Get Motivated for a Morning Workout

Motivated for a Morning Workout

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If you lead a busy lifestyle where work and family commitments take up a lot of your time it can be hard to fit in the time to workout.

This is why many of us choose to workout in the morning before work. Unfortunately often finding the motivation to get up that extra hour early can be difficult.

Read on to see what you can do to get motivated for a morning workout.

#1: Change your alarm sound

One of the most difficult parts of working out early is the fact you have to get up earlier too.

To make sure you wake up in a good mood ready to train instead of sticking to the default alarm sound, choose a more upbeat sound instead.

Hopefully, this will help you to get up and ready for a good workout.

#2: Be prepared

If you want to workout early then you need to make sure that you are ready to go as soon as you get up.

You most certainly do not want to be hunting around for your gym clothes first thing in the morning.

If everything is prepared the night before then you can wake up, have a quick breakfast, get changed and leave as quickly as possible.

#3: Have positive thoughts

Instead of focussing on the negative aspects of early morning workouts, for example the cold wet weather in the winter. Focus on the benefits you can experience from these workouts.

Why are you training in the first place? Think about these and you will remain motivated to train consistently, whatever the weather or time of day.

#4: Use a training partner

If you train with a friend you will become more accountable for your actions and will certainly not want to let them down by missing a training session.

A training partner will also be able to encourage you during the workouts, and you can also push each other that much harder so better results can be achieved.

#5: Have a warm drink

If the weather is cold and miserable outside then it maybe tempting to skip the gym. However, this is certainly not advisable if you want to see those changes to your body.

What I would suggest would be to have a warm drink before you set off.

Green tea is a good choice, but coffee is also a good choice too. This is because it contains caffeine, which is a natural stimulant that can help wake you up.

#6: Prepare a post workout meal

Instead of rushing off to work, perhaps on an empty stomach if you have skipped breakfast to get to the gym.

Prepare yourself a post workout meal containing all of the nutrients you need to start the process of repairing those damaged muscle fibres.

#7: Get an early night

Alarm ClockIf you are getting up earlier to go to the gym then it makes sense that you go to bed that little bit earlier so you do not wake up too tired to exercise.

A good nights sleep is incredibly important for muscle growth as your body does a lot of recovery while you are sleeping.

You should be aiming to get a minimum of 7 hours sleep. And failing to get this amount can have a negative effect on the hormones that control your appetite, plus you will be more prone to fat storage.

#8: Be consistent

As with your training you need to be consistent if you want to see those changes to your body.

If you only have time to workout in the morning then you need to make the effort to go as often as possible. Stop making excuses not to workout.

Get up and train, after a few weeks of those early mornings it will become routine for you and you will find it much easier to get yourself up and moving.

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