Dyna Storm Nutrition Trial Offer Review: Are they a scam?

Dyna Storm Nutrition

DSN or Dyna Storm Nutrition offers a range of supplements including pre-workout that offer a range of benefits.

While their claims are impressive there is one major issue I can see with their offers. Each of their products is available for trial.

Trial offers have a bad reputation, with many leading onto expensive auto-ship programs.

If you are considering trialling any of these products then I would suggest that you carry on reading. Our review will reveal if there are any hidden charges involved with this offer.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Products available from Dyna Storm Nutrition

The following products are available for trial:

  • DSN Pre Workout
  • DSN Post Workout
  • DSN Code Black
  • DSN Nitric Oxide

What benefits do these products offer?

The DSN supplements offer the following claimed benefits:

DSN Pre Workout

  • Helps build lean muscle
  • Improves strength and power
  • Boosts performance

DSN Post Workout

  • Aids in muscle recovery
  • Supports muscle tissue repair
  • Helps metabolism fats

DSN Code Black

  • Designed to support your natural testosterone production

DSN Nitric Oxide

  • Extra athletic support

Ingredients found in these products

There is very little ingredient information available on their website.

We would hope for a product label with dosages, but this is unavailable.

According to their website, DSN Pre Workout contains Creatine and L-arginine, DSN Post Workout contains L-carnitine, Folic Acid and Vitamins, DSN Code Black is made using various Vitamins and Minerals, while DSN Nitric Oxide also contains L-arginine.

Some of these ingredients have been shown to offer numerous benefits, but this does not excuse the fact that there is too much information missing to prove the claims made.

The true cost of these trial offers

While it is possible to buy each of these products without signing up for a trial, this particular review is focussed on the trial option.

If you choose the trial option you only have to pay an initial shipping fee. However, just 14 days later you will be charged the full purchase price for whichever product you have chosen.

  • DSN Pre Workout costs $89.97
  • DSN Post Workout costs $79.97
  • DSN Code Black costs $89.88
  • DSN Nitric Oxide costs $84.88

At the conclusion of the trial you will be automatically placed onto an auto-ship program, so further deliveries and charges will be received.

Would we recommend Dyna Storm Nutrition?

We cannot recommend any of these products and that is for two main reasons.

Firstly is the lack of ingredient information, which leaves me doubting the claimed benefits.

Secondly, is the high price of these trials. You may think you are getting a good deal, but if you did a little deeper you will realise that Dyna Storm Nutrition is very expensive.

Contact details for Dyna Storm Nutrition

The contact details for Dyna Storm Nutrition are as follows:

Phone: 1-800-210-7831
Email: support@dynastormnutrition.com

Please leave a comment for us below if you have tried any of these products.


Our suggested alternative would be the range of pre-workout supplements sold online by BlackWolf.

They have two packages available, one designed for men (Hunter) and another for women (Huntress).

Both packages are made from proven ingredients and are designed to be used both before, during and after a workout to ensure you maximum rewards.

Neither of these packages is available for trial, so there is no risk of encountering any hidden or repeat charges. The price you see online is the price you pay.

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Dyna Storm Nutrition
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  1. I tried the Code black with the Trial offer and was automatically sent and billed for both the Code Black and Nitric Oxide (which I didn’t order)! I’m have been put on an auto-order-billing cycle for a product that didn’t work in the 14 days or 30 days! When calling customer service to cancel order I received nothing but a constant sales pitch for other products, discounts and evasive tactics to avoid canceling! After being disconnected several times I finally threatened Legal action and contacting Bank for fraudulent charges!

    • wished I would have seen this before I order just order 2 days ago have not received it yet did something similar a couple of months ago and it was a scam I guess all of these are scams they really tricked me good I was reading an ESPN interview on Facebook where Kevin Durant had talked about admitting to taking them as well as all athletes do in all sports I’m going to cut tell my credit card company not to pay them


    • “free” trial does not in anyway mean “free” product. A trial simply allows you to try and evaluate something before buying it! think of it like amazon prime hulu or netflix for example! you sign up for a trial if you do not want to pay for it then you cancel it. Its the same with with trial offers. Also its 2018 you really think that something online is going to be for “free” if they ask you for your credit card information? really wake up why dont you learn how to read before you assume your getting free product. Idiot no one to blame but your self

      • Your incorrect on your premise, Hulu doesn’t ask you to pay for the 1 or 2 week trial after you have decided not to continue. That is what is happening here, after the “free” two week trial I decided not to continue and was told I would have to pay for the product already used.

