About Us – Skinny2Fit

About Us - Skinny2Fit

Hi, my name is Jonathan and I am the founder of Skinny2Fit. I am a single dad living in Neath, South Wales with my dog Lola. I created Skinny2Fit in 2014 after getting fed up with the huge amount of disinformation that has filled the internet.

As a skinny kid growing up in the eighties I was fascinated by action heroes, with one man standing out from the crowd. Arnie. Whether he was Conan the Barbarian or the Terminator, chasing Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor, he looked like a God.

I didn’t necessarily want to build the same body as “The Oak”, but he inspired me to work as hard as I could to look my best. This was not always possible, college got in the way, as did work, but my passion for fitness never truly left me.

I got back into the gym (I train around 3-4 times per week) and started lifting properly. No more time wasted on ridiculous exercises, I deadlifted, I benched, I learned how to use kettlebells. I started reading about fitness and proper nutrition, and started to look around me.

I’d see people skipping legs so they could train chest three times per week, bros telling other bros not to squat as it could damage their back.

I’d read statuses on Facebook by Herbalife promoters that were completely wrong. I decided that instead of ignoring this bullshit, I’d actively fight it.

In 2014 I built a new website: Skinny2Fit.com

I wanted my website to fight “Broscience” bullshit using science and common sense. I also wanted to help people who might be brand new to the gym to have easy access to good advice that was simple and to the point.

I wanted to help turn those skinny guys who like myself idolised Arnie into fit, strong men (and women) who were getting the best out of their gym membership.

Too many websites offer bad advice and sell lies just so that they can make a quick profit, but who does that help long term? I wanted a website that people would keep coming back to as their confidence and their knowledge grew (along with their biceps).

Skinny2Fit is designed to help anyone who has ever walked into the gym and been hit with the feeling that they aren’t 100% sure what they’re doing. This is a good feeling, because feeling like you know it all is the biggest cause of injury out there!

I want you to ask questions, I want you to debate with me, I want you to disagree with me. I want you to gain as much knowledge as possible while you’re here.

I promise to only provide information that I can back up with evidence, to accept when I am wrong, and always keep learning. The fitness world is a constantly changing place with new information coming out on a weekly basis.

Facts that were universally accepted as gospel ten years ago have often been disproven, but the general ideals of leading a healthy and vibrant life are constant. Work hard, be consistent, stay active, avoid overindulging, and avoid overly-restrictive diets. At Skinny2Fit I aim to stick to these ideals and provide you with up-to-date scientifically-backed advice that has helped me and many others.

Always remember to Lift, Laugh, and Be Happy!

Jonathan (Facebook)

Matt Smith

Additional Contributor – Matt Smith

Hi, I’m Matt. I am a fitness and nutrition writer as well as a coach. I’ve been a part of the fitness industry for ten years and have a degree in Sports Science from London Metropolitan University.

Growing up in London I have had access to some of the greatest sporting stadiums in the world. Lords, Twickenham, Wembley, and the Oval. This has helped me to become a massive sports nerd.

While I love sport and find fitness and nutrition fascinating, my real motivation has always been to cut the BS that infests the industry. At the moment anybody can say anything they like about fitness or nutrition without any evidence to back them up.

This has always been the case, but these days it is unacceptable. I try to fight this through the articles I write, as best I can.

My personal belief is that following the advice of real exercise-scientists such as Brad Schoenfeld, Layne Norton, Alan Aragon, and Bret Contreras will help us improve as an industry, and a lot of my articles are based on studies and books authored by these experts.

Any mistakes are my own!

Outside of fitness writing I have a great love for beer and this combination inspired my Facebook group “Beer N Biceps” [1]. It is perfectly possible to lead a healthy life while also drinking great beers, so why not? Life is too short for Coors light beer.

I have recently moved to Nottingham with my partner and our dog, and I now get to enjoy people saying “You sound like you’re from LAAAANDON” every time I introduce myself. It’s a lot of fun ….

Disclaimer: Skinny2Fit.com represents my personal opinion on supplements, diet plans and workouts. Although I strive for my content to be as well-researched as possible, this website does not and never will offer medical advice.