Geneticore Boost Trial Offer Review – Is this offer a scam?

Geneticore Boost

Geneticore Boost is an enhanced post-workout supplement that makes a number of impressive claims.

If you are looking to gain muscle and burn fat then no doubt reading these claims will entice you into signing up for the trial.

Should you do this though? The following review will answer this question for you.

We will look at how this product works, and whether it is as effective or as safe as claimed.

Please read on before you rush to give away your credit card information.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claims made by Geneticore Boost

According to the website, using Geneticore Boost will help you to experience the following user benefits:

  • Increases post-workout recovery time
  • Replenishes energy levels
  • Improves muscle mass

Of course these claims sound impressive, after-all they are designed to entice you into signing up for the trial offer as quickly as possible. Yes, even without checking if the claims are accurate.

I would recommend that you are not hasty with your decision to sign up, and that you do some research into the product first.

For example, what ingredients have been used, and are they likely to result in the benefits claimed?

What ingredients are used by Geneticore Boost?

To check the accuracy of the claims you should look to see what ingredients have been used.

Unfortunately there is very little information available.

We would prefer to see a label with dosages, but this not available. What we have instead is a small section showing that it contains ingredients such as Tribulus Terrestris, D-Aspartic Acid and ZMA.

While these ingredients have been shown to offer some benefit, including testosterone boosting and muscle growth it is certainly not enough information to prove conclusively that these claims are accurate.

For all we know this product could be completely ineffective, or its use could cause side effects.

Price of the Geneticore Boost trial offer

Geneticore Boost is available for trial, but how much does it cost?

If you are expecting a free trial then you are going to be disappointed.

According to the terms and conditions you have to pay £4.93 when you first sign up to the offer.

This gives you 14 days to decide if Geneticore Boost is for you.

If you do not contact them within the trial period to cancel you will find that you are charged again, this time £39.99.

You will also soon discover that you have been automatically added to an auto-ship program that will ship you further monthly packages.

These deliveries and charges will continue until your subscription is cancelled.

Is the Geneticore Boost trial a scam?

Geneticore Boost is not a scam, but whether it works as claimed remains to be seen.

As things stand there is very little information available to prove the claims.

On a positive note, this trial is a lot cheaper than some we have seen. So you may want to try it for one month to see if it does work as claimed.

I would suggest that if you do sign up and do not intend on receiving more than a months supply that you cancel the trial within the allotted 14 day trial period.

Contact details for Geneticore Boost

If you want to cancel your trial you will need the following contact information:

Tel: 0800-778-9089

Please leave a message below if you have trialled this offer.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

D-BalOur suggested alternative is a Dianabol alternative called D-Bal.

It is available to buy online via the Crazy Bulk website, with some of its benefits including:

  • Increases in both strength and muscle mass
  • Improved blood flow
  • Better oxygen retention

D-Bal is completely safe and legal, unlike the banned steroid Dianabol.

It is also not available to trial, so you can buy it without worrying about auto-shipping or hidden charges.

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Geneticore Boost
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  1. I’ve used it for two weeks , had no weight loss . If anything I’ve put weight on. I have cancelled my prescription already .

    • Jon

      How did you find the best way to cancel? I’ve called the free phone number which just hung up on me and am waiting on an email response

      • ring 1800431387 they answer they try to bullshit but you have to persist they are in the phillipines usa company plus you have to send back to singaprore

  2. Watch this company. They will sign you up for products you don’t want ,once they have your credit card details, They have no ABN no and the banks can’t trace them. Disconnected phone numbers. You will have to cancel your card to stop fraud.

  3. I didnt even get my trial bottle but sent an email to the adress listed here the same day i ordered to cancel, no product has arrived and $133 au taken from my credit card!! The phone number you supplied, i cannot reach fron Australia??

  4. i keven smith would like to cancelled my free trial supply order no 9202961 as my doctor advised not to take could effect my leukema cancer i am unable to contact you people on thetelephone

  5. This company is a scam , I have just found they have done two unauthorised and fraudulent transactions from my bank account .
    Criminal company , AVOID AVOID AVOID.

