Is Alpha Cut HD an auto ship scam?

Alpha Cut HD

If you want to “play harder, go faster, get stronger, last longer” then perhaps Alpha Cut HD is the supplement for you. That is if you believe their claims.

Unfortunately we have seen similar claims in the past, which have either been unsubstantiated or the cost of the supplement has been too high to warrant.

In the review we will look at a variety of factors before stating whether we think Alpha Cut HD is recommended or whether it is just another scam that we should avoid.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Alpha Cut HD

The following claims have been made on the Alpha Cut HD website:

  • Feel healthy, vital and strong
  • Destroy puffiness, bloat and water weight
  • Get shredded with high muscle definition
  • Promote muscle growth and strength
  • Increase energy

These benefits make Alpha Cut HD sound amazing and undoubtedly you will get people signing up based purely on these claims.

My suggestion would be to hold back on this decision, at least until you can verify the claims by looking at the ingredients used to make the supplement.

Ingredients found in Alpha Cut HD

Alpha Cut HD uses ingredients such as Indole 3 Carbinol, Diindolylmethane, Curcumin and Chrysin, which makes me believe that at least some benefit will be experienced through its use.

You should be aware though that there is no substitute for your own hard work in the gym. Solely relying on a supplement to give you those gains will only lead to disappointment.

Cost of Alpha Cut HD

To trial Alpha Cut HD you will need to pay a small fee to begin for shipping ($5.95), unfortunately despite being listed as “risk free” this does not necessarily mean that the supplement costs nothing.

Upon reading the terms and conditions of the trial you will quickly realise how the company behind this product make their money. As 14 days after your initial sign up you will be charged the full purchase price of $89.95.

As with all auto ship programs this will not be the end of the charges either as every month after the sign up you will be charged this excessive amount.

Is Alpha Cut HD a scam?

While this trial offer is not doing anything illegal its use of auto shipping will surely lead to complaints that Alpha Cut HD is a scam.

The ingredients used will offer some benefits to your training regime but the high cost should put people off, if they take the time to read the terms and conditions.

Contact details for Alpha Cut HD

Alpha Cut HD state that in order to cancel your subscription to their auto ship program that you need to phone their customer service number on 855-364-9254.

The following contact details are also listed on their website:

Phone: 844-280-0390

If you have signed up for this trial and wish to comment on your experiences then please leave a comment below.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

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Alpha Cut HD
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  1. I’m starting a class action suit against this companies strategy at charging customers for items they listed as “free” if you pay shipping charges. If this company were legit they would not need to use this tactic to try and misrepresent themselves.

    • Sign me up for the lawsuit. Biggest scam ever. The product doesn’t even work.
      I looked at the terms and conditions but didn’t see anything which indicates an on-going offer. Now I can’t get back to that web page. In fact I could find no contact number at all on-line. This website is the first I have found which has a number to call and cancel. I hope it works.

    • this website is a lie they got me out of $180 they sent me one bottle of this crap and kept the rest of my money and they kept sending it to me when I told them I don’t want it anymore they even owe me a bottle I’m calling every number they have up here and none of them are real something has to be done about this lsituation you can’t just do that I have a family to take care of you can’t just take my money I worked hard for it!

    • These crooks sent 2 bottles of useless powder capsules, I only ordered one. Then began shipping and charging to my credit card monthly without authorization to do so.

      THIS IS A FRAUD SITE!!! Notify the FBI, Internet Fraud Dept.

      Sign me up for any legal action and support.
      JC Dillard

    • I paid for the shipping of 2 free supplements after seeing an ad on Facebook. The ad claimed Connor McGregor the UFC cage fighter had used the supplement and the UFC was fining him for it when it wasn’t even legal and he was retiring because he was pissed at the UFC. After ordering I saw the same damn ad only using Rhonda Rousey. The shipping was 5.95 each.

      Later on I got my credit card bill. That’s when I noticed a charge for $88.99 and $88.95. I called and disputed and they actually reversed those charges. Then later I saw the charge for $88.99 that they were not doing anything about.

      I never signed up for any subscription services. What I signed up for was free if I paid shipping and handling.

      I have screen shots of the confirmation email and how it appeared on my credit card statement and never was there a mention of the hefty price that was going to be billed.

      I would be glad to take part in any class action lawsuit and take these con artists down!

  2. Sign me up for the class action lawsuit as well. I didn’t even receive the products until AFTER the so called 14 days trial and was told, after being hung up on twice by their call center, that the trial period starts when the product is shipped NOT when it’s received! So much for a trial —if you can’t even try the product before you get charged.

    I’m a serious about joining the lawsuit

  3. they pulled the same thing to me, so you can add me to that list to for the lawsuit. I also tried all these other numbers they have listed to call and they don’t work anymore had to find another one online to finally get somewhere to call them and I actually called the night I tried to order the bottles and the website kept hanging up on me and said never mind cancel the order and still they pulled this on me. When I called today they hung up on me twice and said the only thing they could do was cancel my subscription and send me a free bottle for the inconvenience when I said no they said well sorry and then click. And supposedly there is nothing in my records showing I called the night I tried to order both bottles and told them never mind on my order. What kind of shady business is this? THE WORST IS WHAT

  4. Same here, but when I threatened to take legal action and call a consumer advocate I received a full refund on my so called free sample and I’m still waiting for a refund on the bottle I paid to ship back to them. I’ll join your class action.

