FitCrew USA Xtreme Testrone SCAM Report

FitCrew USA Xtreme Testrone

Xtreme Testrone is a supplement made available to you by FitCrew USA. It is claimed to deliver “mind-blowing results”, but I have my doubts.

We have seen claims like this previously by supplements offered for trial that have left hundreds of people out of pocket.

In this review we will look at the claims being made by FitCrew USA Xtreme Testrone so see how they stack up when we look at its ingredients in more detail.

We will also take a close look at the terms and conditions of the offer, to see if there are any hidden charges we should be aware of.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Benefits of FitCrew USA Xtreme Testrone

FitCrew USA Xtreme Testrone claims to offer its users the following benefits:

  • Free strength boost of up to 300%
  • Dramatically increase energy levels
  • Increase and revitalise your energy

If I am being honest these claims are a little unbelievable, but if true I could see this supplement becoming incredibly popular if it could increase strength by 300%.

As it stands I would be very wary about signing up for this trial based on these claims. My suggestion to you would be to at least find out a little information on what ingredients have been used.

Ingredients of FitCrew USA Xtreme Testrone

Unlike some supplements we have reviewed I am glad to say that FitCrew USA Xtreme Testrone have not only listed their ingredients but have also provided a label showing the dosage.

This is important as you need to know not only how effective the supplement is, but also whether it is safe to use.

Amongst the ingredients are Horny Goat Weed and Tongkat Ali, which have both been shown to benefit those looking to build muscle and strength.

They are certainly not a miracle ingredient, but I can certainly see some benefit to using this supplement.

Whether we would recommend it or not however, remains to be seen.

Cost of FitCrew USA Xtreme Testrone

When looking at trial offers it is important that you take the time to read the terms and conditions before you sign up. This is to ensure you know exactly what it is you are signing up for.

With the T&Cs listed on the FitCrew USA Xtreme Testrone website I can see that after the conclusion of the trial period you will be charged $89.95, with further monthly charges for future deliveries to be expected too.

Is FitCrew USA Xtreme Testrone a scam?

Auto-ship schemes like this are certainly not recommended by me. I would stay well clear of them if I were you.

Trial offers are rarely as good an offer as they initially appear. Read the small print and you will soon see for yourself.

Contact details for FitCrew USA Xtreme Testrone

To contact FitCrew USA Xtreme Testrone you should use the following contact details:

Phone: 1-888-830-7864

If you have signed up for this offer and wish to tell us about your own experience then please use the comment form below. We would love to hear from you.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

D-BalThere is no doubt that FitCrew USA Xtreme Testrone is overpriced and its use of auto-shipping is a serious turn-off.

This is why we do not recommend it. However there is another supplement that we do recommend.

Its name is D-Bal and it is available to buy online from Crazy Bulk, a website that sell a variety of supplements designed to mimic the benefits of some of the most popular steroids available.

While D-Bal can offer the benefits of the banned steroid Dianabol, it is without the side effects so you can take it without any risk to your health.

D-Bal is also unavailable for trial so there are no hidden charges to worry about.

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FitCrew USA Xtreme Testrone
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      • I’m to my last straw and don’t know how else’s to do this nothing is working phone number or emails I don’t want this please cancle I have now paid over 400 on this BS and haven’t opened the first bottle and nobody well cancle this please stop taking my money l!!!!!

  1. Order # 669668ED71

    Please cancel shipment on this order ASAP. Continuing with the transaction will not benefit either party. Please contact me via email for information.

  2. I must tell every one that looks at these products. This company is an out & out scam. You sign up for a free sample. They ship & then turn around & bill you & have it set up as an automatic bill & ship. When you call to get it canceled it takes 3 to 4 days to get a person. By then you are passed the cut off date of 14 days. So you do not get the money credited back to your account. Therefore they have ripped you off for a sum of $169.93.
    I would like to know who else has had the same thing happen. Maybe get a class action law suit filed. This is just out & out steeling.

    • Richard Enloe , you are right about this being a scam, They hit me twice for 79.88 and 89 bucks too!!!!!! so far this scam has cost me about over 350. dollars and had to cancel my card per my bank and still haven’t gotten the last 170 bucks put back into my account plus they want to charge 15 bucks for restocking pills after you tell them to not send anymore!!!!!!!

    • This is a complete fucking scam. The only free thing you get from this company is a damn headache. If anyone is ever in this predicament, call your financial institution and tell them it is an unauthorized transaction. They got me for 10.95 shipping and handling, 89.95 membership fee, 79 dollars on a second supplement, and on top of that, I had to pay 6 dollars just to send the shit back! FITCREWUSA are a bunch of shady ass crooks! Don’t be the next victim!

    • SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!!!
      The same thing happened to me. I called and got a person and they SAY they cancelled the subscription. I’m gonna block them through my bank to make sure no more money comes out.
      Scam scam scam!!!!!

    • Thay took the same amount from me. I didn’t get anything in the mail for a least a month and all of a sudden that bill showed up I couldn’t cancel it don’t know what to do please help!!!

  3. I just received my “free trial” and started to do some research and ran into this article. I called their customer service @ (866-520-0522) and they helped me cancel any auto payments immediately (of course after offering to sell it to me half off). I’ll be keeping an eye on my CC account to see if they try to charge me and just call my bank.

    This thing is…. They give you a trial period of 14 days (really 13 days) to see if you like it. As for me, I ordered the product 1/24 and received it 2/2 (that’s 9 days) which really gives me 4 days to try it because you must cancel at least ONE DAY before trial period expires.

    I hope that CS # helps some of you guys cancel your unwanted orders.

    • I ordered it on july 1 and got them July19th which is past the free trial time and they hit me for 90 bucks. I called that same number and got it cancelled and now I have to pay to send this bullshit back to their shady asses. I’ll stay fat thank you.

    • Thanks. Just called and they cancelled my future orders. I’m going to wait and see if I don’t get charged anymore. But they did cancel it, just waiting to verify.

    • I just got my trail today and I call they number on jon’s message. He instantly new my name which was weird as hell and instantly knew my email address. He said he canceled it but I don’t trust them

      • I called again and got a cancel conformation number the employees name and badge number. They said I will not be billed any more money

  4. I too bought the trial pack and was unaware of the automatic subscription after 13 days until it was too late. I called and was able to cancel my subscription and after a couple more phone calls I was able to get half my money back. So it is very shady on how they have the automatic subscription set up but I should have known better- I will not be going back.

    The product however seems to be working. I have notice not only lean mass but increased strength. And also I have noticed improved recovery and decrease in tendinitis pain. So I would say so far the product has helped.

  5. Omg, this company needs to be sued! I just called a minute ago and told them I want to cancel my trial purchase and they told me they can’t find me in the system! They have already charged my bank account. We all need to file charge so that they won’t be able to scam other people again.

  6. Hi guys any luck getting your money back. I tried calling them and they told me they cannot find me in their system when they’ve already charged my bank account $10.90. I just filed a fraud claim with the Internet Crime Complaint Center. I am also notifying my bank that this was a scam, and that the website will not refund my money. The bank will usually refund the amount for you. In any case, I might have to just get a new bank card to avoid any future charges from the scam. Good luck guys.

  7. Fit crew USA is a scam they say that they will send you a free trial and all you pay is $10.00 for shipping. Then you don’t get it in time to cancel and they charge you a bunch for the product which does not work

  8. They charged me a day early the 14 day period for the other amount. I called the number and got someone in the Phillpenes! The company has USA in the title, I was talked over numerous times. When I asked for her supervisor she said there was none there.
    I did not read the T&C, but still, 14 days is 14 days! Not 13, when I called to cancel they offered me %75 off my next purchase, and when I called to complain that night they offered me %50 money back. I am calling tomorrow to talk to a supervisor and demanding a full refund. Anyone have any advice on to what I should say?

  9. The company is a damn scam they offer the trial for so much charged my account for 179.00 and told me they couldn’t refund my money because it was too late. The customer service rep Anthony was a complete asked and laughed at me. Something needs to be done this company is crooks!!!!

  10. About 9-10 after I ordered my “free sample” of the Xtreme testosterone and Xtreme NO2, I was already slightly skeptical and I still hadn’t recieved either product. I decided to look online to see if other people had the same issue. Once I saw all the problems people were having, I cancelled my order right away. I was pissed off to see that they didn’t refund my S&H $$, then when I saw another $169.93 in charges for a product I never even received!?!? …I got roid rage from an OTC supplement that I didn’t even take!!! This company is a BS scam and the people responsible for it deserve to be put in jail… And worse! A jail with a lot of “cuddling”.