    This company is difficult to contact, do not answer their advertised customer serve contact number, the goods take 50% longer to arrive than the trial period and almost impossible to deal with. You are also required to register post the remaining goods (at least tracked) back to them and then hassle out of “your contract”!.

  7. had a run in with this company. They won’t refund money and have no complaints policy. They like to take money. Have noticed fraudulent transactions on my account since my dealings with them. Avoid

  8. I fell for free trial offer. big mistake.their option to cancel on 0800 778 9089 is a joke. the caii system is being upgraded so good luck with that. save yourself a lot of hassle and stay clear.

  9. I too fell for this but I clicked the sorry I do not wish to take your offer ,but the screen changed to another product and try as I might I could not get the original advert back I tried to cancel right away by email and received email informing me order had been sent to wharehouse so would be delivered and I should cancel when I received the order,tried ringing the 0800 no and told to email rhino support email would not go so last resort ring bank in the morning .

  10. I wish read this article first…im going through the process of cancelling my trail offer now before I get charged £80……I was led to believe I was getting the tablets for the price of the postage and packaging not getting charged for the full price! well pissed off and like someone said there phoneline is a joke…im now emailing them so hopefully get something done!

  11. BEWARE!! This is a total fraud!!

    My Girlfriend warned me it looked dodgy and I phoned to cancel well within the 14 days, even sent the first trial bottled back when I received them . . sounded like a Nigerian guy on the phone, said that they recorded that I had cancelled but I kept getting charged, tried to phone and speak to them but never answered – ended up having to phone my bank to get it cancelled and try to reclaim the money – aldo cancelled my Bank Card as they had the card numbers!!

  12. I tried this offer as it looked good. I recieved two bottles when I only ordered one. I have epilepsy and have not been able to get any information if it is safe for me to use. I then found two debits from my bank account for Geniticore £39.99 and Hyper Nitrocore £39.97. Their phone number is so quiet that you cannot hear anything and it seems to give a email address. My bank is helping me to resulve this problem but I think it will end up me losing my money. I would like to have this company baned from trading.

  13. After reading the comments above I immediately cancelled my subscription, and also cancelled my bankcard. I do believe this is a bit of a trick as it said it was a free trial not that they would charge me after 14 days, I also spoke to the gentleman who spoke with an Indian voice and said he was in a call center which send alarm bells ringing for me.

  14. this mob is a company that is criminal , take my advice , avoid completely , and spread this word on every possible medium you can get hold of , they are scum , hiding behind uncontactable phone numbers .
    If I could actually find there office in whatever country they are in I would attend personally , and boy , would I have some fun. If anyone can post on here where they actually are let me know.
    Once again , avoid this criminal bunch.
    If we all do our bit to spread the word about this bunch of scum , please do so.

    • here you go get yourself some fun.

      Geneticore Boost
      CALL US
      44 20 3630 0413
      Company Reg Number 09581820
      New Registered office from 25 Sep 2017
      The Barn, 16 Nascot Place Watford WD17 4QT
      Was Registered at 22 GREAT PARK, KINGS LANGLEY, ENGLAND, WD4 8EL UK

      NAWUK12 Limited
      LAYAL, Jonathan Uday Singh
      Correspondence address
      22 Great Park, Kings Langley, England, WD4 8EL
      Role ACTIVE
      Date of birth
      September 1983
      Appointed on
      2 December 2016

  15. I was caught. You are supposed to have a free 14 day trial, however, it can and did actually take 7 days for my free trial bottle to arrive. I also received a bottle of Hyper Nitro Core, which I didn’t order. I took the Geneticore tablets for 11 days and decided to cancel the free trial within the 14 day trial period. Got through to a call centre, sounded like India, and was told 14 day trial period goes from the day of ordering. Therefore, tough luck chum. Told them I received another bottle which I had not ordered and was unopened. They said I should have cancelled within 14 day trial period. I explained I had only taken 11 tablets. They said you need to take tablets for at least 3 weeks. I said you can’t have a free trial period of 14 days, whereby you have to go past the trial period, to see if the product works. Answer, sorry, you pay. I don’t know who this company is, or where they are, or what name they are trading under. Beware of scammers.

