Is the HT-Rush testosterone booster a scam?


Being able to boost your natural testosterone levels is a sure-fire way to boost your ability to gain muscle mass and strength as well as various other benefits.

For this reason HT-Rush caught my attention after finding an advertorial (featuring Tom Hardy and Chris Hemsworth among others) for this supplement and its benefits on Facebook.

However despite its claimed benefits there is doubt that HT-Rush is a scam. No doubt due to the fact that it is currently available on a trial, which is a common tactic used by companies to get you to sign up for an auto ship program.

So is HT-Rush a scam or is it recommended? Lets look at the supplement in more detail before we come to any conclusions.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of HT-Rush

The following are claimed benefits of HT-Rush:

  • Maintain healthy bones and muscles
  • Maintain sex drive, sperm count and fertility

Without looking at the ingredients found in this supplement it is impossible to verify these claims, therefore before we go any further we need to look at the ingredients used.

Ingredients found in HT-Rush

Although HT-Rush contains Fenugreek Seed, which they claim to be the key ingredient. Scientific studies have shown that this particular ingredient does not boost testosterone levels, and can in fact lower them.

It seems strange that the manufacturers have chosen to highlight this particular ingredient when there are other ingredients found in HT-Rush that can boost testosterone levels, such as Tribulus Terrestris for example.

Price of HT-Rush

There is no mention of the price of HT-Rush on the main homepage. To find out this information you will have to read the terms and conditions of the trial offer, which you will find at the very bottom of the website.

Doing so you will discover that HT-Rush will originally cost just £5.95 for a 18 day trial, which when elapses will result in your account being charged £88.69.

You will also discover in the T&Cs that signing up for this trial means you have also signed up for an auto ship program, which means that should you fail to cancel within the allotted trial period will result in further monthly packages being sent to you, along with the bill.

These will continue until your account is cancelled.

Is HT-Rush a scam?

HT-Rush is not a scam, but is certainly overpriced.

It also contains ingredients such as Fenugreek Seed that cannot boost testosterone levels. So in my opinion you would be better off looking for an alternative.

Contact details for HT-Rush

You can contact HT-Rush using the following details:

Phone number UK: +44(0) 20 3514 8531
Phone number USA: 1-888-895-5092

Email: or

It is also possible to cancel your membership online by using their cancellation form found at the very bottom of the website, next to the T&Cs link.

If you have signed up for this trial offer please leave a comment below.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

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  1. i got free trial ht rush and no2 maximus i have seen comments on the internet so i do not want any more supplements sent to my house without my permission thank you

      • It seems all you post on here is the negative comments right? but what i see on the bottom of the page is you promoting the sales of your product ..

        very interesting to see that you promote this on every product you complain about on this site…

        I dont expect you to approve these posts… because the you would obviously not want the other side of the fence spoken about

        • I agree that it is the users responsibility to check the terms and conditions of these products before signing up, but I do disagree with these trial offers in general for those exact reasons.

          No one ever reads the T&Cs, so the price of the product should be made clear before sign up to avoid these complaints.

          As for the product suggestion, this product is not MINE but as there are still going to be those looking for a little help reaching their goal then what is the harm in me directing them to an alternative that is upfront about its costs?

          • well , i understand your reasoning. But , Ht rush does live call all customers and explain the process in detail. Most do not do that. So, if they are complaining that they were not informed, it is their fault for not following through and cancelling in time.
            I find it very annoying that ones on here that complain can find the time to post negative reviews , if they spent the same time contacting the company , they may not of been billed another time.

  2. Totally got scammed by this and am usually clued up on all this sort of thing. Vanity is always a tricky lesson to learn but my advice is avoid these guys like the plague!!!

    Now onto the scamming little fuckers they are.
    You can fuck them up back a little if you’re a scrappy little bugger like me. Maybe we can wing this across social media and get a lot more people to do it and then they’ll stop.

    Here it is, if you have other credit cards like most do, you order their free trial shit but you HAVE TO cancel as soon as it arrives (7days), you pay a small delivery cost but……Don’t open the bottles, you just sell them back like I did for a profit on ebay or amazon and you’ll make money.

    But you MUST MUST Contact your credit card company and cancel them at the source after going to HT and No2 websites and cancel there. Hold onto and give your bank your authorisation number you get from their sites. Forget phoning them, their lines are a scam and total ball ache.

