5 Tips You Can Use For Faster Gains

Faster Gains

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We all would like to see those gains in strength and muscle mass but most of us are impatient and would like to start seeing the results as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately most of us never reach our goal, even the pros are constantly trying to evolve their training methods to see the best results.

So how can you achieve faster gains? Well, for a start you can stop just going through the motions when you are at the gym.

To grow you need to work. And you need to work hard.

If you are not seeing results with your current routine, then change it. Your body will get used to the same exercises week after week, so surprise them and see the growth you desire.

What you eat also has a huge impact on the gains you experience. The following guide to bulking will show you what to east for best results.

The following 5 tips that can be used to help you experience faster gains:

Tip #1: Increase the intensity of bodyweight exercises

When doing those bodyweight exercise you need to do them at maximum intensity.

I would suggest doing as many reps as you can for 20 seconds, with a short 10 seconds rest between sets.

The following exercises are great for increasing both aerobic fitness and muscle endurance:

  • Burpees
  • Jumping jacks
  • Bodyweight squats

Tip #2: Increase weight but reduce reps

To increase your strength try increasing the weight you lift by around 5%, while reducing your reps by 2.

If you would normally lift 200 lbs for 8 reps, but have plateaued with your strength, then reduce the reps to 6 but increase the weight to 210 lbs. You will be able to kick start your strength gains.

Tip #3: Use a kettlebell

To increase your explosive power then try using a kettlebell. They have been shown to boost both endurance and stamina too.

KettlebellsUsing the kettlebell swing as a gauge of your fitness, you should aim is to build up the number of reps to 200.

Tip #4: Use drop sets

By using drop sets you will be able to push your muscles into full fatigue, which will ensure you experience incredible gains in both strength and muscle.

Start off at your normal weight, stop one rep short of failure. You should then reduce the weight by 20% before completing another set where you will stop one rep before failure.

You should do 2 more sets with decreasing weight, before resting. You should then start from the beginning and work your way through again.

Tip #5: Use supersets

The aim of the superset is to work different muscle groups, while the other is resting.

An example of this would be a bench press followed by lunges. Do one set of 8 reps then immediately move onto the next exercise.

The point of supersets is that you can get more of a workout completed in a short space of time.

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