  11. This company straight got me to. So far I got 2 charges for 79 bucks the bank gave me a number to call thy doesn’t even work and when I finally found some numbers 1 guy told me I wasn’t in there system and the other number every single time I call it’s the same lady Alex that answers the phone and says I have to pay 15 a bottle to send it back and there are no higher ups I can talk to oh I am so pissed right now I would like to just jack these people up right now if and when anybody figures out how we can get our money back let me know and I will do the same. I made a post about their scam on Facebook and asked all my friends to share it so hopefully it gets around lets get these faggots

  12. Please cancel all my shipments, because I just order one of the extreme testrone and 2 months later they send me another one, so please cancel everything

  13. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT make any type of transaction with this company. It is so hard to get ahold of them. I called and cancelled my “free” trail and they did not cancel it after they said they would. So the next month I get another 90 out of my account and they said there isn’t anything they can do. So ridiculous.

  14. Please take me off the auto send list. I do not want anymore. I signed for 1 free trial and they keep sending me the crap. Stop immediatelly, I don’t want the shit.

    • I would like to be refunded the 80.00 that was charged to my account I orders what I thought was a FREE sample and then two weeks later I get charged the 80.00 I WANT WHAT EVER THE FUCK YOU GUYS DID CANCELLED AND THE MONEY REFUNDED TO MY ACCOUNT. I WILL BE CONTACTING THE BETTER BUISNESS BEUARU TO TELL THEM ABOUT THE SCAM THAT YOUR COMPANY IS DOING AND TAKING MORE MONEY THAN WHAT YOU GUYS SAY…. I want my mother fucking money Back assholes

  15. I purchased what I thought was a free trial sample for just the cost of shipping which I paid.
    Looking at my checking account recently I find a charge for $89.95 from Musclepower in California.
    When calling to inquire about the charge I was told it could not be returned because 14 days had passed. I said I did not ask for anything more than the free trial bottle. I admit that I did not read the whole information on the offer, my bad. I asked to speak to the phone reps boss and was told they were not available. In this day of communication devices galore I did not believe him. He refused to refund the $89.95 charge and said he could put me on a call back list. I will be calling them back.

  16. Do not order this product. Biggest scam I’ve seen No contacts and if you do get ahold of them,they can’t find you in the system. I had to get a new card from my bank so they couldn’t keep charging my account. I repeat DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT. HUGE SCAM

  17. Called to cancel future autoship. Said they would cancel account and send email verification. 24-hours later and no email. I called again and the number is now mysteriously unavailable. Called another number and got some weirdo who couldn’t speak English.

  18. I canceled my auto shipments of Fit Crew USA Testrone Plus on 06/23/2016. Thought I wa signing up for 90-day offer. Now they sent me fourth shipment. Taking money out before product arrives. If they do not cancel my shipments will be forced to stop payments. Does anyone know if by e-mailing this address they will stop sending and charging me? I am out four payments now $360 rip off.

    • Unfortunately you’ll have to cancel your card and get a new one issued. I got scammed by this company too, and that’s the step I had to take.


  20. Just received the trial order of Xtreme Testrone. My husbands Doctor reviewed ingredients and says my husband is unable to take this. PLEASE NO MORE SHIPMENTS. WERE NOT AUTHORIZED TO BEGIN WITH. DO NOT TAKE ANY MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT!
    Thank you.

    Victoria Hatcj
    PS: After reading these reviews I am mighty sorry to have an requested the trial sample.

  21. I got really strong, there customer service was great, I was able to cancel just fine and only got the sample and I think I will buy more. It gave me a lot of strength to rock climb and do all the activities that I love to do.


  22. called the # listed above(866-520-0522) and asked for my order to be cancelled, and was told “no problem, mr. sapp, it is done.” I hope so. only time will tell.

  23. This is a scam. I took a chance on the trial, anticipation a contact by email, phone or mail to renew or express interest. Never received any option but yesterday, my bank account was charged $89.95 by the company. I called 855-770-9879 provided on the transaction, call would not go through. Called 866-520-0522 from the packaging on the bottle, call would not go through. Looked at the website ON THE BOTTLE, no way of reaching the company. My bank is handling the processing of this issue, but I would not suggest this to anyone interested in even the trial.

  24. I found out this was a scam before they were able to charge my account for anything other than the shipping fee of $4.95. Like everyone else on here I was unable to contact them directly so I called my bank and they were able to contact the merchant directly and I cancelled the “membership” they sign you up for when you pay for the “free 30 day trial”. The merchant gave me a cancellation number and said I wouldn’t be charged more than the shipping fee. I also had my bank send me a new card so that they won’t be able to charge me for anything in the future! Don’t fall for the advertising.