  16. Tried to phone Hyper Nitro Core with the number supplied got cut off twice after music , sent E mail this
    got no response , it seems has though you! you cannot cancel after you have ordered the free trial . The only way it seems is to cancel your bank card & get a new one . Definitely a clever scam

  17. Don’t buy this product because is a con run by Nigerian and asian scumbags.
    I tried it with no effect.Doesn’t do nothing and can be can notice for yourself this is fishy because you have 14 days trial periods but you won’t receive your product after 7 days so you lose 7 days trial by the time you receive your goods.Don’t sogn up for trial,try to buy it from ebay or amazon with a peace of mind and you don’t have to sign on for trial.

  18. I too was taken in and they took two payment out of my bankcard after me cancelling my order well within the `14 days. Had to cancel my card so the thieves could not get anymore of my money. My advice stay away from this crooked mob.

    • They’re scammsca l still have that silly concoction called hypernitrocore it doesn’t work they steal your money they took two times £49.00 from my account stay far away from this scammers please

  19. This is a rip off i have tried to call the number they gave out 08007789089 and you can not get through the them. I have tried over 30 times, you get a busy line and a message bank which says your call is important to them and then they hang up. So you have to start again bastards. I have been in contact with my bank and they are stopping the payments and looking into the fraud. People like these are bastards I buy things on the Internet and this won’t stop me. IT’S A SCAM.

  20. thanks for all the warnings iv’e cancelled my credit cards with immediate effect, and i have a bottle of boost for free, stuff them!

    I was charged for 2 separate products! Read the fine print on arrival, and cost is $133 per bottle – automatically charged after the end of the trial period!
    I called to cancel, and was then offered to extend the trial by another 14 days, and then offered both products at half price! Requested my card details be removed from their system and was advised this wont happen until they have received the return products.
    Had to send back via registered post within 2 days of receiving RMA #’s – to SINGAPORE – which cost a ridiculous amount from Australia – then call back again with a tracking number to have the account cancelled

  22. As per above, I got sucker punched and have since cancelled my card. Placed order 2/10, emailed next day stating wanted to cancel and get refund. Over 6 emails they basically said no refund as I’ve only paid for postage. I have to return the items to them recorded delivery, which I haven’t received yet, and give them a number to stop any further subscriptions being taken from my account. When I asked for company name, address, complaints department telephone number, you know the usual, I received an email stating that all the information was online and refused to provide me with any company details. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE- SCAM

  23. Beware of this company!
    Does anyone have the email address for this company I rang the number provided but can not make out the address. They say to stay on the line to speak to them but it goes dead! I need to cancel and return product! Beware of this company!

  24. Very much a huge scam that police may be interested in.
    Took 7 days for delivery.
    Contacted their customer help line (which is a joke) to cancel and was cut off. Repeated attempts to contact them by phone have been unsuccessful.
    They do not supply a return address for their product

  25. Yes they got me..l went to the bank and canceled my card they got about $70 out of me..l was very silly to order this product…my ego handled me whew

  26. I stupidly got sucked into this too. Order confirmed 6 October 2017. Product actually received after 20 October 2017 – that’s over 14+ days from order date so no chance to take the ‘free trial’ within the said period as they count 14 days for trial from order date! My credit card was charged for initial postage plus the product charges. At best this company is unethical and only confirm their ripoff terms including a monthly auto ship that was not part of the original offer so they keep sending you product monthly. From the previous posts it’s clear this organisations sharp practice and lack of follow up to cancellation requests etc basically forces you to cancel your card so they cannot continue billing you… definitely a candidate for RIP Off Britain! I have traced back from the order email and paperwork that arrived with the product so the Director a Mr Jonathan Uday Singh Layal Can be named and shamed… all information freely available from companies house in the U.K.

    Geneticore Boost
    44 20 3630 0413
    Company Reg Number 09581820
    New Registered office from 25 Sep 2017
    The Barn, 16 Nascot Place Watford WD17 4QT

    NAWUK12 Limited
    LAYAL, Jonathan Uday Singh
    Correspondence address
    22 Great Park, Kings Langley, England, WD4 8EL
    Role ACTIVE
    Date of birth
    September 1983
    Appointed on
    2 December 2016

    4 Other directorships held by this person – see companies house for details

  27. I sent for this trial offer without really looking into it when I did look into it I didnt like what I saw I sent them a email to cancel my subscription and I tried to phone them to make sure my phone woudent let me it said call barred and I got in touch with my bank

  28. Got blagged by a scam on Facebook!… took me to an article about Connor MacGregor and said he was using it and was up for a ban from the UFC for using it ?

