909 8492
Email: enquiries@hhb-marketing.com

If you have signed up for this offer then we would love to hear from you. Please leave a message for us below.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

D-BalD-Bal is our suggested alternative, as it contains proven ingredients and is more affordable too.

D-Bal is available from Crazy Bulk and contains ingredients shown to mimic the effects of the banned steroid Dianabol.

These benefits include:

  • Faster strength and muscle gains
  • Improved blood flow
  • Better oxygen retention

D-Bal is legal to buy and use too, and as it is not available for trial you will not encounter any hidden or repeat charges.

Click Here to Read Our Full Review of D-Bal >>

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Hydro Muscle Max
Hi, my name is Jonathan, a fitness blogger and bodybuilding enthusiast and I am the founder of Skinny2Fit. I want to provide you with easy access to good advice that is both simple and to the point. Helping you gain muscle mass and strength!


  1. i have recieved the free trial for hydro muscle max which i have not yet used and there was a payment of 68.99 tried to come of my bank account that was declined i wish the details of my account to be removed and wish no further payments to your company unless done by me

    • This website has no link to any trial offers. The above is a review, so you will need to contact them yourself. Luckily their contact details have been provided in the above review.

      • This is a scam. Impossible to cancel the order. Their system is always down when you call and their address is in Cyprus. Don’t be fooled. If you signed up – tell your bank to cancel any further attempts to take money.

    • Hello Aaron

      I am another customer, same happened to me. You can I believe get your money refunded on the details below- took ages to answer the phone, but I eventually got through. They tell me I will get my money back within 14 days to a month, so I am keeping an eye on it.

      It is nothing to do with this website, the are just a review site. The details you need are
      0800 909 8492
      Email: enquiries@hhb-marketing.com

      Hope that helps

      From a fellow angry customer!

      • Did you get your money back? Theyve even taken the monthly charge before the end of the 14 day cancellation period like you said rang and eventually got through and have cancelled account. They’ve promised me a refund within 10 days but wondered if this is just a pipe dream. Another angry customer

  2. Hi, I had my free trial, and now you’ve taken 68:99 out of my account this morning, I don’t want anymore, how don’t get my money back and cancel the order ?

    • Aaron, I have not taken any of your money as this website has no link to this or any other trial offer. I suggest you use the contact details provided above.

    • Aaron, by what name does this company appear on your bank details as |I wish to cancel and i’m going to the bank tomorrow?



      • This company appears as SKINCARERESTORECREAM on bank statements hope this helps cancelled the card I paid with and called to cancel, told them I was recording the call and was given a cancellation ref mum so will see.

      • Contacted the company Hexagonal health and beauty and they’d taken between 80 and 72 pound every other day total 1800
        They are giving me a full refund within 5 working days and massive apologies they also promised to cancel my account

  3. I done the trial and tried cancelling on the 13th day and was told that no more money will be taken and surprise surprise they did. I phoned them up but the answer was no, tough we have your money..!!!!!!! do not trial unless you cancel 2 days later.

  4. I I was hooked in by this so called amazing product. I found that the shipping cost was £6.95 then more payments later. Well I called the bank and spoke to the spam department and cancelled that payment of £68.99. I’ve received but not yet used the the product. Looking at them not sure I will do. All I can say the the bank did say they have blocked all out goings to that company and that I’m covered by the bank. So I will wait and see what happens. Never again would I do something like that again….. Hope you guys don’t get bumped for more cash

      • Tried your trial offer received 2 lots one I didn’t ask for do not bill me for anymore I have heard several stories about this “free “offer I have instructed my bank to block any payments

        • Ron, I would suggest you use the contact information provided in the above review. This page has no link to this or any other trial.


  5. Dont get hydro muscle max they send you a free trial sample to sample for 14 days from the day u order then u dont recieve the bottle till 14 days later so ur trial period has ran out before u can use it so then u have to send it back or pay for it but when u pay u automatically pay for another bottle £68.99 so u got 2 bottles of this crap and they bill u the same every month like u have a contract if u ask me for something that is not scientifically proven its very expensive ive tryed it and didnt do anything for me they have other similar products so be carefull of this scam if u want good results u have to work hard for it no pill is going to give u that perfect beach body u have to train for it

    • I’ve lost £920 from 1st March to 10th with tablets for a year plus I’m pissed off with tsb bank for not noticing as it should have flaged up on their system due to the amount.

