Are Testosterone Boosters Safe?

Are Testosterone Boosters Safe

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So, you are thinking of using testosterone supplements to improve the quality and duration of your workouts and training in the hope of improving your muscle mass?

Before you do purchase any of even the most reputable branded testosterone products on the market; you may be curious about just how safe they are.

There has been a lot of claims made about testosterone and it's safety and because of these it has something of a bad reputation.

Whether you are interested in understanding what side effects you can expect, even from using natural supplements, or are just interested in the subject overall; it is vital that you look at the facts and not just speculation.

The Claims That Suggest Testosterone Boosters Are Unsafe

If you believed and took on board everything you read and heard about testosterone boosters, they are anything from a carcinogenics to the cause of dementia, headaches and brain tumours. The fact about the majority of these claims is that they are unfounded and not supported by real, solid medical research.

Take as an example the claim that using testosterone boosters can increase the risk of cancer, particularly that of the kidneys. While it may be the case that using a large volume of testosterone boosters could cause cancer; so too could drinking large quantities of orange juice (if studies conducted are to believe).

Do you really think orange juice is bad for you? No, that is not what the findings suggest; they merely suggest that orange juice should be drunk in moderation.

What about the claim that they can cause brain tumours, brain functionality problems, dementia and headaches. Again, the fact is that there is no reliable medical studies that support these claims.

In actuality, these claims are wrongly held against testosterone boosters when they refer to synthetic or anabolic steroid testosterone supplements, which are normally injected in your body and are illegal to purchase in most countries and illegal to use in most professional sports.

You need to bear in mind that when testosterone boosters are mentioned, it does not mean synthetic forms of the hormone, but naturally sourced nutrients and vitamins that are consumed on a regular basis by your body in a normal diet.

Using testosterone boosters can help to encourage the body to produce more testosterone and free testosterone that is already in the body to use it to improve muscle mass.

The Side Effects

While most of the side effects and health problems connected to using testosterone are claimed rather than proven, there are 2 side effects that have been proven to occur in some people who use testosterone boosters; acne and headaches.

It has been noted that acne can appear on users of boosters, however it is thought that this may connected to the natural chemical composition of your body rather than the spike in testosterone levels caused by natural boosters. More intense and regular skin care could be of great help in remedying acne.

Testosterone BoostersOn the subject of headaches, while it is true that some people have reported that they suffered from more headaches while using testosterone boosters than without; it is unclear whether these headaches were stronger than usual or not.

It is also thought that the increase of headaches could be caused by the increase in frequency and intensity of workouts, that causes an increase in energy levels in the body; rather than using testosterone boosters.

So, Are Testosterone Boosters Safe?

In Europe, there have been a number of different clinical and medical trials that have tested the safety of using natural testosterone boosters. The result of these tests and studies has been that there is no definitive claim to these kinds of supplements being harmful to your body.

An important thing to remember if you are worried about the safety of taking natural testosterone boosters is to follow the instructions and directions for taking them that come with the product you use.

Additionally, it is strongly advised that you take a break from using testosterone boosters at regular intervals. This enables your body to relax and cleanse itself.

Although this is different depending on the type of testosterone boosters you are or intend on taking, you should stop taking most after around 8 weeks of continued use.

As you can see, testosterone boosters cannot with any real medical or clinical evidence be labelled as dangerous.

You should always follow the guidelines for a particular type of supplement, as you would when taking any over the counter pharmaceutical product or other natural mineral or vitamin supplements.

Additionally, similarly to making the decision to start practising a particular form of exercise, sport or training; if you have any other concerns or worries about taking testosterone boosters, you should speak to your general practitioner or doctor to get their professional opinion on the matter.




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