Cheap Muscle Supplements

Cheap Muscle Supplements

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Everyone loves a bargain and with the spiralling cost of living by doing your homework on supplements can help with keeping your finances in the black.

Supplements do vary vastly in price and each one has a different function in terms of building muscle mass. Therefore it is imperative that you stick within your budget boundaries and just because the supplements are affordable it does not make them effective!

Read on to find out how to maximise your muscle gains on a budget. Please note: for the scope of this article protein powders will not be discussed but many of these affordable supplements do complement its use when consumed properly!


Maltodextrin is made from a corn starch and it is classed a as a polysaccharide. It is found in an abundance of sport’s supplements but can be purchased as a cheap stand-alone product.

Maltodextrin is broken down quickly into glucose and this creates a sharp spike in the blood’s insulin levels. When insulin is controlled in the right manner it is a powerful anabolic hormone that drives the amino acids into the muscle tissue.

This process is a solid platform for protein synthesis as the glucose binds with the muscle tissue to boost your muscle growth gains. In addition by boosting your muscle glycogen stores will enable you to feel stronger and more powerful during your training sessions.

Many bodybuilders after they have finishing their gym session tend to consume a protein shake to aid muscle growth and repair. Unfortunately your body uses all of the protein as an energy source instead of building blocks for muscle tissue.

By using maltodextrin post exercise will ensure that the body doesn’t use the protein as energy source but instead it is redirected to the skeletal muscle for growth and repair.

This also reduces your recovery times in between training sessions because your glucose levels are replenished.


Magnesium can be bought in tablet form and it is an essential mineral that is required for other three hundred body functions. These functions include the breakdown of fats and proteins, muscle contractions, the creation of testosterone and the maintenance of a healthy heart and immune system.

It also has a key role in muscle function as it used to produce ATP which is the major unit of energy that is used rapidly when lifting.

When there is a deficiency in magnesium it has serious ramifications on your training potential because the ATP supply is reduced.

Energy supply has to meet demand when training hard and if there is an imbalance this is when fatigue kicks. This can be caused by the limited supply of ATP supplies and bodybuilders who are deficient in magnesium may have the following symptoms:

  • Muscle cramps when training
  • Poor sleeping patterns
  • Irregular heart beats
  • Bouts of depression and anxiety

Magnesium supplements are important to bodybuilders because it helps to reduce the amounts of lactic acid within the skeletal muscle.

Muscle SupplementsBear in mind that high levels of lactic acid within the skeletal muscle can lead to fatigue especially when training very hard at higher intensities for longer durations. Magnesium buffers the lactic acid within the skeletal muscle which thereby allows you to increase your muscle gains via being able to train at higher intensities for longer.

Supplementing with magnesium can help to counteract the high levels of cortisol that is prevalent after a hard core session at the gym. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is a catalyst for the muscle tissue to be broken down to produce energy.

An additional benefit of taking magnesium is that it increases testosterone levels; which is an important anabolic hormone for building new muscle tissue.

If you sweat a lot at the gym then replacing the magnesium that is lost when sweating is a simple strategy for gaining muscle.


Zinc can be bought in tablet form; it is a mineral found in most cells within the body and consists of over three hundred enzymes. It has crucial roles in cell division, hormone balance, a healthy endocrine and immune system and helps to build muscle tissue.

Zinc has a major role for insulin sensitivity and as mentioned previously the right amounts of this anabolic hormone is vital when trying to pack on some serious muscle.

Current research suggests that having the correct quantities of insulin within your bloodstream will enable you to train harder for longer, it reduces your fatigue levels and these factors have a positive impact on muscle growth and development.

In addition there is solid evidence to suggest that supplementing with zinc can increase your levels of anabolic hormones such as testosterone, human growth hormone and IGF-1. These are key hormones for building muscle and striping fat.

If you are deficient in zinc then you may not be reaching your full potential at the gym.

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