Bodybuilding without supplements

Bodybuilding without supplements

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You don’t need supplements. True, they are useful, they speed up and make it easy to achieve your goals, but that’s not saying that they are essential too.

Even something as basic as protein powders you can do without it.

You can grow just fine as long as you are in control of the diet intake, ensuring it’s based around food with high quantity of carbohydrate and protein.

How the Pros Do It?

Did you know that even the pre-workout energy drinks are getting you nothing more than a good (artificial) pump, which is moreover, timed and likely to lose the effect later?

The key is to realise that supplements are not a necessity if you want to train hard and eat healthy.

You simply need a proper meal plan that allows you to eat consistently during the day.

One trick is to ditch the regular 3 big meals/day chart for 6-7 small meals to gain quality muscle.

What’s important here are the meal timings. The meals should be stretched out throughout the day, and should be filled with high protein and carb choices, especially for the meals right after training.

This will make sure that you have a sufficient amount of glucose and amino acids to maintain performance and strength as well as concentrate on the core needs of your body too.

Your New Routine

It’s a rule of protein consumption that you need to eat a gram of protein for every pound of body weight.

When you are bodybuilding, you use 1.5-2.5g per pound of body weight.

For a 200-pound person will equal to 300-350g of protein every day.

You need protein to both rebuild and repair muscles.

The body’s need to recover as well as the intensity of the training; are some factors that you need to take into account when measuring the calories you consume to avoid a high-protein diet.

If you eat and exercise like this, then you can certainly do so, without having any access to supplements.

Foods rich in calcium are compulsory if you wish to enhance the ability and extent to which your muscles can contract. Include the following in your diet:

  • Skim milk – 90 calories, 9 g protein
  • Calcium-rich tofu – 183 calories, 20 g protein
  • Low-fat cottage cheese – 80 calories, 14 g protein

Foods rich in protein, including the following, are important for strength.

  • 6-ounce of chicken – 280 calories, 54 g protein
  • 6-ounce beef – 350 calories, 48 g protein
  • 6-ounce salmon – 350 calories, 38 g protein

When eating egg whites (17 calories, 4 g protein), hard-boil them, whip up an omelette or add them to soup or your oatmeal to eat.

Other foods, such as lentils, beans, and whole-wheat pasta are great sources for high carbohydrate and high protein constituents.

A cup of whole-wheat pasta, or a half of canned black beans, or a quarter of pink lentils, for example, can meet your daily requirements.

You need to drink at least a litre of water every day.

Water makes up 70% of your muscle mass so drinking will allow you to have more energy and build muscle more quickly.

Make the most of your workouts

For a healthy workout, you should try to beat your last set and/or workout rather than handling the same amount of weight or the same number of reps. If you don't then your muscles won’t grow.

Maintaining a log can help you identify, if and when, you are doing more, so you can build muscle faster.

If you are unable to push yourself, for at least 2-3 times consecutively despite trying, then you need to take time off, rest, and let your muscles recover, or you’ll just be wasting your time.

You should avoid using weights that are too heavy or too light, as either it won’t be intense as you need or you’ll be following a bad technique.

Final tip for bodybuilding without supplements

It helps if the snacks you’ve prepared to eat immediately after the weight-training session include protein, fast-digesting carbohydrates, and some fat.

This will aid in replacing the glycogen store as well as foster muscle growth, while the fat will enable increased levels of testosterone as well as other hormones that are involved in building muscles.

One delightful combo can be that of an orange with baked potato and a lean steak.

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  1. Supplements may not be necessary, but they make life so much easier. Think of it like this. Would you rather try to force down another meal even when you are stuffed, or drink a protein shake? I know which I would choose.


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