  6. I signed up for this and yes they took the £68.99. As you paid with your card they have your long number etc off of your card and the bank have told me in the past when a similar thing happened that it is out of their control to do anything about them claiming more off of my card.I think I was lucky and they claimed the money back off of the company that time. The bank can do something if it is a DD or Standing order but otherwise good luck. I stopped them claiming any more by getting a new card from the bank, different long card number. That works…..

  7. Bloody hell, “admin”. Are you in here now as well…. Well, well well,,, NOW, SO AM I !!!!!!

    If you’re making it your mission to point out all the BAD about these companies, WHY are you not putting your own details in of “HOW TO STOP THEM. RIPPING US OFF”
    You are more than well aware that these people are scamming the UK people, for millions on a daily basis,. WHY are you not telling people HOW TO STOP THEM???????
    Its been well published in your other pages (by OTHER POSTERS NOT YOU *lets just add that there*) that people need to …
    That way, the SCAMMERS who ONLY NEED THE FIRST TWELVE will NEVER be able to STEAL from you again

    you are trying to make out you care, YOU CLEARLY DO NOT
    OTHERWISE if you do

    Follow EACH POST (Cos you say you are moderating them for scam purposes)
    so after each post that is written (OR ONCE EVERY FOUR maybe, *altho copy/pasting a couple of words is NOT difficult)) YOU POST “CHANGE ALL SIXTEEN DIGITS OF YOUR DEBIT CARD NUMBER . THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO STOP MORE MONEY BEING STOLEN. NOTE:-SCAMMERS ONLY NEED TWELVE to keep stealing your money
    You could even go further than that by telling people the way to REALLY get a FREE trial, which is to fill in their details, and CHANGE THE CARD IMMEDIATELY . That way, people KEEP their money and really do only pay for the postage & packing AND really do get a FREE TRIAL and DO NOT CONTINUE to lose £200+ PER MONTH following

    THAT IS how we will know for sure if you are IN WITH THE SCAMMERS OR NOT.
    So come on… LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION as the saying goes….

    • I do not work for a bank so do not know the inner workings of your bank cards.

      The above is a review, nothing more. I do not recommend trial offers and advise that in the first instance you contact them to cancel the trial. Failing that your bank. I have mentioned this numerous times, on various reviews.

      Unfortunately there is little else I can do.

  8. oh. btw “admin” As a footnote (not necessarily to be published here or anywhere else) If you really ARE into stopping them I have made a promise to myself to take this as high as it can possibly go following my refund acceptance.. (I’m not allowed to do anything about it prior to this outcome) But IF you are REALLY serious, I will help you all I can. I’m starting at the top, not the bottom when I do; I’v been told I’m like a dog with a bone and I wont let go til I have these people outed.. fully. and PROSECUTED to the full extent of the law
    ARE YOU IN or OUT??
    I know I’v given you a hard time, If you’re on the publics’ side, then I’m sorry. BUT if you’re ”IN with the scammers” you DESERVED IT and I’m glad

  9. This is a scam. The product does not come even close to what it claims to do. It gave me cramps and gas. They took the first amount off by splitting the postage cost into two different amounts that were “untraceable”. Then they sent me another bottle and have charged me £78.99 for the pills and it looking at my bank account it shows ageessence has deducted the amount. I phoned my bank to stop further amounts being taken off and the bank says that they are seeing more of such transactions comeing through to the extent that they have ageessence number and gave it to me.


  10. Admin, i have requested a trial bottle. On looking at these reviews I have now decided to change my mind, Please DO NOT send me any trial bottles and DO NOT take any money from my account and DO NOT send me any merchandise at all.

  11. This is a total scam and a rip off. I phoned them today to cancel my “free” Trial. They did their best to talk me out of it – offering me a discount on this free trial. Very aggressive, they will put you on the auto shipping and milk you dry if they get a chance. Contact your bank and cancel the card you used. It’s the only what to be sure.

  12. Just called to cancel, they tried to talk me out of it, first with a 20% discount for life and then with a 40% discount for life, just said no thank you I wish to cancel, but I confirmed with the guy twice that the agreement was totally cancelled.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention, totally missed it on the website until I’d read this article and went back to check.

    Keep up the good work and thanks again.

  13. This is a total scam….Since I gave them my credit card details for the trial offer they have taken 6 payments of 78.99 in 3 weeks…. I only noticed this when I returned from a holiday..Avoid this product!!

    • Same as Roger, this company took £830.00 off me over 8 days, so didn’t even have a chance to stop a monthly payment.

      Surely they cant take all these payments out in one go…..this has got to be illegal and fraudulent…..