  3. This is a scam I canceled within time but was to the charges came out at 1 am but I cancel at 1 pm same day shit Don’t work anyway I am taking legal action as I write this

  4. Biggest scam out there. Contacted them for return on “free Trial Sample” and no one has gotten back to me. They billed my debit card for over $160.00!!!! And won’t respond. Shady unethical company

  5. They are a scam, stay clear at all cost , buy local where they can’t keep taking monthly fees out of you account Unauthorized ! Bad business and costs a Fortune .

  6. The product didn’t work for me. In fact, after two weeks of using the product, I developed kidney and bladder pain. No other changes were made in diet/routine, which makes me suspect the DSN Code Black and NO suppliments as the cause. I had no issues canceling the trial offer, but I’m left with health related kidney/bladder and urinary tract issues that I have to see a medical specialist for.

  7. Scam did nothing for me accept making me thinner in the pocket book, don’t buy this product, stopping my credit card from allowing these charges

  8. What a scam, how can they stay in business. The product does not work and then they send reorders with your permission & automatically charge your credit card.

  9. Did the free trial and then 2 weeks later I was billed for around 160 dollars and the customer service was not helpful at all they only gave my 20 percent of the bill which was 34 dollars and they refuse to give and more than that

  10. Wish I would have read all of these comments before I tried this product. Very furious about this. Just got off the phone with them. Went round and round with them. Very pissed off.

  11. Scam! I ordered the pre workout and said I did NOT want the post workout. The sent both anyway. Once I cancelled, they still billed me. After I called, they said that the $170 was the cost of the trial. After going round and round with them asking them to show me where it clearly explained that you would be charged for the trial, they told me to have a nice day. You are not being charged for auto enrollment, like the terms and conditions would have you believe, you are being charged for the trial. STAY AWAY!

  12. It is definitely a scam, the trial is not free, once they get ahold of your credit card number they will bill you $90 per bottle for the “free” bottle you got! And by the way the product did nothing! No changes, none, zip. Stay away from them! I only wish I had seen this blog before I tried their “free trial”!!!

  13. No results. I did call to cancel…other than trying to provide me a 20% discount, then a 35% discount and then a 50% discount they cancelled the subscription…because now it takes 60 days for it to work. They will also try to give you a 20% automatic refund instead of mailing the bottles back for a full refund.
    Hopefully, they actually cancelled and I receive the refund. I’m hopeful, she seemed nice and acted as if it was done…will definitely watch my statement.

  14. Total scam. Product does nothing at all. Called them 3 times, first time was told to use for another two weeks and to call back, called to cancel and lady never recorded the phone call so I was charged. Called the 3rd time to get my refund and was told they had no record of me calling the second time and cancelling. I have the call in my phone, the supervisor that I spoke with then told me that I could have been on hold for the 9 minutes that I have showing the call. She should be fired, I am a retired from a professional career and she was pretty much calling me a liar. Now I have to send back 6 tablets, and pay for the return shipping to get my refund. This company is a TOTAL JOKE and products are garbage.

  15. Thanks for the scam warnings. Fortunately I caught them before they shipped the product out. They said it was pretty much shipped out. I said I wanted to cancel. They tried to offer me 25 percent discount. I said I would refuse shipment. She said the product would come back automatically. So she offered me a 50 percent discount. I said I would still refuse shipment. She finally cancelled both the pre and post workout shipments. I will now place a dispute on my credit card to retrieve the 3.95 for each bottle claiming I never received the product.

    Thanks for warning me. Fortunately I was one of the lucky ones.

  16. Total scam. They charged my card without my permission. I called and ask why I wasn’t notified before the charge and the excuse was that they had the wrong email. I just got my refund.
    Don’t be taken.

  17. We just found out this morning that our account was charged twice! We have never even heard of this product. Now our bank has but a hold on everything. Talk about a scam! How can I get their number?

  18. Scammed and when asked to cancel they asked me to ship back the trial package. Ridiculous
    Now I will be charged the initial fee and the shipping back

    Someone should take this company down

  19. They’re telling me that they cannot give me a full refund until i return the products by mail which of course yours truly is responsible for. I received no receipts in my email or notifications that they were going to charge my account. Total scam the “customer service supervisor” just hung up on me because I kept trying to find a way to get an immediate refund without having to wait on slow ass usps. This company is crap.

