Alpha Muscle Complex: Is the trial a scam? – Review Inside

Alpha Muscle Complex

Should you sign up for the Alpha Muscle Complex trial offer?

This product makes a number of impressive claims, but can these claims be proven? Our review will look more closely at this offer to uncover the truth.

Please continue reading to ensure you do not make a potentially expensive mistake.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claims made by Alpha Muscle Complex

Alpha Muscle Complex is a performance enhancer that claims to “deliver mind-blowing results”. Other benefits include:

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Cut recovery time
  • Explosive workouts
  • Better hormone production
  • Increase libido and sexual health

There is little doubt that these claims are impressive, but you must remember that they are designed to entice you into signing up for the offer as quickly as possible.

You should never rush into any decision without first research what the product actually can do.

Therefore your next step should be to look at the ingredients found in this product.

Ingredients found in Alpha Muscle Complex

Unfortunately there is zero ingredient information available online for this product, which makes proving its claims impossible to achieve.

The claims may be true, or perhaps totally false, without any ingredient information there is no way of knowing what effect this product will have. Whether good or bad.

This is disappointing, as this is in my opinion one of the most important things you should look for.

How else are you supposed to prove the claims?

Price of the Alpha Muscle Complex trial

Firstly I am going to tell you that this is not a free trial.

How this offer works is that when you first sign up you have to pay a shipping fee of $5.99. This allows you 14 days to trial the product.

Once this initial trial period has ended you will be charged again, with this second charge being $89.99.

The trial leads onto an auto-ship program, so if you fail to cancel the trial within this 14 day trial period you are going to be sent further monthly packages at full price.

Is the Alpha Muscle Complex trial offer a scam?

There are some major issues with this offer that stops me from recommending it.

First is the lack of proof of the claims, while the second issue is the high price.

The final issue is the use of auto-shipping, which is surely going to lead to complaints. No wonder trial offers have such a bad reputation.

I would suggest that you look for an alternative.

Contact details for Alpha Muscle Complex

To cancel this trial you will need the following contact information:

Phone: 800-591-2106

Please leave a comment for us below using the comment form provided if you tried this particular product. We would love to hear about your experiences.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

D-BalOur suggested alternative is a supplement called D-Bal, which is available from Crazy Bulk.

This product is made from proven ingredients that have been designed to mimic the benefits of Dianabol, the banned anabolic steroid, but without the side effects.

The benefits on offer include:

  • Increased strength
  • More muscle mass
  • Increased nitrogen retention and protein synthesis
  • Better blood flow and oxygen retention

You can buy D-Bal without having to sign up for a trial. So no hidden charges or repeat orders to worry about.

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Alpha Muscle Complex
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  1. I think this product is a scam. I ordered on 9/4/2017, since I live in Hawaii I did not receive the product for over a week. My visa billing cut off date is 9/14/17. When I saw the nearly $13.93 shipping charges on my Visa billing, which I received on 9/19/17 I called to cancel any further shipments. They listed three charges, one was for a bottle I did not order, and a 1.99 for “insurance.” I thought I was don e with these people but today on Oct. 21, 2017 I just opened my Visa bill and saw a charge for 89.99. I now have 4 phone numbers for this company but they are all call centers for customer support and none of them can do anything. This is a total scam. Isn’t it convenient that the dates all work against the customer? They claimed I called in one day late and they in fact charged me shipping on a product I never ordered. I need to know the home base for this company and the principals.

    • See thing! I had two charges, and I had even canceled the subscription a week later! I have been disputing this for over 6 months with my credit card company. The worst part is, I never even got any products!! Total SCAM

  2. I fell for the same scam and now I’m out $90!!!! I wish there was something I can do to get my cash back.. They said I have to return the bottle unopened in order to get my money back….if anyone can help me out shoot me an email at thanks

  3. DO NOT BUY! If you open the free trial they charge you full price of the bottle after the 14 days. They don’t send you another one after that it’s just the 14 day trial and they charge you for it. I called them before the trial was up but because I opened the bottle they can’t give me a refund. They did offer a 25% “courtesy” refund so that’s better than nothing but I just got charged about $180 for the alpha muscle complex and the nitric acid no2 with no way to get a full refund. If you want to keep your subscription but want it cheaper, which I don’t recommend but if it’s working for you go ahead, you can tell them you’re cancelling and they will bring it from 89.99 to like 22.50 or something like that a month. Their phone number is 8005912106. Guy on the phone was nice about it but remember don’t open the bottle or you’ll be charged full price. The trial bottle is not a trial bottle it’s your first month bottle that they don’t charge you for at first but then charge you after the 14 days automatically. Hope this helps!

