6 Beginners Weight Training Tips

Beginners Weight Training Tips

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Are you just getting into weight training but want to start seeing those muscle and strength gains as soon as possible.

If you do then read on to discover the best beginners weight training tips:

#1: Sleep more and train less

The key to gaining muscle and strength is to spend every waking second in the gym right?

Well, no actually. If you do this then the reality is that you are never going to see the results you want with this approach.

While training is important the rest time between workouts is equally important, as it is during these rest periods that the muscle tissue that is torn during those workouts are repaired.

Too much training can lead to a problem known as ‘overtraining’, which can leave you more susceptible to injury.

You should aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night, and try to get a rest day every week to enable your body to recover properly.

#2: Eat more

If you want to gain muscle mass then you need to eat, and we mean lots.

Not only will your body require the energy from the food to complete these strenuous workouts, but the nutrients such as protein found in certain foods can also aid the repair and strengthening of your muscles.

You should aim to increase your intake of:

  • Protein: lean meats like chicken and turkey, beef, leafy greens and protein shakes
  • Complex carbohydrates: sweet potatoes, rice and oats for slow-released energy
  • Healthy fats: avocado, salmon, but butters for maintaining hormone balance

#3: Choosing the right supplement

With so many different supplements available it can be difficult knowing which ones are best for your individual goals.

I would suggest that you do some research before you buy a certain supplement or brand of supplement. Learn what it does, and whether you actually need it.

Here are some examples of the types of supplement available:


These are taken before a workout and are designed to give you a boost, usually by increasing energy and focus.

Ingredients commonly found in pre-workout supplements include caffeine and creatine.

An effective pre-workout supplement should allow you to train harder and for longer.


After you complete a workout a post-recovery supplement can help to repair damaged muscles, which will help them to grow and become stronger.

Whey protein is a good choice at this stage, but you could also consider a fast-acting carbohydrate like maltodextrin as this will help you to regain any lost nutrients from the workout.

#4: Use compound lifts

To see the best results in the shortest possible time then as a beginner your best bet is to focus your attention on compound lifts like the deadlift, bench press and squats.

Rather than focussing on just one or two muscles per exercise the compound lifts will use many more, meaning your are getting more from your workout.

A good beginner workout program is the 5×5 Stronglifts Program, you can watch a video of it below:

#5: Use proper form

To prevent injury it is best that you use a lighter weight to begin, but to use proper form.

It is no good lifting a weight that is slightly too heavy for you using bad form as this can lead to serious injury that could leave you unable to workout for weeks or even months at a time.

#6: Monitor your progress

If you are looking to gain muscle then you will need to keep track of what you are doing.

Write down what you are eating and what you are lifting, this way you know if any changes need to be made.

You should aim to lift a little heavier each time you visit the gym, but remember use proper form to avoid injury. Also, make sure your diet is on track otherwise your efforts in the gym will be for nought.

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