  14. Yep I got ripped off too in the same way, but luckily Barclays spotted the transactions and their fraud team called me straight away to query the transactions. They classified them as fraudulent, (i think they had seen many more similar transactions) refunded everything this company had taken from me and say they are now going after them and will try to prosecute them. Good, I hope they catch them, I’d also like to get hold of them! 😉

    I’ve done some research myself, the company, HHB Marketing seems to be based in Larnaca, Cyprus

    48 Guricon House, 6042, Larnaca

    I searched for their directors and it seems that the DIRECTORS & SECRETARIES appear to be:



    This appears to emanate from a Cypriot firm of solicitors, who’s details are as follows:

    Q Tower,
    Ioanni Condilaki 47,
    Larnaca., 6042,
    Tel: 00357-24659930
    E-mail: info@pelecanoslaw.com

    If this company has anything to do with it (which they may not have), being lawyers I’m sure they have everything covered, but I hope this company are thoroughly investigated and can prove they have nothing whatsoever to do with this scam.

    You might all want to share this, report it to your banks or the police

  15. Hi

    My friend has been told he will get a refund from this company after they took over £400.00 out of his account. They sent him about 4 months supply i one month!!

    Has anybody been fortunate in getting a refund??


    • same here took the trial and then two weeks later x6 lots of payments taken totaling nearly £600. went to Barclays who said i was liable and now the company wont even talk to me and Barclays wont do anymore about it.

  16. Like so many others, I thought that I was just paying £6 for a months free trial but I got scammed just the same. When I checked my bank statement there were 2 separate charges for shipping which was strange as I’d only signed up for 1, but worse still when the 2 charges totalling £150 left my bank 2weeks later they didn’t have the same name as was on the shipping bill so it took 2 days investigating from my bank to discover what the £150 was for ( my bank refunded the money straight away THANKYOU HSBC!!!!!). After what seemed like an enternity trying to speak to the company on the phone, I was told that all the information (including cancellation rights) was on the initial web page and they weren’t obliged to email me any further. They have now agreed to cancel my subscription so we shall see. Please people, pay close attention to the small print on these adds as they are counting on us to over look it!!!!

  17. Just had my credit card bill in and it shows 3 lots of postage and 2 weeks later 2 payments totaling £165 credit card company said they have stopped any more payments and investigating

    • This website has no link to this or any other trial offer. You should use the contact details provided in the above review if you have any issues.

    • I would advise you cancel your account and get a new card. As even though your bank blocks the payment they still find a way through. You need a new long card number and security number


  19. I ordered this thinking it was a free trial for the cost of shipping fee and a week later after it arrived I noticed Royal Mail had tried to deliver parcels for 3 consecutive days which I wasn’t in for but was confused as I hadn’t ordered anything. Then I received a text saying I was overdrawn, looked at my account and there was 8 transactions of £84.99 and £79.99 from something called Rejuhydro. Contacted the bank immediately (HSBC) who refunded the money straight away pending further enquiries however after blocking the payment a further £84.99 and £79.99 came out. Bank advised to cancel the account and are providing me with a new card. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. I have refused all of the further parcels sent to me in case they try to say I accepted them. Royal Mail have said they will go back to sender.

    • hello my husband Aron has also been ripped off from this company please people take care so angry just after xmas as well when we really didnt have the money to loose iv called several times being fobbed off saying they will refund within 7/15 days which was up today 31st jan 2017 called again to be told it now can take up to 30 days for some reason really dont believe we will ever see this money again so upset our bank santander will not refund us either can anyone help or suggest anything please ?? thanks for reading

  20. Hi done the “free trial” like everyone else..received my capsules but never really intended on using them but 2 weeks later looking at my account they took 2 payments of £79.99 and 2 payments of £84.99 out my account within 2 days from a company which appeared on my bank statement as “hydro”. I then received more capsules. I have contacted them and they have apologised and told me I would get my money refunded this was Monday last week which they said would take Upto 2 weeks to go through..still I have not received it so thought would call them again..and luckily I did as my refund was not even processed! So have been told it will now be in my account by the end of this week.. my advise to anyone is do not buy off this company they are a total rip off!

  21. Hi there

    I have recieved more hydro muscle max & testo 360x… i am disgusted that you have taken yet another £79.99 & £84.99… thesed prices are disgusting for only 30days of tablets that don’t evemn work.. i want you to remove my card details from your database and will report this as draudulent deduction from my card.. how can i return these for a refund as they do not work and are extortionate in price… i couldn’t even access the terms & conditions on line..