  20. Returned the product after they charged my account. The have had my money for 14 days and their product for 7 days but refuse to process my refund even thou they keep saying they did. I call everyday and am told the refund has not been processed even thou the person the previous day said it had. They have no stolen my money and will not return it. When I ask to speak to corporate who can actually refund my money they say there is no one there to talk to. They make up departments and when asked for the legal department the say they cannot give that out. This company is a complete joke.

  21. They are the biggest scammer i have ever seen in my life and i have seen plenty the worst scam bag in the world they are frauds they ask you to give your credit card number just to pay for the shipping and than after 14 days they charge 120$ for the product that they made you believe was free and keep charging you every month.

  22. Read the fine print on the terms and conditions VERY CAREFULLY. The T&C is worded in a very confusing way deliberately. This is NOT a free sample – it is a free trial. You cannot cancel future orders or even avoid charges for the trial product that they send you without returning the unused portion – they offer a 14 day free trial, but send you a 30 day supply of the product. If you call to cancel then you can extend the trial to the full 30 days, but you still have to return the empty bottles to cancel the order – SCAM SCAM SCAM – designed to force future charges. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM.

  23. I have tried tge pre and post and didn’t think they were all that. Also the print is so small about Auto order and that it is a subscription is b.s.. Vitamin orders are not subscriptions. I shipped the auto order back after I received rma’s for both 2 weeks ago and still no credit. They said it could take up to 30 days and then if I had the USPS tracking number that they would speed up the credit. It shouldn’t take 30 days to know if you receive something shipped from Florida to a PO Box in Savannah Georgia less than a state away. I think it’s a waste of money for people it’s very misleading or very hidden so you don’t see the subscription. I wouldn’t buy anything from them I just want my money back for what I didn’t use.

  24. This is a scam! They do not show terms and conditions until you after you place your order! Then you have to try to contact by phone to cancel!

  25. This is a TOTAL SCAM! They send you a trial, which does not ship quickly. THEN, they bill you almost $90 for each bottle you had the trail on. THEN, when you call them and complain, they want you to spend even more money to send the product back to them. They are rude, and the product is not as listed!!! BEWARE!!!!!

  26. This company has unethical practices. After I saw an $89.97 cc charge from Dstorm on my monthly statement after receiving “the trial” pre workout supplements 17 days earlier I contacted them. As others have reported person contacted kept trying to sell me more supplements. I had to get rude with her and tell her that I had canceled further shipments when they called to sell me post work out supplements. I told her I wanted my cc account credited for the $89.97 charge since I never authorized it. She said the trial was for 14 days and they shipped me a 30 day supply so that is what I was charged for. She said she had to issue me an RMA and once I had returned the supplements they would issue the credit. I decided to call my cc provider and they are handling this unethical supplier. they will credit my account for the $89.97 and ensure they cannot charge me for further supplement shipments. CC provider said not to return the supplements and they would recontact me should further action be required. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS OUTFIT. I WAS DUPED DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU!

  27. well after hearing everyone got scammed let me tell you what I did… I receive my paycheck on a visa card,lol well since I had a new job I only had 7.00 left on my visa paycheck card, I got the trial and now they have no way to rip me off because there’s no more money on the card them fuckers didn’t get me bahaha,as for the product didn’t seem to notice any difference at all,maybe a very mild differencebut stuff I bought at GNC store at the mall gave better results and they take cash so you don’t get ripped ff going to them lol

  28. These guys are a total scam!! They can’t use the card on file and bang your card as much as they want. I’m taking legal action and going to the Federal Trade Commission.. Stay away from them.

  29. Absolute scam! Buyer beware, they will send you a couple of bottles filled with who knows what. Then auto ship charging you outrageous fees. Fortunately my credit card offers zero cost fraud protection and alerts for all charges or who know how much they would have made off with. Still considering legal action. Do your research then find a reputable company to buy your supplements. DSN is NOT that company!

  30. This is a scam of the first order……..DO NOT WASTE your time or money even sampling……they do not work………subscription hook is all they are after and the claims they make are completely unsubstantiated and can’t be as I have experienced for myself.

  31. Scam scam scam same as every one else got my trial and was billed $138 called and they would not help at all. Joke of a company

  32. Fucking bitches, returned my items dec 21st, still haven’t received refund. Every time I call they need the tracking number in order to refund. Bullshit, legal action is happening.

  33. just got SCAMED TO. i payed 24.99 for sample got 3 bottles Then my card was charged £94 and £99 same day . Not telling me BANK HAS BLOCKED THEM now


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