How to Avoid Muscle Building Free Trial Scams – Discover the truth

Avoid Muscle Building Trial Offers

Whether it is an advert on Facebook, or an email, you have no doubt seen various adverts for muscle building supplements, many of which are available for trial.

Sometimes these products are even claimed to be free trials.

Despite their impressive claims there are plenty of reasons why these offers should be avoided. Please read on to discover why trial offers are best avoided, and how to get a refund if you have fallen foul of their claims.

Reasons why you Should Avoid Trial Offers

Example of a Free Trial Product
Example of a Free Trial Product

There are numerous reasons why it is probably best to avoid signing up to a trial offer online, these include:

1. They are often Expensive

If you have been unfortunate enough to have been caught out by a trial offer you will know just how expensive they can be.

Most operate on an auto-ship scheme, meaning that once you have signed up you will continue to receive monthly deliveries.

This probably would not be so bad if the products were affordable, which unfortunately they are not. With most 2-3x more expensive than popular brands.

The initial cost will be something like $4.99 for shipping, but this will jump to over $100 in some cases at the end of the trial offer (usually 14 days).

2. Sometimes Your Delivery Doesn’t Arrive

Our website is full of comments from people who have signed up to receive a trial only to find that it never arrives.

They are still billed though, which makes this an even bigger problem.

3. Customer Support is Shady at Best

There are plenty of websites available, many of which offer no customer support. You will often find that the phone numbers and emails listed are incorrect too.

4. They are Hard to Cancel

If the contact details are incorrect how are you supposed to cancel the trial? This is a major issue that affects hundreds, if not thousands of people daily.

5. The Products are Rubbish

With dubious claims and little to no support offered by these companies how can you be sure that the product you have ordered will work as claimed.

Most of these websites that offer trial offers have almost zero ingredient information available. You could be ordering “sawdust” products for all you know.

How to Get a Refund After Signing up to a Free Trial

Getting a Refund
Getting a Refund

If you have signed up to a trial offer and are struggling not only to cancel the offer, but to get a refund too then there are certainly things that you can do.

I cannot guarantee that you will be able to get your money back, but you should not simply allow them to steal your money either.

These tips may help:

1. Make Sure You Know Your Rights

To sell online a company must follow certain rules and regulations.

Provision 7 of the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 ( shows what information must be provided by the seller. USA readers may like the following link:

It is important that you read through this information, as if any of this information is missing then you are entitled to a full refund.

2. Contact the Company

The next step is to get in contact with the company.

Hopefully you will have working contact details, if not you will have to skip this step.

The reason why you should contact the company behind the trial offer is to ensure the subscription is cancelled, you most certainly do not want to receive any more deliveries of a product you do not want.

When speaking to the company you should explain why you do not want the product, and insist on a full refund. You must try to stay calm during this step.

It is likely that they will try to stall, but if you insist on speaking to a supervisor you may get a little luck.

3. Speak to your Bank

If you are unable to contact the company behind the trial then your next option is to speak to your bank.

They will likely advise that you cancel whichever card you used for payment. This step may seem drastic, but often it is the only option left available to cancel further charges.

Advise the bank what has happened, it is likely that they will be well aware of this scam so will be able to help.

Even if you have managed to speak to the company themselves it maybe a good idea to speak to your bank as well. It is better to be safe than sorry.

4. Contact the ASA and Citizens Advice

If you are based in the UK then you can submit your complaint about false advertising to the ASA online (, while the phone number for Citizens Advice is: 0345 404 0506

People from the USA may want to contact the FTC ( as well as the Better Business Bureau (

5. Leave Negative Feedback/Reviews

Our final suggestion is to tell everyone about your experience, your reviews may stop someone else falling for their trap.

How to Avoid These Scams in Future?

Avoid Spam
Avoid Spam

There are a few rules you should abide with if you want to avoid being scammed or ripped off when buying online:

1. Avoid Email Offers

Unless you have subscribed to a particular website or email list then you should avoid any unsolicited emails, especially those that are in your spam folder.

There is a reason why these emails are in this folder, and that is because you never asked for them.

2. Avoid Advertorials

Sometimes you will come across websites that look legitimate, but there are a few tell-tale signs that these are not the official websites.

For example, often there will be subtle changes to the logo. However, the easiest way to check if the website is genuine is by looking at the url of the webpage, which you can do by clicking the address bar of your browser.

3. Always Read the Terms and Conditions

If they are not available at all then skip the product entirely, but if they are available you should take a moment to read them thoroughly.

These T&Cs are usually found in the footer section of the website, sometimes in a small or grey font making them difficult to find.

It is important to read this page to ensure you know exactly what you are signing up for.