    Please reply as soon as possible

    Kind regards


    • Like I have stated numerous times this website has no link to this offer. Please read the above review again and you will find the contact details for this company.

  22. Thanks for the review, I wish I paid more attention to the offer, however I was following a link through Mens Health Mag online and thought it was a legitimate.

    Today I realised that the company behind this product have been charging my card multiple times for £79.99 and £84.99 totalling more than £600 over the last 4 days.

    I have contacted hydro muscle max on 0800 909 8490 and spoken to 2 people who told me different things and couldn’t answer the most basic question, why they have taken all this money out of my account?

    The charge came through from restorerest and revitalise on my card statement and I have raised a disputed charge case with my card company. Interestingly i received a further supply of supplements today with a dispatch invoice for $19.90.

    Lesson learned! If it sounds too good to be true…. It probably is.

  23. I had the same issue when I signed up for free 30 day trial and all i had to pay was £5.95 shipping.

    In the terms and conditions ( which i did not fully read) After 14 days you then start paying for auto shipping of the hydro muscle max. I then received 4 more packages separately with in a week and a half and was charged £ 84.99 5 times totalling £424.95.

    I rang my bank first as i did not recognise or remember signing up for anything. I have opened up a dispute and i am waiting for someone to get back to me.

    I then rang the 0800 909 8490, they told me about the auto shipping and I asked him why i had been charged 5 times in a week. I was then told we are sorry for that and that i would get a full refund within 5-10 days and they did not want me to send anything back.

    I hope that they keep there word and my money will be refunded.


  24. I have beed scMmed £744.91 in 2 weeks. My bank says they cant do anything about it. Lloyds bank.They cant cancell any pending payments to this company even though i have told them i did not authorise any other payment apart from £3.95 and £5.95 for 1st order.
    I hve been promised a full refund and an email confirming this but nothing at all. I have recorded my telephone convo with this company where they they promised a full refund and cancellation of future payments going out of my bank. Help!!!

  25. THANKS EVERYONE! I was just about to sign up for the free trial and before I did a little alarm went off in my head (just check first in Google!) so glad I did because must admit there landing page is exceptional nearly hooked me. Cheers !

  26. I’m sorry to inform have consulted my doctor as I’m diabetic and have been advised not to take as I’m on certain medication so I wish to cancel the trial and any further order.I will send the items back unopened I’m sorry about this

  27. Hello,
    I purchased ‘hydro muscle max’ and ‘Testo 360’ for the trial offer of £5.95 plus £3.95 for the Testo. I phoned the company saying that the seal on the bottle was missing and as it advises on the bottle ‘not to take if seal is broken or missing’ They said they would send me another bottle. They didn’t but tried to charge me £74.99 on one day and the next £84.99
    At this point my lending provider stopped further transactions on my card as it was suspected fraudulent. I have disputed the charge and have got my money back.
    The ingredients on the bottles are as follows:

    Hydromuscle Max:

    Proprietary muscle blend 800mg (whatever that means?)
    L-arginine alpha ketoglutarate – (no amount indicated)
    L-arginine (no amount indicated)
    L-citruline – 5mg
    Dipotassium phosphate – 4mg

    Testo 360:

    horny goat weed – 50mg
    maca extract – 50mg
    korean ginseng (white) 2% – 50mg
    Tribulus terrestis 40% saponis 20mg
    zinc -11.4mg
    Fenugreek 50% saponins – 100mg

    I have noticed a reduction in fatigue after training which has enabled me to train without as much rest in-between training and I’ve been a lot hornier. Terrible gas, and when first started felt a little bit high or light headed and have felt moody, like those times you just want to left alone for fear of somebody saying the wrong thing to you but that might be co-incidence as I often feel like that.

    Hope this helps.

  28. Hydro muscle max/test360….ABSOLUTE RIP OFF!! Made purchase of £5.95 and £3.95 and within a month they had removed over a THOUSAND pounds from my credit card in £84.99 & £79.99!!! Will have to hope my bank sorts it????

  29. Complete scam, and I am trying to recover £84.99 from credit card company at present.
    Make sure you contact your card provider and cancel your authority for Hydromus payments.

  30. Yup. Same thing happened to me. I’ve tried calling the number but all I get is a recorded message. Have contacted the credit card providers and am waiting to hear from them as to whether I will get my money back. I was conned by a survey supposedly from Virgin Media, Virgin said that they would never ask a customer to take part in a survey in this way.