    It’s not much but if you’ve got a few different cards and are bitter enough to be arsed you can make your dollar back and scream them up in the process.

    Or just copy and paste this across social media and we’ll get all the sucker newbs (like i did) thinking of trying this to abuse their system back.

    Good luck to all and my lesson is that a shortcut to image and vanity has a price. One way or the other.

    • Dude! Keen on your idea, Mine just arrived today. I try to cancel on their websites but all I can get in the way of Authorisation number is the Return Merchandise Authorisation, which means I gotta send back the products. Is that what you mean? And then once I get that number I call the credit card company with that number? Cheers mate

  3. Odviousely this is a scam because they will not let you order it with a prepaid credit card so the money has to be there when they try to take the money. I have just tried ordering it before i read this site unlucky for them cause i have £2500 in my prepaid account !!!!

  4. HT Rush is not working and tooo fucking expensive around 100 ponds for a bottle…. L Arginine is the same product and cost between 7 pounds to 15 pounds.

  5. Can you please cancel my membership to avoid further charging bill into my account im no longer interested with your product

  6. This buisness is designed to take your money whether you cancel or not ; whether you receive the product or not.
    Once I had read the reviews I tried to cancel nearly a month in advance and I had not recived the product within their 18day period.
    They asked me to follow their cancellation procedure ; which I could not as it presumes you already have the product. ?!?
    I informed them of this and they were more concerned about refunds….They will not refund whether you receive the product or not…..once you, ve signed up for their “free Trial” you are obligated to pay them full price for the item. In my language that means its not a free trial at all ?!?
    Evenso, they try to convince you that their interpritaion of the word “free trial” is correct ?!?!
    Whether you ask them or not they will endeavour to explain their interpretation of the word “free trial “…to me that highlights their guilt
    Please be carefull of this company its the worst I have ever come across in my 50 + years.
    Do not do buisness with them …..your bank account will be at risk ! ! !

  7. Fucking Scam alright.
    I ordered the trial bottles in Nov and they Arrived soon after.
    They have shown no effect for me and when I checked my credit card today they have billed me for 2 transactions $112 & $114 Aus the fuckers. I cancelled on their website and will let my bank know.
    They are using celebrities like Hugh Jackman to promote this shit.

    • WELL ,
      I got De Lorean DMC-12 with a flux capacitor fitted which allows you to
      travel back in time once you 88mph. You can hire it, travel back in time
      stop yourself from falling into this scam, all for a small FEE.
      Send my your credit details to arrange

      Stupid Fucks

  8. This is a scam. I placed a order for the FREE 30 TRAIL, for HT-RUSH and NO2 Maximus, for the 30 days . The Order date was 12/12/2014 and was posted on 15/12/2014, and I received both bottles together on 07/01/2015. They took money from my bank account on the 10/01/2015, because my 30 days FREE TRIAL was “up”.

    I don’t know what planet these people are on, but you can not try their produce’s while the items were in their ‘hands’ (2 days), nor can you try the items are in transit.

    When I cancelled my account with them, I ask them the same Questions, as yet, I haven’t received a reply, excepted that my TRIAL PERIOD had expired. From 30 days down to 3 days.

    I have taken this matter further, and have informed my many friends about this company, and it is a BIG RIP OFF.

    • Yeah the same thing happen to me guys, they don’t even tell you anything about reaccuring charges on the main page. They expect you to read the terms and conditions. Also charge you for a 30 day trial when you only just received the product. You cant start the 30 day trial from the date of purchase. Thats illegal and false advertising. How wrong is that and they do not even email you that they have charged your credit card. Now thats not how you run a business. the only positive about the product is that it does give you a good amount of energy though

  9. Well… After reading all of this and having just received the shipment of the “free trial” today, I decided that I would cancel my association with the company. I sent an email requesting this, reminding them that there were to be no more debits from my c/card account. Then quite promptly received two emails… One told me that everything had been cancelled and the other informed me that I would have to return the unused products. I was confused so I called one of the numbers for Australian customers to call and was put through to a pleasant woman called Shay. Shay was in the USA. After explaining that I did not appreciate the rather sly way the website represented their “Free trial” she appeared to be very helpful, gave me cancellation numbers on both bottles ordered and assured me on multiple occasions that NO FURTHER CHARGES will appear on my account as they were both closed AND there was NO NEED to return either of the bottles. She then proceeded to send me another two bottles absolutely free because she believed the results would be very noticeable if I were to use them and it was a gesture of good faith that If they did in fact yield results then I could always call back and order them once more. These order confirmations came through on email with $0.00 balances on them and now I cross my fingers and hope that they don’t start another “Free trial period” debacle all over again.