    Had to register to get all of the information as I was looking for a supplement for just starting back at the gym. This looked like it had all the right credentials.

    Mine was a USA bottle, delivered from the UK. Takes 2 weeks to receive and then the instructions say you only have 2 weeks to cancel before they charge your card for the full amount of the bottles.

    They sent me two different types which look exactly the same but with different labels! ?
    Well I cancelled my bank card cos I knew it was a scam. Still paid ~$5 but they can do one for the rest! Crock of sh!7

    Don’t click on Genticore Boost or they’ll send you Hyper NitroCore as well…. double the scam double the wham tonyour bank account !!

    Has anyone actually tried the pills though? Do they do anything? Might as well get my $5 worth! Hahah

    Good luck! ?

  29. Though the bottle says ‘Solsun Advanced Ltd’. May be a different company – or at least operating under a different guise. Anyway. If you’re in the U.K. And have been duped. Pay them a visit ??

  30. WARNING WARNING – These barstards are a complete scam!
    They get ur cc deets and fail to deliver the goods.
    They then charge you full price for goods that were supposedly a free trial!

    Be warned – don’t give these wankers any details at all!

  31. Hi, kindly discontinue this transaction please!,I am from the UK. I trusted this company that’s why I went for the 14 days trial. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

  32. I agree with most of the comments above,I was also sucked in with the free trial and by the time I received the product and read the small print it was to late to cancel . I emailed to cancel any further dealings with them having had over £80 taken from my account, I instructed my bank to stop any further payments To my horror they used a different address and took a further£90 from my a/c . I HAVE AGAIN INSTRUCED MY BANK TO STOP ANY PAYMENTS TO THIS COMPANY AND SPOKE TO THEM ANS AGAIN ASKED THEM TO REMOVE ME FROM THEIR SYSTEM, mY ADVICE IS NOT TO TOUCH THEM WITH A BARGEPOLE

  33. I only want the trial to see if it works I do not want any more and if money taken from my bank the police will be involved


  35. After making my order for the free trial I read this review site immediately rang my bank cancelled my credit card bank told me these were fraud organisation they may try future charges but I have the option to dispute any charges with my bank as I affected credit card cancellation immediately thanks for the words above and keep eyes open world is full of crooks even a wise old man like me gets sucked in

  36. Watch out rid nothing works they take more money when you tell them to close the account. Nothing but American shit and bullshit think Trump is bad they are disgusting

  37. Just die you fucking cunts die die die
    their return address

    customer care return p.0 box 455 ryicla
    post code ha46hh

    their number 08007789089

    threaten them with you solicitors if they refuse to pay

  38. Shit after reading all your post you have changed my mined i just got mine a month later after i orded so i rang them after i red the trial time witch had all ready gone ichecked my acount to see if they had taken any money out as yet they have not i rang them and got some forener and i told him the trial was all read finished i said not good enouth so they have gave me the 14 days trial from when i receved it but you have convinced me thats it i will be cancelling it think i will cancell my card to get a new one Cheers thanks for that j.

  39. I ordered the free trial bottles of both Geneticore Boost and HyperNitroCore and paid for the postage. The products did not arrive within the 14 days, so how am I expected to make a decision in that time? I have now had unauthorised charges of $146.69 and $144.49 made to my Visa account. I tried to phone the New Zealand number given, but was told all the operators were busy and given the email address

    I have emailed them asking for a refund, and they have declined, saying that I did not cancel within the 14 days.

    I consider this type of merchandising to definitely be a scam. They are preying on people who don’t see the small print or just forget to cancel, and they don’t deliver in time for you to decide anyway. Even if the products work, which I doubt, there’s no way you could expect to see any results. If I had known the product was going to be so expensive, I wouldn’t have ordered the free trial.

    I have notified my bank about these unauthorised charges, and hopefully will get them reversed.