  31. I have just spoke to the most unhelpful person on the phone ever who told me it was my fault for not reading the term and conditions correctly he did offer a further discount on a product I don’t want he wouldn’t even cancel the subscription straight to the bank for a complaint total rip off total scam total scum!!!!!!!!!

  32. I had over £1200 taken out of my account by this company from the 21st of January up until the 2nd or 3rd of February. My bank (NATIONWIDE) refunded the money but have now sent me a follow up letter saying they will be taking the money back after Hydro sent them documentation with my IP address etc claiming I authorized the transaction. They also had the audacity to send the terms and conditions you never receive.

    “If I enroll in the membership program I am agreeing to be charged £3.95 today and £79.99 for my trial product on the 15th day if I do not cancel my membership. I will receive the product ordered and be charged £79.99 and (£3.95 for delivery) every 30 days thereafter until I cancel. My credit card will be billed and my shipment will be sent automatically at those times. Shipments will continue until I call to cancel my membership on 0800 909 8492 or by emailing customerservice@cmsysltd.com. Product ships in 3-5 business days and is delivered in 5-7 business days.”

    So if that is their “terms” I fail to see how I was charged over £1200 within a fortnight and my bank takes their side. SCAM

  33. I am embarresed to say that I have fallen victim to this scam .After receiving a free sample numerous attempts have been made to my bank for sums of money for the same amount but under different company names . Luckily my bank has an active fraud payment alarm and notified this action to myself . In view of above examples of failure to contact and getting aresponse from them my bank has cancelled my bank card details
    The bank stated that they would have to make a payment to them if the companies pursued as in the terms of acceptance it is a subscription till cancelled
    By the way the product has not produced any of the advertised gains in weight or physique .

  34. Can’t believe how naive some people are!! The first thing I did was Google the product and look at the online reviews before doing anything else!!

  35. I had the same as many above. 79.99 and 84.99 came out in one day. 5 days later 79.99 and 84.99. They sent 2 more bottles with the invoice for 19.90 usd. My bank are Hsbc. The company used the name AVATE as the payee. I couldn’t find the advertisement after I signed up for the trial through Facebook so couldn’t peruse the terms and conditions. Surely they should have a form of billing so there is accountability.! No email bill or warning that payment is due and no paper bill through post. They are very dishonest and when I challenged them on the phone saying that I had done a chargeback through my bank they wanted me to reverse it and they would sort it. I had changed my card under advisement from the bank so no more payments came out. I said to AVATE why would I let a company take £330.00 out of my account for 4 small bottles of unproven pills over 5 days get the money refunded only to let them have it back again plus more that they could plunder if they had my new card details. Massive scam.!!!!! Avoid.!!!!!

  36. They did same to me it is a SCAM don’t pay anything hubby paid £3.95 they took £84.99 out of my account have been to bank and had stop put on STAY Safe DONT ORDER

  37. My partner got these on a 14 day risk free trial and they have just taken over £165 out of his account 5 days after shipping phone the number on the delivery note completely shocking service but states he will have refund but gave two different dates when to expect it by asked for supervisor and was told to call back and then they hung up on us.

  38. following a link through Mens Health Mag online and thought it was a legitimate.

    after not receiving my trial packs i emailed them enquiries@hhb-marketing.com and sure enough was emailed back saying

    Your order has been shipped and will be with you in the next few days.

    Kind Regards,

    HydroMuscleMax Customer Services.

    samples arrived, and have started to take the test 360.

    Then i stumbled upon this review site……..and immediately called lloyds bank card dispute team, who said theyd block any attempts from said company should they try and take any more money out of my account.

    checked my online account this am, and i have pending payments for £79.99 and £84.99

    called lloyds again, theyve said they will refund when its taken, then it will be go to dispute team??

    worried now, doesnt sound like its worth calling 0800 909 8492 to cancel so called trial (yes i didnt read terms, lesson learned!)

    any further tips guys???


  39. Like everyone else it seems I have fallen foul of these scumbags. I took up the offer of the two small bottles to trial without reading the small print. I was horrified to notice to sets of payments had been taken in May which totalled 360 pounds and have not received any product. My bank HSBC have refunded me and I have emailed these scumbags, they may have a contract in small print but the fact they have taken my money with no product in itself is unlawful and makes any contract between myself and them void. I shall also be contacting Trading Standards

  40. SCAM City. $5 for 14 day trial … only they send you a 30 day supply and hide the trial part. This company should be pummeled by a class action suit.


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