You will often find the return policy, money-back guarantee and other agreements in the terms and conditions page.

4. Bookmark the Website

A common issue once you have ordered a product is that you can no longer find the website you ordered from.

To solve this issue make a point of bookmarking the website. You may also want to take screenshots to be extra sure too.

5. Use your Credit Card When Ordering

There is additional legal protection offered when ordering products via a credit card.

In the UK if a credit card is used your credit card company will share equal responsibility with the retailer or trader for the goods or service supplied, allowing you to put your claim to the credit card company.

If you have spent more than £100 but less than £30,000 then you can make a claim on your credit card if something goes wrong.

For orders less than £100 you can make a chargeback claim with your credit card company.

6. Always Order from a Reputable Website

Of course there are big brands that are a good option, but you do not have to buy from Amazon or, there are plenty of other options available too.

When looking at prospective supplement brands there are a few things you need to look for.

You will need to ensure the products work first of all, but also look for contact details, money-back guarantees and secure payments.

Again make sure to read any terms and conditions for ease of mind.

Avoiding trial offers is a great way of saving money on supplements. Often you will find offers available for buying in bulk, for example if you buy 2 you can get a third free.

Hopefully this guide will ensure you do not get ripped off when looking to buy muscle building supplements. If you stick to our rules then there is no reason why you should be.

If you have already been ripped off by a trial offer then I am sorry, I hope this guide will help you to get a refund. In future keep this guide at hand to ensure you do not fall for any well known tricks.

Please here to discover products that we would recommend, ones that are not only effective and safe to use, but also wont leave you out of pocket.








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How to Avoid Muscle Building Free Trial Scams - Discover the truth
This guide will ensure you do not fall for any muscle building free trial scams. It can also help you to get a refund if you have fallen for their tricks.
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Hi, my name is Jonathan, a fitness blogger and bodybuilding enthusiast and I am the founder of Skinny2Fit. I want to provide you with easy access to good advice that is both simple and to the point. Helping you gain muscle mass and strength!


  1. Hard to stop after free trial. Sent 2 back with no refunds. This is the only site I could find the cancellation details on.

    Thank you for this site I only hope it works short of closing my account to stop them.

  2. Hi there I’ve been involved in this scam too, I then got my bank involved and they cancelled the direct debit that were taken out of my bank £240 they took out my bank I’ve got the money back from my bank and then they have Sent and email demanding £359 from a debt collecting firm or I will be blacklisted but there is no contact details for me to contact them know email address and the telephone number can anyone help

  3. Alpha Farce Testo and Just say NO2 Power Blast. This is an absolute crap product and even shittier company. The trial period that i read said 14 day trial period and they add a couple days for shipping but on my shipping it took 10 days to get to me. Shit product and company. Try googling AFT complaint dept to send email to. When i tried to cancel they were closed due to Hurricane. How is that my issue and when i pointed out how long the shipping took apparently i was supposed call for extention. They have tracking nubers on shipmenta they know when you recieved product. Absolute joke of a company and product and an absolute SCAM.

  4. This is one of the biggest scams I have known, they actually use Boots chemist to say you have been awarded a free trial and you only pay for the postage.then you get robbed of £200.

  5. Signed up for the FREE Trial just had to pay shipping and handling. Then was hit with a $89.OO charge on my CC> Went the their site to cancell, none of the phone numbers work, get talk to anybody, heck they couldn’t even find my account. TOTAL SCAM

  6. I always use Paypal to buy stuff online. In this case they don’t accept Paypal – big bright red flag.
    In this case I paid for trial with a 16 digit debit card, not c/c, with only a small balance which I also do not want to lose. I hope these scammers cancel as I have directed, but they don’t have access to my c/c.

  7. These guys are crooks. They offer you a free sample only to get your credit card number, and then they charge you. Forget about this outfit, real bandits !

  8. I have been scammed too ! and finding contact details has been stressfull to say the least am about to email them. advised t yo email them only


  10. I got scammed too.was charged $89.74 after FREE trial sample which I couldn’t used over safety concern. Lately I was charged another $89.74 without even a pill delivered. Tried to call ’em through a contact they left and that too was fake. Contacted my bank and all is being done to stop further scam. I’m also heading to the consumer protection for a possible sanction on those stealing assholes

  11. I went through all of the stuff that you have written about above. They could not locate my account with their order confirmation numbers, my full name, my zip code or my phone number. DEFINITELY A SCAM! I contacted my Credit Card company, they filed a dispute for me and they cancelled my existing card and are sending me a new card so that their recurring charges have no where to be charged to.

