How to cut out distractions whilst working out

Cut out distractions

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You need to utilise your time at the gym effectively and being in the zone is essential to you achieving your strength training goals.

This requires you to concentrate solely on yourself, ‘zone in’ on the exercises regime ahead, and to ignore or block out any unwanted distractions.

The scope of this article is to give you five techniques that can be used to keep you focussed and to stop all of the additional distractions at the gym.

Remember that your time in the gym is precious and should be used wisely! Therefore, let’s stop the idle chit chat, cut out all of the distractions and switch on! Are you ready? Here goes……

#1 – Have a clear vision every time that you walk into the gym

Every time that you strut into the gym, you should have a clear goal and a picture in your mind, how you are going to achieve it.

Always bear in mind the bigger picture in terms of your goals e.g. having more defined abs, losing 12 pounds of body fat or the bodybuilding competition that is 12 weeks away. These long term goals are very important but so are the short term goals.

These short term goals should be easy for you to do in the training session e.g. adding 5 pounds to the barbell squat and/or introducing sprint Tabata at the end of the work out to burn more fat etc.

The session goals will start to add up, and the end product will be you conquering all of your ultimate training goals. Remember that you must be prepared to conquer all of the goals that you have set, and this can only be accomplished by you knuckling down and keeping your focus every session!

#2 – Choose the right time of day to train

Choose a time a day that best suits you, and dedicate this time to you achieving all of your ultimate strength training goals.

Leave all of the ‘negative work and life baggage’ at the door before you enter into the gym. Worrying about the events of the day can have a negative impact on your training regime, and fitness goals should now be at the top of the agenda.

A key point is that exercise in general is a stress buster, and evaluating what time that you have the most energy and enthusiasm throughout the day, will help you to keep focused.

A good example of this is training in the morning before work; as many people feel that their minds are clearer and they can dedicate more energy/focus to the session.

In addition, you could have total focus during the morning training session because the events in the day ahead, have not interfered with your mojo!

#3 – Create a music playlist that suits the purpose of the work out

Zoning into the work out can be achieved by listening to music on your Ipod or MP3 player whilst you train hard.

Creating the right playlist is an important part of the training process and the tempo of the songs should match your training intensity.

Bear in mind, that we are not performing yoga, so skip anything that doesn’t have the right beat and lyrics to make you feel like you are a ‘training machine’.

The right music will give you that extra kick during the session, focus on the beat and pump out of the weights in rhythm to the song. This positive approach will keep you in the ‘zone’ and will make you train harder with a real purpose.

#4 – Focus on your Movement Form

Keeping focused on your form whilst pumping out the weights, will prevent you from being injured in the near future.

This technique will also stop any of the distractions around you in the gym.

You should be able execute all of the exercises with perfect form before you increase the exercise intensity. If you increase the exercise intensity before mastering the technique, then injuries will definitely be on the cards.

A good strategy in avoiding these unwanted injuries, is to mentally connect with the muscles when executing the exercises. Try to feel the muscles working through the whole range of movement. This may sound a bit extreme but it really does work!

As mentioned previously, by focusing on your technique will eradicate any distractions in the gym and you can concentrate on you and your goals.

Use the mirrors in the gym to check your training form, to evaluate your session progress and to motivate you to train with more vigour.

Ignore everyone else who you can see in the mirror; “are you really bothered about Joe Bloggs next to you in the gym?” Well, you shouldn’t be…….

#5 – Have a work out plan

If you don’t have a mapped out training plan when you walk into the gym, you will wasting a lot of time and this could be a catalyst for distraction.

Have a program that incorporates the machines that you are using, the exact weights for each exercise, the time performing the exercises, the rest intervals and the tempo of the exercise.

This work out strategy will add some real purpose to your work outs and will allow you to move with more fluency in between the exercises.

A deliberate and planned training approach will boost your concentration levels and will keep you focused on conquering your short and long terms goals.

Also add some training overload into your sessions, as this triggers muscle growth via systematic planning.

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