Essential bodybuilding equipment

Essential bodybuilding equipment

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There could be a million reasons preventing you from going to the gym for bodybuilding. It may feel like a drag sometimes to drive to the gym or it may be the holiday season holding you back.

Maybe you don’t like your neighbourhood gym, but if you are still enthusiastic, you can bring the gym home.

Don’t allow yourself to break the routine or banish the idea of body building because of minor obstacles. Invest in bodybuilding equipment for your home to achieve your goals instead.

Let’s have a look at some of the most essential equipment you will need to build your muscles and start showing them off in no time:

Adjustable Dumbbells

When it comes to bodybuilding, dumbbells are necessary because they help produce the greatest results. Dumbbells allow you to perform different exercises so they are also very versatile.

When you use dumbbells in training, you have to use a great amount of muscle fibres just to stabilise them, so they are a trainer’s favourite.

Adjustable Bench

An adjustable bench is necessary for you to perform different kinds of free weight exercises. It will give you the ability to do seated dumbbell shoulder presses, incline bench presses, leg extensions, incline curls, and leg curls.

An added advantage of an adjustable bench is to buy one with a pull down bar which will allow you to perform all the other kinds of exercises as well, that you may have been doing at the gym.

Adjustable Squat Rack

Dumbbell squats no longer remain effective as your training routine starts to get more advanced. You’ll outgrow them as you become stronger and that is when you will need an adjustable squat rack with a chin up bar.

You can perform heavier exercises with an adjustable squat rack; which are essential to body building as you progress. The chin bar will allow you to perform exercises for a bigger back.

Olympic Barbell Set

If you are an intermediate or advanced strength trainer looking to maximise strength and power, an Olympic barbell set is must-have bodybuilding equipment that you should have in your home gym.

It is designed keeping heavier weight lifting in mind and so produces the desired results for bodybuilding.

Standing Calf Raise Machine

As you start outgrowing your one-legged dumbbell calf raises and barbell calf raises, using the squat rack in terms of strength and training; the standing calf raise machine becomes useful to make calves.

If your machine has a calf block, you can also get a full stretch and a full contraction, which are important for all round calf development.

Dip Station

Dips allow performing exercises to build upper body strength. They help work the shoulders, triceps, and chest area together.

Therefore, if you want to perform bodybuilding exercises to strengthen the upper portion, a dip station is essential.

Gloves, Belts and Straps

If you are going to do intense workouts, its necessary to invest in a good pair of weight lifting gloves.

Another support item when you are training with heavier weights is wearing a weight belt as it will help to protect your lower back.

However, you don’t have to wear a belt when you are doing squat warm ups, or dead lifts at lower weights.

To add weight to your pull-ups, and dips, especially when your own body weight stops being a challenge, you can invest in a dip belt.

Other Items

Every bodybuilder knows the importance of adding variety to their workout. It helps keep the pace of the training flowing, without making it too redundant. You can add other equipment to your home gym for this reason.

This could include a single handle to perform one-armed cable crossovers, high pulley rows and cable bicep curls.


Investing in these essential items that help in bodybuilding will help you build your own a fit, well built body.

However, make sure you perform the exercises in the correct postures and watch out for your diet.

You can eat whatever you want and still build a body — said no one ever. So make sure you are focusing on a healthy diet, watching your carb versus protein intake, and finally, stay determined to achieve your bodybuilding goals.

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