  12. This is exactly why I recommend using a prepaid gift card or prepaid credit card. They will get only what you give them. Then when they do their little trick and try to auto ship and charge your card there’s no money to get. If they ship it ahead of charging you a freebie or simply refuse the package by writing return to sender did not order and drop back in the mail.

  13. It is a scam. They flash the FREE sample on screen and once you order you get billed later for hundreds of dollars unless you cancel.
    The free sample says nothing about charges…but expects you to read the fine print. Thats what they told me when I asked for a refund.

    Dont get hooked. ITS A SCAM ALRIGHT. STAY AWAY. If they were legit they would not scam you and would give you facts upfront.

    STAY AWAY. NOT WORTH IT. Besides the product does not do what it says.

  14. I have the same bad experience.

    I will now lock my credit card. After 3 delieveries my bank can’t help me.

    I was so stupid.

  15. DO NOT REQUEST Testro3 free trial your account will be charged monthly without receiving any trial pack.
    My account was charged 3 times before I noticed it. Still trying to find the company contact details.
    It is a scam…

    • Dyna storm free trial….turning out to be outrageous price,100% scammed…please don’t order or try any free trial. They will charge you 2 shippings then charge on your credit or anything they can get into. Beware of the stupid online scammer from Dyna Storm*** People please please leave reviews or comments for other online buyer**

  16. The marketing of two products called Geneticore Boost and Hypernitrocore.
    This may or may not concern anybody but myself, at this time I’m not legally proficient enough to understand whether this company/organisation listed as distributed by Solsun Advanced Limited P.O. Box 455 Ruislip HA44 4HH, Phone 0800 778 9089 is trading within the law or enacting a scam?
    This is my experience with the distributors and marketers of the above products.
    On Oct 30th 2017 I responded to an advert promoting two products for increasing energy.
    A free 14 day trial was offered for the cost of shipping £4.91 for one product and £4.93 for the other, I requested a free trial and these amounts were deducted from my bank account
    Prior to receiving the free offers, I was called urgently to my son’s home in California, United States.
    I left the U.K. on Nov 8th 2017 and did not return to the United Kingdom until Friday March 9th 2018.
    Over the following weekend I checked my mail and found 4 bottles of Hypernitrocore, and 3 bottles of Geneticore Boost, these items were never ordered by me as I was not in the country.
    I then checked my last few bank account statements to find a total of £363.48 had been deducted from my accounts by this organisation for a product I did not order.
    Today I visited my bank and cancelled any more dealings with this company, I’m meeting with a security officer with all paperwork later this week.
    I then called the company on 0800-778-9089 and was told I had ordered the products by not cancelling the 14 day trial period? Is this legal?
    During the 14 day trial period the free samples and terms arrived some time after I had left the United Kingdom, again I was told on the phone that I was not entitled to any refund, after a long discussion the lady on the phone offered me a refund of the last months payment.
    I spoke with her nicely and demanded a full refund and if that were to happen then it would be the last they would hear from me, she refused.
    I am a 75 year old pensioner and cannot afford to lose or spend £363.48 on any product.
    For me now, if I have lost all my money then I will spend my time investigating the legality of this organisation’s business ethics both in the U.K. and overseas, is it legal or is it a scam?
    I plan to research all avenues of legal business dealings with this organisation both here in the U.K. and in the United States.
    I would appreciate any other victims of this marketing practice to contact me, inform your banks, notify the press, contact law inforcement both here and overseas to see if there is anyway we can stop this practice. RW

