5 Ways to Boost Recovery on Rest Days

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Yesterday you worked out hard at the gym, and today you are feeling it.

Your body is aching and you are struggling to move, yet you know that tomorrow you will need to visit the gym again. After-all you cant skip a workout if you want to achieve that dream body.

So what can you do to boost recovery? Read on to discover some way that you can speed up your recovery on those rest days.

#1: Keep moving

Although it may be hard to move with the aches and pain you are currently feeling, but the worst thing that you can do is to sit still.

While rest is important, active rest is better.

For instance you can move your joints slowly to promote your circulation, which will go a long way to helping you get those vital nutrients to the areas that need them most.

#2: Use a foam roller

Of course we would all love a massage after each workout, but chances are this is probably out of your price range.

A more affordable alternative would be a foam roller, which you can use to relieve post-workout tension in your muscles.

You should use the foam roller 3-4 times for around 30 seconds to a minute on rest days to break up the scar tissue in your muscles and promote healing.

#3: Do some yoga

If you are experience post-workout aches and pain then stretching is a great way to alleviate it.

I would suggest that you learn a few yoga stretches and do them on your rest days.

#4: Get some potassium

Eating bananas helps recoveryPotassium is vital for muscle recovery so eat the following foods on your rest days:

Sweet potato

#5: Get some sleep

Rest is essential for recovery and for muscle and strength gains. The best type of rest is through sleep, but are you getting enough?

Many of us fail to get the recommended amount of sleep daily, which can put us at a disadvantage when it comes to muscle building.

It is recommended that you try and get a minimum of 7 hours sleep each night, but after a particularly hard session at the gym you may need a little more.

If you have followed the above tips then hopefully you will recover fully in time for your next workout. Remember these rest days are important, but it does not necessarily mean you should do nothing.

Make the most of these rest days and you will soon see the rewards.

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