    • Following on from my experience above, I then discovered that I too had had $112 more taken from my account the moment the “30 day trial” was over. I was on the phone immediately of course because as at that time (30 days on) I had not received any product. Once I had put forward my case to them pointing out the timeline of events, contact with their company and lack of delivery of product, Shay (who I somehow managed to speak to again) was finally convinced to reimburse this extra charge which she assured me had been done her end then and there. I took no chances of any further debit of course and have since cancelled my credit card ID. I am pleased to report that they were good to their word and have indeed refunded the extra amount and I have had confirmation that the complimentary products are on their way.
      Yes, this is a very good illustration of a company whose marketing tactics I believe are exceedingly deceitful, bordering on the illegal in my opinion, however, at least one of their employees seems to have some decency when serious questions are asked of her with regards to their mode of operation. I cannot applaud the company, but I have respect for Shay in their U.S. office.

  10. Am still halfway through my HT-RUSH Trial offer and haven’t noticed any significant changes to my body shape. If there is, it is because I work out at the Gym with weights. I am 68 years old and reasonably fit. After reading all your negative comments I don’t know what I should do regarding this testosterone booster. I got interested in this product because it said I would have a better “six pack” (abdominals). Any advice anyone!

    • James, it’s a scam ! So call H T Rush immediately and cancel your account.
      You will otherwise be billed regularly for the full over-priced amounts ! Do it now James.

  11. Big Scam!! Got my free trial. Just have to pay for shipping. Then you have to call in to cancel future shipment so when i called, they said they will extend my trial. Give us a call back before the 28th. So when i called 2 weeks prior to the 28th, they tell me it has already been cancelled. Then 2 days before the 28th, i get confirmation email that order has been cancelled. Then 2 days later, i get 90 dollars a piece for ht rush and no2max. I had to go thru my credit card company to dispute charges. I personally dont even think it works.

  12. It’s a scam! I hadn’t even had a chance to use it yet and 15 days after I ordered, I got charged $90 for one, haven’t been charged for the other yet, so I call to cancel and they tried saying the trial period is over and they can refund me 50% of the charge, I told them nowhere did it say I had 15 days, and I wanted a full refund, after arguing with him, and he wouldn’t escalate me to a supervisor after several requests, then he gave me the info to return the products, and canceled and said they’d send a refund up to 10 days after receiving the product. we’ll see, better be a full refund. Also, when I saw the ad, it looked like an article on Men’s so I contacted them about it and let them know what’s going on and they’re looking into it. Tried to file a complaint with the BBB but I put in the address they gave me, and also the one on their website for their corporate office and nothing shows up in the BBB records!

  13. this is a rip off I asked for a trial one off $9 something got the delivery 2 days later they hit my credit card again now 1 m0nth later I get 2 more hits 1for $130 ,another 2days later for $127 I have filled out a dispute form with my bank to recover this money so beware people these guys are dodgy Terry Newcombe New Zealand

    • Hi Terry
      How did you get on with the bank? I’m also from new Zealand and my partner has just gone through the same thing. I put my details into the website so I could check their terms and conditions without giving credit card details. I just got a call from them asking why I didn’t go through with the trial… I let them know what had happened and the guy abused me then hung up. He called me from Auckland nz number 09 9515807. I tried calling back but my call won’t go through

  14. YES!! 100 % sly marketing tactics. They even have the nerve to talk about “friendly fraud” in their email!!!…Fack me! they charge $39 or $19 just to cancel their bullshit…even if you haven’t received their $10 trial pack!!!. That’s unfriendly fraud. I hope they get sued.

      They lie to you, false marketing and basically take your money without your authorization for a product that does not work, not tested and is worthless.

      Its a shame that worthless people seek to lie and rip others off in todays world.
      The amount you get cheated out of is absolutely highway robbery.
      Do not get tricked into purchasing this product.