  17. Hey I’ve read all the reviews got you ALL beat! I am a 64 yr old disabled single WOMAN and yet somehow I was chg’d for sample (which I never received) AND a 2nd chg $89+ Also never received AND I have no need or want of these!! I NEVER even EVER heard of them OR ordered them! I would not know anything at all abt it if I hadn’t looked @ my bank record! And I have NO idea of how the F the bastards got ahold of my credit card info unless a 2nd party gave them the info! Because I sure the hell did NOT!
    However just a thought here see if any of this sounds familiar to any of you…I did sign up tem- porarily to learn abt making myself a website to sell online something that guarantees I’ll make TONS of $$! I fell for it- I am disabled and barely squeak-ing by and when they took out a 2nd payment even after I said I did NOT want their “platinum” edition of whatever the hell it was they were actually selling, they went right ahead went into my acct (hey why not right they had all my info cuz moronic me fell for it and gave it up!) so I can- celled my acct later that day & it still took over a week to be refunded. I wonder if Maybe they got mad & this is my punishment. Does this sound familiar to anyone else- has anyone else gotten sucked oin ny this supposed opportunity to make some easy money from home working just 4 hrs/day? If you see this ad on website abt how you can make loads of cash w/little work so long as you follow the steps they will teach you DO NOT BELIEVE IT FOR A SECOND!!! You get a coach and learning dvds and 24/7 help. Oh yeah after their con ? is set they then tell you that you need to bring in MORE people so you can make even more $$ off of them!! Just what I want…to piss off all of my friends by dragging them into this web of deceit! Isn’t this the definition of a pyramid scheme by he way?
    Any of this happen w/anyone else cuz it’s the ONLY thing I can think of as to how the hell they got ahold of my #’s! I am beyond mad! It’s prob a good thing that they can hide behind their computer screens I swear if I ever were to actually meet them face to face someone would end up hurt! Probably me but I’d at least get some satisfaction b4 going down for the count!
    There is a website for this product AND a ph # just put Muscle Boost for You in your search amd they’ll pop up.
    Good luck to you all I know I feel real stupid for getting sucked in on deal I tried but to have this happen somehow seems even worse!
    Tomorrow I will be calling my bank my atty generals office & anyone else I can think of to stick it back to them. I want my $$ back if I do not get it I cannit pay my bills. Another reason why I would NEVER have ordered this shit! Maybe I’ll call local tv station so they can get the word out to millions of people and poss get these guys SHUT DOWN!
    Good Luck & sorry that you too have been taken advantage of it really makes you bitter anout our fellow man. You honestly cannot trust anyone at all these days. Makes me want to get off the grid and become a hermit so I don’t have to deal w/anyone or anything I don’t want to!

  18. I also ordered the free trial of Exo test and was getting billed 100$ a month on my credit card!
    Contacted my credit card company and they said that the only way to stop them is to
    cancel or declare my card lost or stolen, issued me a new card and problem gone!
    will be a little smarter next time!

  19. I’ve been scammed,
    The same 4.95 postage then there sent two products then changed me £99 each. Call the office and there offered me 50 %
    Discount to be refund , should I think my self lucky or take it further.

  20. My names Alan I was also scammed I’ve got two different dates 8th May took £99,95+£94,99forandrox and norox then cancelled card on the 29th May took another £99,94+£104,99but I cancelled card before this date but still got my card details using the visa sign even throw I cancelled card need to get money back does anyone know the website. Need it quick need help. I’m worried I won’t be able to stop money coming out. I had to go to my bank and tell ladie what I ordered felt very embarrassed.

  21. this product did not work for me as advertised. At this i need to cancel my order an my enrollment in your membership program per your advertisement. Salvador Mancuso thank you.

  22. My name is Ronnie
    I was given a gift from coles supermarket here in Australia .iwas offered 4 gifts 3 of which were for women .so I chose cceturaid extreme .after I realised it was probably a scam I tried several times
    To cancel .after three weeks the product arrived they got my name wrong but the address was correct .innoticed on my bank statement I was charged $4.95 shipping .
    I’ve cleaned out my bsank account and tomorrow I’ll cancel my account and open a new one .
    I guess I’m one of the lucky ones !!

  23. I have received a second sample with no paperwork.I was not expecting it . Think I tried the original sample through AMAZON. It now appears I was scammed. I’m in my eighties and should know better but I thought Amazon was a safe company .Think I purchased it through the “1click” system what happens now?
    I used the androx from the original sample with no apparent effect so with my age I decided to use no more

  24. Thank you for your advice on these scams. The latest one to burn me was TESTO XXL. I was able to follow your outline while disputing the $96+ charge on my debit card. They have promised a FULL REFUND and cancelled my “subscription”. The CSR followed the script to offer me one “special offer” after another and when I explained my determination and asked for a supervisor, he told me he was the most senior person. I insisted and although I never got a supervisor, I know he was being coached as he offered me the full refund as a “One Time Deal”. HAHAHAHAHA! THANK YOU again!!!!!

  25. Got caught by one of these “free” trials. Gonna contact my bank to see if they can help. That will teach me for not reading the terms and conditions.

  26. …old fool. Got caught with vital progenix and promuscleflex. All looks good, just pay postage for a free trial joke. Didn’t read t&c’s close enough. Trial starts on day of order. How can YOU try something you ain’t got? Sensed a scam and cancelled promuscleflex on day ordered, ignored, four days later told goods gone to shipping warehouse so couldn’t be cancelled! Vitalprogenix one pill left me sick and confused asked to return for refund, told 10 days were up, so too late. Emailed and cancelled further orders. Cancelled credit card but still stung for £137. Fighting on. So message is don’t even think of buying.

  27. This is the scamp company. I have not signed up for any trial offer, but I don’t know why they charged monthly to my account 5times before I noticed it without receiving any trial pack . I tried to send message to this email address: but in vain. Anybody can help me to get a refund.


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