How to Build Bigger Biceps

Build Bigger Biceps

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When it comes to building mass and developing shirt ripping muscles that others can only dream of, the constant quest for bigger and bulging biceps is always on the agenda for amateurs and professionals alike.

Second to only the chest as the most favoured and pleasing area to attain mass, larger biceps are not just a sign of your rigorous training schedule and ability to stay on a strict workout plan (read our bulking guide for more advice on diet), but they’re a true testament of determination.

Here are some tips to help you to build bigger biceps:

Focus on your Task at Hand

It is important when building muscle mass to solely focus on the task at hand, whilst avoiding the distractions and pointless desire of shapely and well-defined biceps.

Whilst you’re packing on mass in an attempt to reach those previously unobtainable fitness goals, your biceps will begin to take shape and develop at a steady yet maintainable pace.

Lift Heavy

If you find yourself wanting to gain as much mass as possible, similar to that of professional athletes, then the heavier weights you opt for during your routine, the better the overall results of your programme will be.

The best place to begin on this path is to curl with a weight that becomes increasingly difficult to lift between the 6th and 8th repetition, only altering the weight when you’re able to achieve 3 full sets of 10 reps.

Push past your Limits

During the development stage of your arms taking shape, it is important to remember the significant and positive difference that shaping, peaking and separating biceps can offer your routine.

Peaking, in the general sense, refers to pushing past that in which you regarded as unachievable.

When we lift a certain weight and maintain that movement, we believe that we couldn’t possibly improve that lift and receive even better benefits, but this is where many fall short of achieving those powerhouse biceps.

By incorporating even the simplest of movements changes, such as widening your elbows as you hold a bicep curl so that the inside of your arm is parallel to the floor, we are able to maximize the muscle building fibres and reap the rewards of this increased intensity.

Stretch thoroughly

Whether you’re aiming to build mass or to simply cut fat and tone up, no routine should be regarded as complete without flexing/stretching between sets.

When it comes to positive health benefits, stretching in between sets can help lengthen the biceps, which is very important as the more elongated the muscle is, the larger it will be when it is contracted.

Pre-set stretching is also useful for keeping the biceps loose during your routine, and when you inevitable work your way up to doing supersets, this is more than evident.

Isolate the muscle with Dumbbells

If, like many other aspiring body builders and muscle building enthusiast, cutting is part of your routine, then you’ll want to perform the majority of your exercises using dumbbells.

Performing these exercises with dumbbells will allow you to more effectively isolate and focus your attention on each individual bicep, giving you the chance to cultivate even greater cuts and definition than previously possible.

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