    • Thanks Dylan for that information. It was really helpful. I missed the 14 day trial fine print so I have to pay for my stupidity and you post gave me all the information I needed to do that. Thanks again

  4. I have been trying to find the correct contact information to stop this prescription of Alpha muscle complex. I obviously did not understand what I was getting into when I ordered the trial bottle. You have been charging me $89.99 for a product I only wanted to try. Please stop the automatic withdrawals from my account immediately. Your customer service portal needs some refining. Thank you.

    • Mark, please be aware that the above is a review. We do not endorse trial offers.

      We have listed the contact details above, I would suggest you try them.

  5. Do not buy! This is a scam! I can not get in contact with anyone who can help! My husband took the pills as instructed, but he was allergic to the oill, so we stopped. I did not know I had to cancel the order. I will just have to take it off my credit card as a refuse to pay. I will be more careful from now on!

    Joyce Miner

  6. It is a total scam. I ordered the “free trial just pay shipping.” What they don’t tell you is that you are charged full price $89.99 for the 1st bottle if you don’t return it. This plus the shipping and international fee already paid. And you are started on auto-ship – which was not mentioned – and that is $89.99 a month. I called to complain. They offered to give me a “50% discount for life” and ship monthly for $45. I’ve taken the entire first bottle and it has not provided any results – not even close to what was advertised. I think all of these products are a scam. Good old fashioned moderation produces the best results – a well-balanced diet with aerobics and weight training 5-6 days a week is how one gets results.

  7. It is a scam. I just went to the bank to claim my refund and they said it should be refunded within the next couple of business days. Just like the others said, it will only cost shipping then after 14 days it charges 89.99 every month. It almost ruined my credit and caused my bank account to be closed. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

  8. They stole the 89.99 from me and will not give it back! They are getting rich with this crooked scam the stuff doesn’t work at all. And they are using the Shark Tank show to promote it!

  9. Confirming cancellation of Alpha Muscle Complex, per telephone conversation of this day (1/10/2018) at 9:35 am. Promised e-mail, confirming cancellation never received. Product sent was a sample, and need not be returned per your customer rep, Cheryl.

    Would appreciate your confirming cancellation. Thank you.

  10. I fell for the scam , when i found out it did not work and they were charing 89.99 a bottle i called the credit card co to cancel my card .
    told them it was a scam they sent me a new card.

  11. I fell for this too… and I tell you, when I signed up for the trial, I was watching hard for any language of automatic subscriptions and was not going to buy if I saw any. Certainly would have also had no interest if I knew it was $90 to renew. I had also signed up for a trial of another product they presented when I ordered this. That was another $90. Damn. So… I went to my Credit Card and planned to dispute the charges as a scam (they have a category for this actually)… but before I did, I figured I needed to at least try the merchant once before I submit the dispute. The woman answering the phone tried to tell me I had signed up for this as presented during the trial signup. I said, “No… I did not because I was watching for such a thing with the intent of only doing the trial if I did not see any automatic subscription discussion” (which is 100% the truth). That is how I know for sure they scammed and are baiting and switching. So, I argued, and she said… well we can cancel this and offer you 50% off what we charged for the next period if that would resolve this dispute to your satisfaction. I then said… “Actually, no… I want 100% reversal because I did not sign up for this. If you do not, I am going to dispute both charges with my card and call them to alert them to the scam nature of your services so that they can offer protection to all their cardholders and I that is absolutely the next moves I am going to make immediately after this call if you do not reverse my charges. Here is YOUR one chance to stop that.”… pause… “let me check with my manager”… “yes, we can reverse all your charges 100%. Be firm… do not put up with scams!

    It is too bad in a way, because I actually felt the product produced reasonable results. But when it is a trial it is a trial… it means I want to try it… see results… and then decide if the results are worth the cost. At $90 it was not going to pass… and it is their fault for not explaining that is the cost up front. Had I known, I wouldnt have even done the trial.

  12. I did the EXACT same thing as you JS. Looked over the offer with a fine tooth comb for any mention of auto ship/renew. Saw nothing so i ordered my free trial. Just got charged $98 today. Immediately called the cust service number to demand a refund. They explained how their scam, excuse me trial offer worked and said they could only offer me a 25percent refund because product was open. They kept asking if i accept this and i said i didnt. I was hung up on. Called back and got another agent. After going through the same thing with him, he offered me 50 percent refund. Again i said no. At this point i asked if i need to call the better business bureau to get the resolution i want. There was an IMMEDIATE change of attitude. He told me that he could give me my full refund. I made him send me my refund email, and account cancellation email while he was still on the phone with me. DONT BE BULLIED BY SCAMMING A$$HOLE$!

    • Did they ever return your money? They keep telling me that they sent it to my bank, but my bank never received it.

  13. This is a SCAM tried to cancel even returned the un-opened bottle. Return was refused never accepted my return billed me $90.00. Credit card company wants a receipt for order which was never given. Do NOT buy from this SCAM of a company.

  14. They stole my money. I returned the product unopened. I never received a refund. It’s been 3 months. Is anyone interested in being part of a class action lawsuit with me?


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