      I hope they get shut down

      • how is it false marketing? everything is on the website right? It’s your responsibility to follow through with the many cancel procedures. NOT THE COMPANIES/….
        Do not order free trial on the internet if you do not expect to have to pay for the products in due course….
        There will always be happy and unhappy consumers… Guess you fall into the latter

  15. After reading all the negative reviews, I find all those quite concerning as I have ordered the products and do find some noticeable differences.
    I think too many people expect to take a supplement, sit on a couch , eat garbage foods and expect to see a ripped stomach… WONT HAPPEN no matter what you take .
    The internet is full of auto shipped products, one must be diligent to make sure they cancel and follow up accordingly to make it has been followed through with.
    If they do not, then stop whining about billed and grow up…..
    It infuriates me to see so many crying wolf when actually it is not the fault of the companies listed but solely the responsibility of the consumer to govern their actions accordingly.
    The world id full of people who have nothing better to do than cruise the internet, sign up for for free trial offers , expect to receive free products, then cry and whine they are billed for something they ordered…. GROW UP PEOPLE

  16. All you guys are fucking lame haha fuck the product look at yall nigga busting in fucking 3min.. im surprised she stayed w yall !!
    Most guys I know fuck these hoes for hours my nigggas hourssssss!!! Yall sicken me like wtf bro just kill yourself small af prob too dammm… and ugly and overweight haha

  17. I have just recently purchased a FREE trial of the rush and the n02 maximus both are shit and do nothing. Also every fortnight they have taken money out of my account for the same free trial so far totaling in $600 dollars SCAMMERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. It sure is a bloody scam got free sample and money is still coming out of my bank I have filled out appropiate forms at bank has anyone got a email address for these people Cheers

  19. I got suckered into this, and what I found out is the trial is for 2 weeks, money back guarantee for 30 days. The “trial” is for $5 plus shipping, but what they send you is the bottle, billing you another $80 if you don’t cancel in 14 days! I didn’t order online, I stopped before getting to the guarantee information and submitting my card, but my phone number was captured so I got a call from a slick sales rep. I bought both, thinking I was risking about $20 total. Since I never got any written info, I found out too late about the trial period or guarantee, got busy (although tried to call once but gave up after being on hold for ages), and now it’s expired and I’m SOL, apparently. IF YOU GET IT, CANCEL IT IMMEDIATELY UNLESS YOU REALLY THINK THE PRODUCT WORKS, BECAUSE THEY’LL BE HITTING YOU UP RIGHT AWAY FOR MORE MONEY! A LOT MORE!

    • I have used this product and Viarex cream and have not see any benefit on staying harder or getting bigger or having any extra energy only thing that i have noticed maybe it can cause bad dreams or scary nightmares all false claims and ways to sell a product that does fuck all and take your money, you can buy this product on ebay out right and pay with paypal you will only pay one time only but i do not believe it will do what it claims to do for overall health

  20. just ordered this like a doosh w/o reading the small print. if i cancel my credit car din 2 days and email them to cancel woul dthat work? if i have a new car dand new 3 digit security code etc, they cant take money off me i dont think? thanks in advbance

  21. Hi people’s,
    I had purchased HT Rush & Maximus in Sydney Australia 4yrs ago online after understanding all terms & conditions including terms of cancellations & automated billing presented for my discretionary decision & in accordance to legislation.
    The product had arrived earlier than the time frame estimated & started my regime according & following to their instructive advice.
    Because of my debilitating spinal disease causing extreme pain & lethargic mobility was at my lowest ebb losing weight quickly at 52kg & was hoping to find any kind of relief through strengthening my mind & body in order to keep support for my then very ill wife to be (PBWH).
    After 3 weeks myself & family had noticed a considerable change in weight with increasing hunger as well as more drive with a lesser lethargic mindset to the point my brother had tried it also with great results.
    Reading post comments of former clientele as well as the gullible critic believers can only suggest to all be open minded & do your own research for I believe there is never a 100% promise guarantee in life nor for every individual body as all molecular DNA infrastructures has variations.
    After my beloved had pass over to the Angels (PBWH) had to cancel my subscription calling their Queensland operatives without any problems nor unsuspecting penalty surprises had my prescription cancelled.
    Overall it worked for me & was a satisfied customer even though however do agree pricing needs reviewing & addressing.


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