Bodybuilding Without Weights

Bodybuilding without weights

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Working out without weights? Many would think of it as a very strange concept, because using machines and weights is considered to be, not only the fastest, but also the most efficient way to workout, gain size and strength.

So, why would anyone want to work out sans weights?

There are a number of reasons for that. Not everybody has access to a properly equipped gym, while most others simply don’t have the time to work out properly with weights.

Whatever the reason, this doesn’t mean that you can’t work out at all. In fact, exercising without using weights has benefits of its own, especially for those people who don’t want a lot of muscular bulk but are after the endurance, strength and definition that this type of exercise offers.

For people who love to complain that they haven’t any time to work out, or don’t have access to a gym, there are at least a dozen exercising routines that can be completed in literally minutes!

The Weightless Work-out

What many people don’t know is they can still train with their own body weight if they don’t have access to dumbbells or bands, which although confusing, is quite possible.

Of course; there are push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and body weight squats that are a part of every exercising and fitness regime in any case, but not pairing them off with weights quickly becomes a boring and dull routine.

So, how will exercising without the use of weights be challenging, while keeping it interesting and evolving at the same time?

Following are 4 highly entertaining, but challenging ways that you can work out without the use of weights.

Count Down From 10

In the case of pull-ups and dips, most of us can’t seem to go higher than a certain number.

The first mistake that many people make in this case; is to attempt doing reps and sets in an ascending order, and continuously without a pause.

Instead, try performing reps in a descending order. For example: Finish a set of 10, than a set of 9, and so on and forth until you get to the last set of 1.

This is very effective when it comes to achieving a good volume of exercise, and due to the decrease in the workload after each set; your muscles will get enough time to recover before starting the next one.

Go Back To Basics

As goofy as it may look, training with kids’ exercises; such as the bear crawl or the crab walk is an excellent way to increase mobility and strengthen your core.

In addition, these extremely easy looking exercises will not only get your heart rate up but also severely challenge your endurance.

For the bear crawl you should walk on all four legs, with them positioned in a fairly straight manner so that the hips are above head level for the bear walk.

For the crap walk, bridge your hips up while sitting on the floor and try to walk backwards and forwards with the use of hands and feet in that position.

Use a Deck of Cards

Why go through the drudgery of performing the same exercises in a clockwork routine, when sooner or later you will get tired of the work out.

One way to make this a little more fun and interesting is to make a game out of it.

Take out a deck of cards, assign each exercise you will be doing to a different suite, for instance diamonds could be push-ups, clubs could be pull-ups and so on.

Now place the deck face-down on the floor and start the game by turning over cards and doing whatever exercise that suite designated along with the number of reps.

The Three Cardinal Rules of Bodybuilding without Weights

While many would prefer to build muscle with the use of weights, working out only with our own body weight also has its benefits.

For one, working out without using weights is highly challenging and more fulfilling, especially for those who don’t wish to become overly muscular.

This type of training also helps the body to move efficiently and skilfully, which can’t be learnt otherwise.

As with every type of fitness and exercise training, however, this too comes with a few rules.

  1. Respect Your Body
  2. Use Your Entire Body Strength
  3. Consistency Always Beats Intensity

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