5 No Bullshit Ways to Boost your Testosterone Levels

Boost your Testosterone Levels

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One thing I should mention before I start this article is that a lot of the research on testosterone is contradictory, so whilst one study will tell you that Vitamin D increases testosterone [1] another will say that it doesn't [2]. Who's correct?

Smarter people than myself can argue over that, but in cases like this I will lean towards the research that shows a connection.

So, why are guys so interested in boosting their testosterone?

Firstly, studies have shown that higher testosterone levels will increase muscle protein synthesis, which leads to more muscle mass [3].

They might improve mood in people with depression [4], may improve libido [5].

Increased Testosterone can also decrease body fat [6].

Whilst the myth that increased testosterone increases violence or bullying behaviour has been disproven [7] high testosterone levels has been linked to power and social dominance [7]. Whether this is cause or effect, I do not know.

Does testosterone cause social dominance, or are people who are socially dominant naturally producing more testosterone? Who cares! I want more.

How can you Boost your Testosterone Levels naturally?

Obviously, many people in the bodybuilding world have decided to skip nature and dive straight into the injectable form of testosterone.

Interestingly, testosterone is one of the oldest marketed drugs [8] and when used correctly it is one of the safest. But since the Cold-war era athletes started taking it in massive doses, testosterone has become one of the most common black market drugs in Bodybuilding.

Considering the huge dangers involved with abusing steroids, I am going to concentrate on simple, safe, and legal ways to increase testosterone.

1. Don't be a Vegetarian

A lot of vegetarians and vegans will probably get irritated by this first point but the science shows again and again [9][10][11][12] that Vegetarians have lower testosterone levels than your typical Omnivore.

Having a diet which contains a lot of red meat seems to be very good for those of us who want higher testosterone levels.

If you are a vegetarian, there is no need to renounce your lifestyle and start buying steaks, just follow the next few steps and you should see dramatically increased testosterone.

For the meat-eaters amongst you, eating more meat is a great place to start your journey!

2. Eat more Fat

Hamalainen et al (1984) found that decreasing the amount of fat in your diet lowered the serum concentrations of testosterone, androstenedione, and free testosterone [13]. This has been backed up by further studies [14][15] which all show that higher dietary fat intake and higher testosterone are linked.

Now obviously, if you are looking to lose weight a high-fat diet is going to be difficult to achieve (whilst staying within your calorie target) so if you are in a cutting phase it will be important to follow the following steps to keep your testosterone levels high.

For those of you trying to bulk up though, a high fat, high protein diet will help to boost your testosterone levels.

3. Perform Free-Weight Exercises

A study by Shaner et al (2014) compared the hormonal response to a free weight exercise (squats) and a machine weight exercise (leg press).

It found that the free weight exercise induced a greater hormonal response [16] with both testosterone and growth hormones (GH) higher afterwards.

Another study found that Kettlebell swings produced increased testosterone and GH [17], whilst this study by Andrada et al (2006) found that a strength program led to a 40% increase in testosterone [18].

4. Use Legal Supplements

Personally, I'm always a little dubious when it comes to companies promoting testosterone boosting supplements. As mentioned above, some studies seem to support them whilst others argue that they didn't find enough evidence to support that claim.

TestogenThe 3 supplements I am about to mention have many additional benefits, will not cause you any harm (although always consult your doctor before taking new supplements).

The first one is Zinc-Magnesium which was found to increase both testosterone and GH in a study on football playes [19]. The second supplement is the one I mentioned at the beginning of this article, Vitamin D [1][2] just because it is so easy to obtain. Just stand out in the sun a little bit more!

The final supplement if you are looking for a legal testosterone booster is Testogen.

This supplement contains various ingredients that have been shown to boost your own natural testosterone levels. It is completely safe, and also legal to buy.

5. Sleep

How awesome is this? To boost your testosterone levels (or to prevent your testosterone levels from dropping) all you need to do is to sleep more!

A study by Goh & Tong (2010) found that sleep duration was associated with androgen concentrations in men [20].

Another study by Penev (2007) found a relationship between sleeping less affected morning testosterone levels [21]. So sleep 8,9 or even 10 hours and you might find that your testosterone levels are significantly raised!

There you have it, 5 ways to increase testosterone levels safely (and legally) that you can do right now!

For many more testosterone boosting tips you should check out this article.


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