5 Top Tips to Burn Fat without Cardio

Burn Fat without Cardio

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Let’s face it, cardio isn’t for everyone! If you’re one of those people who can’t bear the thought of running on a treadmill, there are alternatives.

While cardio can’t (and shouldn’t) be eliminated altogether from your exercise program, there are ways to burn fat and get your cardio kick without spending hours on a treadmill.

Below you will discover 5 top tips for burning fat without cardio.

1. Making use of multi-joint, basic exercises

There are quite a few multi-joint exercises that can build muscle, burn fat and give you a little cardio workout.

Just some of the most popular include squats, bench presses, deadlifts and bent-over rows. Ideally you should combine these exercises so you are working all of your muscles.

You can also take inspiration from strongman competitors who use unique exercises such as the farmers walk and tire flip to train.

2. Alternate upper and lower body workouts

In order to burn the most fat, it is important to keep it varied. Always combine a mixture of upper and lower body exercises in your routine.

You should also limit the amount of rest that you get in between each set as this will help to ensure your heart rate stays up.

3. Circuit train for 2 to 5 minutes at a time

Each set that you complete needs to take at least 2 minutes. This is because it takes around 2 minutes for your aerobic system to start working.

A good routine will consist of around six different exercises, each with ten reps each. A set should last around 45 seconds. Once you’ve reached the end of your circuit, have a break for 2-3 minutes.

Just like interval training, this type of workout has many benefits. In order to gain cardiovascular benefits, you will need to ensure you are doing around 20-30 minutes exercise time. This adds up to roughly 6-10 circuits which should be done three times each week.

4. Decrease the amount of weight you lift

When you’re trying to build up your cardiovascular system, it helps to decrease the amount of weight you would typically lift. Pacing yourself will ensure you don’t suffer with fatigue too quickly.

You should notice that over time your cardio and your strength improve.

5. Sort out your priorities

Before you can work out which work-out routine is right for you, you need to decide what your ultimate goals are.

If your concern is more towards building up your size and strength, this type of work-out won’t be suitable. You will need to focus on straight sets instead if that is what you are aiming for.

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