  40. This company or agency is running a SCAM operation. On 28 Dec ’17 I came across their ad (don’t remember the name) for a free trial where we had to pay for the shipping charge only. While I was ordering the Geneticore Boost, a new page showed about the optional offer of Hyper Nitro Core. I did not want to order this and tried to skip it but there was no way. So without clicking any buttons in this page I continued to the next page. But the next page was the confirmation page of my payments for both the products. Well, at this point I had doubts about their intention. Their intention of selling both the products without giving us any options. So, immediately after the payment was made, I sent an email to the support for the cancellation of Hyper Nitro Core. Next day I received an email from them saying that they cannot change the order but once the products arrive I had to inform them about the return authorisation number (RMA). The products arrived after about 9 days.. Christmas was almost there and I forgot everything about the products. However when I checked my account statement earlier today (2 Jan’18), I was shocked to see £49.95 transferred again to their account. I called their number 02036300413 immediately for the refund but they said since I had not cancelled the order within 14 days they cannot make the refund. Advised me to read their Terms and Conditions instead.
    CONCLUSION: After reading the reviews of this company, each and everyone of us were charged unnecessarily after the 14 Day Deadline. Looks like this company is making more money from the Free Trial Offers than normal Oders/Reorders.

  41. I recently spoke with a woman from the call centre of this company GENETICORE BOOST who offered me a trial sample of their products.
    I clarifird with her that there would be no cost for this sample and she assured me that this was the case.
    However this was not true as they have now made two (2) deductions from my account for $132.50 each withdrawal.
    Today I rang and spoke to someone from this company to ask for a refund of my money. They told me that
    I would not be getting a refund as the products had already been despatched to me however I have not received anything from them.
    My whole experience with this company has been terrible. They have lied to me and have denied me my consumers rights under Australian
    law. I am writing this review to warn other potential customers to stay away from this company and to never under any any circumstances give them your credit card details.
    This expereince has been very negative and I have even had to canel my credit card with my banking facility to stop them from withdrawing
    any more money from my account. This has caused me great inconvenience and a lot of stress and cost me in total $265.00 for which I have not received any goods whatsoever.
    I would strongly advise you to stay away from them as they are not trustworthy and their customer service is appalling.

  42. I am surprised by the bad reviews on this page, which I have only just read.
    I am 72 and in poorish health. I met my partner 26 years ago and our sexual activity slowly went from 3 times a day to 3 times a month so last summer I asked my doctor about it and all he could suggest was Viagra which I did not want.
    I saw an ad for Geneticore Boost and although sceptical sent for a sample. TBH, nothing really happened for 14 days so this is not enough time for a fair trial, but I could afford £30 for a month’s continuation so didn’t cancel. I am now 3 months into taking the tablets regularly and the reason I have found your page (can’t find theirs) is that my 71-year-old partner asked me to write and thank them for sending it. I can’t manage an ejaculation every day but am thinking about it all the time and can give her something to play with every night.

  43. They are extremely dodgy, What they do is take your order, send your order at a time after the 14 days trial. That means you have automatically agreed to their conditions and they keep on billing you. In fact I received nothing for 2.5 months and noticed it on my credit account, I immediately cancelled and asked for all to be refunded. I was just met with barrage of continual abuse that I had breached the conditions. I then wrote them a letter via email, I discovered that the email address is linked to an automatic reply stating the conditions! As I had accumulated $550.00 or so I was determined to get the refunds. I called my credit provider and explained all the steps I had taken to resolve the matter, they cancelled my card immediately and within 2 days all the funds were reversed and credited to my account. The stuff still keeps arriving and I have 4 unopened bottles. I am not brave enough to take the “Food Supplement” as they call it, could be talcum powder for all I know and would not even stick it where the sun don’t shine. The moto to the story is “DON’T EVER GIVE UP”

  44. Problem
    Noticed two $133 charges back in January, real shady tactics. Technically legal since they define it as a “Trial” you are expected to send the product back within their parameters. The problem is they are so spread out with merchants all over the world its impossible to track down and send them back within the right amount of time.

    Dispute it with you’re bank and cancel your card. My bank refunded me the amount that was taken within a month. Unfortunately the company will keep the initial payments, but you’re not out +$200.


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