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Bodybuilding Inspiration

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Are you committed to transforming your body into a muscular machine? If so you need to purchase some essential training gear, invest in some clean and healthy foods along with some training supplements and a membership at a gym.

However one thing that you can’t really buy is ‘inspiration’. Inspiration and motivation are two interrelated key components that you will need in abundance when training hard, as unfortunately at times these do tend to ‘waver’.

Even after you have planned and/or implemented the best nutrition and work out strategies on the planet; you still need an excellent driving force to ensure that you will succeed.

Deciding to knuckle down and get shredded or to build lean muscle is not an easy task. It is not a short term fix in terms of training for a short duration whilst drinking protein shakes.

If it was this easy everyone every man would be walking the earth with an eight pack, monster arms, chest, back and let’s not forget about the legs! In other words results in terms of your physique are not instant and don’t happen overnight – and often the missing link is ‘inspiration’.

Therefore transforming your body can take years and usually during this time your motivation and inspiration levels will be on a roller coaster ride. High at times and low at others!

The high times usually correspond with the start of a training program and unless proper motivational strategies are in place then it can take a nose dive.

This dip in motivation levels is when many people tend to drop out of the training all together. Fortunately they are some simple ways to combat these issues and these are as follows:

Capture your progress with a photo

Before you begin your journey ensure that you take a photo of yourself in a pair of board shorts or speedos – your choice!

These photos maybe some of the most important you take when training as they will show you how far that you have come on your journey. It is this starting or baseline point that can be used as a constant reminder and source of inspiration.

A good strategy is to take a photo every 2 weeks and to stack it next to one another with your first day picture as the starting point. You will be surprised how effective this photo timeline can be and it will emphasise the fact that your hard work in the gym and kitchen is paying dividends.

When you are feeling low take a look at the photo on day one, as this will give you a real lift and try to focus on how much you have progressed and the amount of hard work that it has taken to get you there.

This should remind you how much you have moved forwards and for additional support why not upload your photos to a website such as ‘Bodyspace’, where you can fully detail your journey.

Use the power of smaller goals

It is very important to have long term goals but these need to be broken down into easier to manage chunks along the way.

BodybuildingSetting smaller or short term goals ensures that you are not biting off more than you can chew in one go and also keeps you on track for your long term goals.

Realistically by achieving these micro-goals is an important method of driving you towards the bigger goal because you have won the mini battles along the way!

A good nutritional micro-goal is for you to prepare all of your week’s meals in one hit as this helps you to avoid temptation throughout the week. This strategy will keep you on track and should stop you from preparing a quick ready meal and/or jumping ship when dips start to appear in you motivation.

Once you have got making the meals in one hit of preparation in the kitchen down to a fine art; then you can start to tweak your macros so that they meet your longer term goals. For example- reducing the amount of carbs and increase the amounts of essential fatty acids in the meal content.

Eliminate notions of the ‘all or nothing’ variety!

If you have success or failure and/or black or white trails of thought these can actually be counterproductive and set you up for a ‘big fall’.

Try to adopt a more balanced mind set as this approach is more beneficial and sustainable when aiming to achieve your physique goals.

For example: stop thinking that you can only eat brown rice and grilled chicken with any deviation from that nutrition plan is a total failure. A more balanced approach would be to consider that you are making big strides in the right direction in terms of adopting a sustainable, healthy and long term eating plan.

Therefore a healthy balance will help with a smoother transition in terms of your physique goals.

When you are tweaking and adjusting your nutritional plan, a key point to remember is that longevity is absolutely vital in relation to success. Everyone is totally different and what works for them might not have the same impact on you.

If you can’t envisage these changes being long term then a tweak is on the cards, as embracing a balanced approach will keep you happier, a lot more enthusiastic and inspired.

In a nutshell your training and nutrition will become more robust and this equates to higher motivation levels and achievable physique goals.

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Hi, my name is Jonathan, a fitness blogger and bodybuilding enthusiast and I am the founder of Skinny2Fit. I want to provide you with easy access to good advice that is both simple and to the point. Helping you gain muscle mass and strength!


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