  5. Just got off the phone with the robots I am so furious. Ever since I started using the supplement its been giving me very bad head aches. They hung up on me twice cause I lost my shit. They charged me 4 times and I don’t even use the shit.

  6. STEER CLEAR!!!!! This company got me for $270.00 ( 3x $90.00) before I caught it! I am also furious! There were 3 withdraws in a 45 day period. Then they wanted to charge me $20.00 to cancel the subscription! Two showed up as Alpha cut, and “Shape Shin Body” They said they won’t refund any money. I will only receive a total of 4 bottles (2 cut & 2 fuel) but charged 3 times.I too would like to be part of this lawsuit. Dave S.


  7. I have had all the same dealings as the rest of yous. Today I was charged the $89 when I know I canceled it back in September. I was actually about to get through to a customer service representative right away. I asked her why I was being charged after canceling back then and she said I only canceled Alpha Cut. I responded”Right so way am I getting charged for Alpha Cut?” She said I was getting charged for Alpha Fuel. Told her my bank statement said otherwise. Bank statement said Alpha Cut right on it. Then I asked her why after 3 months of not being charged for anything am I all of a sudden being charged at the end of December. She stated it was to pay for the initial shipment that I signed up for the 14 day trial but then send a 30 day supply. I said OK fine but charging 3 months later? What’s the deal with that? She stated they have been trying to charge the this whole time but was getting declined. I get paid direct deposit every Friday so I know that was BS. I then asked for dates for every time they tried to charge my account so I could prove there was money in my account at the time and then I could make a police report. She offered me a coupon of some sort to receive a 35% refund. Told her ” no I want dates”. She came back with ” I understand….Blah blah blah, so she upped the coupon refund thing to 55%. Told her no you don’t understand because I’m asking for dates for a police report and your offering a coupon refund. She then finally offered a full refund to my account. So if you want your money back threaten to make a police report . IIm still out of $89 from a charge a month after signing up and never received the product. So we’ll see if this refund hits my account in the 2-5days as they said. They gave me a ref # for today’s call. I’ll definitely take part in the lawsuit.

  8. Same here they hung up on me. And when I called back someone else pick up the phone. And I explained to them I got hung up and wanted to talk to someone in charged and they hung up. This company is full of shit. They charge me 3 times of 80 something dollars it was different amounts like 82. 84. 88 within days apart. Sign me up. I havent even used the products I found out about them after I bought it..

  9. I just cancelled my credit card so they cant charge me for a total subscription of $90.00 per month, the free sample is a complete scam, I did not authorize them to bill me every month for something I don’t even know if it works, I have over half of the so-called free trial offer left.

  10. how do you stop them from taking the money out of your account cause every number I tried isn’t a working number!! my father in law has dementia and ordered this and is now taking money out of his account and I have been trying all morning to contact them so this don’t happen next month

  11. I also was taken like a sucker I was billed to my account which I never agreed a reacurrend monthly withdrawal which is what my bank told me they did. I got a new card the bank reversed the payment . ANYONE WHO IS THINKING OF ORDERING THIS PRODUCT DON’T IT’S A HUGE SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WISH THERE WAS A WAY I COULD SEE THEM IN PERSON????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????VERY ANGRY SUCKER ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    • Well it seems I’m in good company. They just hung up on me as well after giving me their robot line of a 14 day trial when it took them almost 2 weeks to get the worthless product to me, and their terms said I could cancel within 30 days. (which I did) They sent no documentation explaining use of the product or the “free trial” requirements, just 2 bottles. I am working with paypal to try and get my money refunded, but it seems that even they are having a tough time. These guys are a complete scam!!! Don’t get roped in by their “too good to be true” trial offer. And, I will be happy to join any law suit against them!

  13. Hey everyone- Been reading the posts here and I sympathize. I got the stuff too. I havent been using it bc I had surgery. I saw the post ” Francisco on March 10, 2017 at 12:31 pm said:

    AND NONE OF THEIR PHONE NUMBERS WORK I CALLED THREE DIFFERENT NUMBERS AND WHAT I GOT WAS ” THIS NUNBER IS NOT ASSIGNED YET” WTF IS THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN…I got this same recording. I also saw the number listed on their bottle. 1-800-343-9025. I called it and spoke to a lady Dawn operator # 2025. She seemed genuine. I told her I wanted to cancel for the surgical reason (the truth) and she said no problem. She said it would be cancelled today (4/12/2017). She sent me two cancellation emails 1 for alpha cut and 1 for alpha fuel. Too soon to see if the re-occurring charges stop, but I wanted to send out this *hopeful* helpful cust service #. Good luck all…


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