Get Traps to Die For

Get traps to die for

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If you have issues with your posture or if you are looking for something to help round out your whole body building workout, you want to focus on an area of your back known as the trapezius, better known in the body building world as “the traps.

Let’s take a closer look at the traps and how to get traps to die for.

What are your traps and why are they important?

The trapezius muscle is separated into 3 parts, known as the upper strands, the centre strands, and the lower strands. The reason for this division lies in the variety of tasks performed by this muscle.

The trapezius muscle is vital for various movements, including moving the shoulder bone in at the spine; pivoting the shoulder bone so that the highest part of the upper arm faces up; moving the shoulder bone back and forth; moving the head and neck downward; turning and twisting the neck, and aiding in relaxing and resting.

As you can see, these are incredibly important functions that we need to occur, so it makes sense that you want them to work appropriately, especially if you’re involved in body building.

Why is strengthening the trapezius muscles important?

There are 2 main reasons; the first is that it’s a vital muscle grouping which offers support to your whole upper body.

The second reason is that, when properly developed the trapezius is one of the most powerful muscles in your body. This is one of the reasons training and machines for your traps are so popular in most gyms around the world.

How to get traps to die for?

The following tips will help to develop the trapezius muscle:

#1 – Utilise the Shrug

One of the most popular activities in training the traps is called “the shrug.” While many individuals prepare the trapezius with the upright row.

The upright row hits the deltoids as the arms go up, with the trapezius working to stabilise you. It is not, in this manner, an exercise that solely focuses on the trapezius.

You have to be careful, because poor form on the upright row can bring about damage to the rotator cuff.

In the event that you strain your arms too far (by pulling too far upward), the acromio-clavicular joint will encroach on the rotator cuff, which can result in unnecessary wear and tear and can cause severe injury.

There are a few ways that you can do the shrug. The shrug, both with a straight bar and with dumbbells, permits you to prepare the trapezius along its characteristic plane of movement and with negligible support from the deltoids.

Dumbbells allow you to position your hands comfortably and they can help you from putting any undue stress on the shoulder (G/H) joint.

The straight bar shrug causes more outer turn at the G/H joint, bringing about more stretch on the rotator cuff.

You should bend a little to minimise drag of the dumbbells on your thighs as you shrug the weight up. You should also keep your elbows somewhat curved, but at the same angle throughout each rep.

Keep in mind that the right technique includes shrugging the shoulder support up as though to indicate to someone else that you are unsure of something. That’s why it’s called the shrug – it imitates the motion of “shrugging.”

Hold the position for a moment and release, gradually bringing down the dumbbells to a totally extended position. Your head should stay tilted slightly, but make sure that it is not resting on your chest.

You should refrain from tossing the head back or utilising any unnecessary movement, as this can result in harm to your neck.

You should also refrain from turning the shoulders too aggressively, as a lot of people try to do, as this does literally nothing to construct your traps.

Four to six sets of ten reps with substantial dumbbells will do the trick! Try this for yourself and see how it works for you.

#2 – Your diet is key to success

Keep in mind that with any preparation program, proper diet is key if you really want to see results.

To pack on lean muscle you must eat correctly or you will have problems.

There are a number of different foods that you can eat that will help you bulk up, so if you know how to eat right ahead of time, you will be better able to push yourself to your limits.

So now that you understand how to get traps to die for, get out there and do it. You won’t regret the time that you put into it, and you will start to see a difference as soon as you start integrating the “shrug” into your weight lifting and body building routine.

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