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Best Steroids

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If you are serious about bulking up and getting the body of your dreams then you will probably wonder about the benefits of taking steroids at some point.

This is something that many bodybuilders turn to but which are the best steroids for you?


This is one of the classic bodybuilding steroids that have helped loads of people bulk up over the years. It is a strength and muscle builder that is popular with people who struggle to gain size and bulk when training.

Dianobol uses the active ingredient Methandrostenolone, is taken orally and is just about the most popular steroid around just now.

It acts quickly by increasing your nitrogen retention levels, which helps you to build muscles much more easily than would otherwise be the case.

Expect to see impressive results in your size and strength in as little as two weeks, with a loss of fat too.

The popularity of Dianabol is in part due to its lack of serious side effects as well. The fact that it suppresses natural testosterone production means that you will want to take a testosterone supplement while using it. It also has a toxic effect on your liver, although you can expect your liver to go back to normal levels once you stop using it.


This orally taken steroid is the base for just about any steroid cycle you might want to do. No matter what kind of improvements you want to make in your body, this is the starting point you need.

Of course, there are different types of testosterone available depending upon what exactly you want to do. There are multiple benefits to be gained for using it, such as amazing gains in energy and a rapid increase in size. Another benefit is that you can enjoy a much faster recovery time.

This steroid increases your nitrogen retention and your blood flow, while also giving you other big benefits such as less stress and a boost in your libido.

As for potentially harmful side effects, these include liver damage, skin problems and blood clots among others. As with any steroids you plan to take, it is wise to do some additional research on the dosage that is safest for you to take.


The powerful Anadrol steroid uses Oxymetholone and is used to delay fatigue setting in, to help oxygen get around your body more easily and to boost red blood cell production.

All of this means that it is ideal for adding bulk and strength. It can be used on its own or stacked with other agents. You can expect to see huge muscle gains when using this steroid.

As with all of these steroids, there are some side effects for you to be aware of. These include increase in blood pressure, liver toxicity and hair or skin problems. A temporary reduction in the dosage level is often the best way to deal with any of these issues as they emerge.


Another highly useful steroid for bulking up in double quick time, Trenbolone helps to burn fat and build big muscles, making it useful in different cycles and for different needs.

Certainly, there are some possible side effects to be aware of with this supplement. Blood pressure and cholesterol are among the areas you might be concerned about when using Trenbolone.

SteroidHowever, it is also highly possible that a healthy man using the correct dosage can take this supplement without any serious problems.

The overall opinion of many users is that this is one of the most effective steroids for bodybuilders but also one of the most worrying in terms of possible side effects.


While it is commonly used to cut fat, Anavar can also be highly effective at adding muscle and gaining strength too. The active ingredient here is Oxandrolone and it is taken as an oral steroid.

It is generally considered to be far more effective at cutting fat than at gaining muscle, although improvements can definitely be seen in both areas when using it.

An advantage to Anavar is that it is extremely mild in terms of possible side effects. Acne, hair loss and cholesterol issues are the main areas of concern to consider before using this steroid.


This steroid comes with a number of similar names but they all have the same goal; to increase lean, hard muscle mass and stamina levels.

The fact that it helps reduce water retention in the body means that it is most commonly regarded as being best for cutting cycles.

Winstrol can be taken orally and also comes in injectable form too. It is another strong and effective type of bodybuilding supplement that can lead to fast muscle gains but there are some side effects that you should be aware of before using it. Acne and dry joints are among the possible problems encountered when taking this bodybuilding supplement.

Safe alternative to the Popular Steroids

If you wish to gain both muscle and strength, while simultaneously reducing body fat then there are plenty of safe alternative to the most popular steroids.

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