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Dana Linn Bailey

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Dana Linn Bailey is an American IFBB bodybuilder who has become the poster-girl for female bodybuilding.

She has amassed thousands of fans on social media, but this does not diminish her bodybuilding success either, winning the Ms. Olympia title for physique in 2013.

Dana’s Progression to Elite Bodybuilder

Born in the USA on May 30th 1980, Dana’s parent would encourage her from an early age to take part in many sporting activities.

In childhood she took part in various activities including football (soccer), basketball and hockey.

By the time she started university at West Chester Dana had become a talented football player who soon started to play for their team as a defender.

While she enjoyed taking part in the NCAA, once her time in education came to a close, so did her participation in football.

It was at this time Dana began training at her local gym with her boyfriend Rob Bailey, which led to her becoming passionate not only for weight lifting but bodybuilding in general too.

During this time Dana packed on the muscle and made the decision to start competing in figure competitions (between 2006 and 2010) with the ultimate goal of becoming an IFBB pro.

One thing that held her back during these first years was her desire to become as muscular as possible, which can be a hindrance when competing in the figure category.

Dana Before & After

Luckily for Dana, in 2011 the first physique category was introduced, which is a category that suited Dana and her more muscular frame.

She subsequently went on to win the 1st place and overall prize at the 2011 Jr. USA’s, becoming the first women’s physique pro in IFBB history.

Following this victory and the achievement of gaining her IFBB Pro card, Dana went on to win numerous other titles, before finally achieving the pinnacle of any bodybuilders career a win at the 2013 Ms. Olympia competition.

She followed this up with a second place finish at the 2014 Ms. Olympia.

While she still guest poses, Dana’s main focus nowadays is the promotion of her clothing line, gym and other businesses she set up with Rob Bailey, her now husband.

Dana is still incredibly popular and is an inspiration to many female bodybuilders across the globe.

You can follow Dana on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Here are some of her best images:

Dana Linn Bailey
Dana Linn Bailey
Dana Linn Bailey
Dana Linn Bailey
Dana Linn Bailey
Dana Linn Bailey
Dana Linn Bailey
Dana Linn Bailey
Dana Linn Bailey



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Dana Linn Bailey Motivational Gallery
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