    • I also found out this was a scam before the charged me for the the 90$. I called them and after being put on hold and them trying to offer me half price or even 75% off they supposedly canceled my account and “subscription.” I’m definitely going to keep an eye on my CC account. Should I talk to my bank to make sure nothing else goes through or even go as far as to get a new card?

  25. Please give me my money back i sent the first trail back and then i just got another one so please give me my money back and take me off the list and stop sending me the product

  26. I signed up for the free offer and after a month of not receiving it I called and cancelled I was always able to contact them and they remember me everytime. After I finally cancelled with them I got the two bottles in the mail a few days later. I was extremely shocked they actually arrived to be honest. It took 32 days. They never know when your going to get it seems like and they can’t ever provide you with a shipping number which is unfortunate. I don’t think I would recommend the headache.

  27. I just wanted to say good job to you all I am sorry that you all got burned. I got scammed by a different company and product a few months back. I now make it a ritual to search for reviews before purchasing or signing up for anything online

  28. The web ads the makers of Xtreme Testrone (and its sister product, Xtreme NO2) are highly scummy as well. Here’s one made to look like a page from ESPN that portrays NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. and other drivers as endorsing the product (falsely, it can be assumed):

    **link removed**

    Funny thing is, it uses the graphics from ESPN’s CricInfo site, which is a sub-site dedicated to cricket, which is as far from NASCAR as possible.

    These people should be sued for false advertising and falsely appropriating images of celebrities and legitimate businesses to fraudulently make their product look legitimate.

  29. Well I went one step further I got in touch with our attorney generals office and filed a complaint also went to BBB and soon I will file with federal trade commission. Went to bank and stop payment on all there auto BS as fraud. fitcrewusa will never stop there practice because like me I was looking for some help in losing weight as I am disable and cant exercise physically. And the free offer was a nice try. But I know better now never again I will just keep watching what I eat ,But yes by all means go to your bank and tell them. as far as I know this is out right internet fraud. Some how some way the consumer will win. Any lawyers out there want to help with a class action let us know we could use your help. Stronger but not because of the supplements.

  30. There is nobody more skeptical than I am. I’m 60 years old and have a lot of miles on this body. I’ve been unable to lift for 3 years after a lifetime of working out. I suppose I over did it taking MMA and lifting 3x a week at age 57. I was doing dumb bell benches with up to 90llb dumb bells after the 15x 50lb/ 12x 60lb/ 10x 70lb/ 10x 80lb and then the 90lb from 3x to 8x depending on the day. I also did a full workout after the benches. Anyway 3 years ago I developed bursitis in my left shoulder. It’s like a tooth ache from the front to the back down the tricep to my elbow. It’s pounding as I write this. I ordered the TST and Pump because of the claim of building muscle and leaning out the fat. The same crap happened to me, the trial price followed by the full proce 2 weeks later. I wasn’t happy BUT the products work very well for me. I was just on the GNC web site that has dozens of products claiming they are testosterone boosting and some cost twice what this costs. I figured I’d rather give my money to a local business man instead of idiots that charge your card when I’m not expecting it. The bottom line is the products on GNC have mixed reviews as well. So against the little voice in my head saying don’t do it, I’m going to reorder.

  31. Please cancel my auto delivery immediately. I have not received my order and am no longer interested in your product. I have closed my account so you can’t get any more funds.

  32. This is a total scam. After reading this I am embarrassed I fell for it. I found this offer from a facebook link and purchased the one month trial for 4.95 shipping only. In my case there was ZERO disclosures about the 89.95 rip off renewal fee. I called them and the woman who answered acted like a complete dope. She even admitted if I ordered through the FB link that it was likely I got no disclosures. She them proceeded to “read me the terms and conditions”. I told her to just STOP it, and that I got no terms and conditions or I never would have ordered their product. Such ignorance. I did get a refund code, but she told me I had to send the unused product back at my own expense, which seriously annoys me. I probably took about 10 capusules..what are they going to do with what I send back? That’s scary. The stupidity of these companies is unfathomable.

  33. Cancel your bank card and reorder another card.File a fraud claim through your bank against the fraudulent company and your bank should refund you your money.Do not attempt to contact the fraudulent company because time is precious in this case. Immediately cancel bank card to stop future charges.

  34. I don’t even know how I got charged with this because I’ve NOT ordered anything from them. I am not a man, nor do I live with one, so why would I have ordered it? They’ve gotten me twice for $79.98. I live on SS, too, so this is not even funny. I’ll be going to my bank on Monday with all this information in hand. Maybe we can get these people shut down.


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