Alpha Titan Testo Review – Is this trial offer a scam?

Alpha Titan Testo

Alpha Titan Testo is a testosterone booster currently available for trial.

The following review will look more closely at this offer to see if its claimed benefits are accurate or not.

Before you go reaching for your credit card information I would recommend that you continue reading. We will soon reveal the truth behind the hype.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Alpha Titan Testo

The website we found listed the following user benefits:

  • Supports vigor
  • Supports vitality
  • Supports virility

These are mostly male enhancement benefits, but as a testosterone booster there are plenty of other muscle building and anti-ageing benefits to be gained too.

To verify the accuracy of these claims we will need to look more closely at the product itself, in particular the ingredients used.

Ingredients found in Alpha Titan Testo

There is a label available that lists the following ingredients:

Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali, Saw Palmetto, Orchic, Wild Yam, Sarsparilla, Nettle and Boron

While many of these ingredients have been proven to provide testosterone boosting benefits, unfortunately they use a proprietary formula, which means that we do not know what dosage of each ingredient has been used.

This is disappointing and leaves us wondering if the benefits on offer are realistic or not.

Price of Alpha Titan Testo

You would be wrong to assume that Alpha Titan Testo is a free trial, most trial offers have hidden charges involved.

When you first sign up to this offer there will be a $5.99 shipping charge to be made. Once paid you will be given 14 days to decide if this product is worth keeping or not.

If you do not cancel within this trial period you will be charged again, with the full purchase price being $89.99.

You will also be automatically added to an auto-ship program, meaning that further monthly packages will be sent to you. Of course each additional package sent will have to be paid for.

Is Alpha Titan Testo recommended?

There maybe some benefit to be gained from using Alpha Titan Testo. However, without knowing the actual dosages of its ingredients there will always be a little doubt that this testosterone booster is as effective as claimed.

Our main concern is the price of this supplement. We have seen testosterone boosters available for a much more affordable price. And without the use of auto-shipping, which we would recommend you avoid.

I would suggest that you look for an alternative. We have a suggestion for you below.

Contact details for Alpha Titan Testo

If you wish to cancel this trial offer then you will need to use the following contact information:

Phone: 855-840-8764

I would also recommend speaking to your bank, as at the very least they will be able to stop any further charges from coming out of your account.

Please leave your own review of Alpha Titan Testo below using the comment form provided.

TestogenOur chosen alternative is the testosterone booster Testogen.

Testogen is made from ingredients that have been shown to promote the production of testosterone naturally.

The benefits on offer include:

  • More muscle
  • Strength gains
  • An increase in energy levels
  • Less fatigue
  • Increased libido

Testogen is affordable to buy and as it is not available for trial there is no risk of encountering any hidden charges or unwanted auto-shipments.

Click Here to Read Our Full Review of Testogen >>

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