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Get big arms fast

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If you are looking to build up your arms, you’ve come to the right place.

By understanding the anatomy of your arms and following some great tips, you will be able to bulk up your arms in next to no time. Check it out!

Anatomy of the Arms

Tricep & Bicep Anatomy

There are two main parts of the arm: The triceps and the biceps.


The triceps brachii are the muscles in the back part of your upper arm.

The word “triceps” alludes to the three unique heads to this muscle gathering. The medial and horizontal heads begin in the back side of the humerus and connect on the olecranon area of the ulna bone.

The long head is novel in that it begins on the scapula and then meets with the medial and horizontal heads to connect at the olecranon process.

This is a key bit of data for any arm building program because it should affect how we think about our programs.

While it’s not a significant player like the triceps, the anconeus is habitually lumped in with the triceps; it also helps the elbow to bend.


The biceps brachii is the muscle in the front part of the upper arm.

The term “biceps” alludes to two converging muscle heads: the short head and the long head.

The short head of the biceps starts on the coracoid methodology of the scapula, while the long head begins on the supraglenoid tubercle. The long and short heads converge to embed on the outspread tuberosity.

Quick Tips for Getting Big Arms Fast

Here are some tips to help you get big arms fast:

#1 – Work Your arms Early

The best time to perform those exercises aimed at building muscle in your arms is at the start of your workout.

The reason for this is that your arms are not too tired so you will be able to focus your attention on them.

#2 – Lift Big

If you are doing reps of 20 or more then the weight you are lifting is too light and unlikely to give you the gains you desire.

Instead aim to complete sets of no more than 8 reps, which means you may have to substantially increase the weight you are currently lifting.

Just remember that your form still needs to be good while lifting big as you don't want to risk injury.

#3 – Change Your Routine

If you are performing the same workout routine every week your muscles are going to get used to it and your progress will halt.

By changing your routine every now and then will keep your muscles guessing and will ensure you see the best results.

Try out new machines, add more weight, or completely switch up your schedule so that you can start to push toward your goals.

#4 – Learn What Your Limit Is

With any muscle building program, you need to learn to understand how far you can push yourself.

Pushing yourself to your limit will give you the greatest reward, but pushing too hard or not getting enough rest between workouts can be detrimental to your journey.

Of course the occasional ache is to be expected, you are breaking your muscle tissue in order for it to grow after-all, but your muscles still need rest in order to grow.

#5 – Learn Some Patience

Building muscle takes time, it will not happen overnight. Some people take months or even years to get anywhere near their ideal physique, some are never going to be happy.

The rule is to never give up on your goal, continue to go to your training sessions and make sure not to skip them unless you absolutely must.

If you want to have big arms, you have to pay the price and push yourself to your limits – we all have to pay it, no matter what our body type is.

You have to understand that the way to bigger arms is more than simply a checklist of activities, and boosting each one of those elements puts you on the road to success to development.

It may take a while for you to really get into the routine, and it may be hard for you to push yourself on occasion, but in general, the effort that you put into building your arms will be worth it. The more you push yourself, the faster it will come.

Don't forget that adequate nutrition and rest is also important for muscle growth!

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  1. To build muscle you need to eat. Period!! If you are not getting enough calories you won’t gain muscle. It’s really that simple.

    • I would suggest the following exercises: Barbell Curl, Close-Grip Bench Press, Dumbbell Hammer Curl, Dips, Dumbbell Curl and the Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Press.


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